Saturday 25 June 2016


1. Ah, there you are again. I've got some pictures for you. Hope you enjoy them...
2. Iceland.
3. Supper at sunset.
4. I'm waiting for the man to come to get this silly fence off my head. 
5. Loch Duich.
6. Buzzzzzzzzz!
7. Hello deer (Marcia).
8. It's hot and I'm tired.
9. That bathwater wasn't too clean.
10. K2 in the Sunrise.
11. Why do they call me Michelin Hippo?
12. Stirling.
13. Yawn, a hard day's eating fair takes it out of you.
14. A swarm of Blue Morpho.
15. A rather damp Scottish seagull.
Thanks to Frank for the pic.
16. Well, that's lunch sorted then.
17. Angry clouds, caught by Gerry.
18. Villa Las Estrallas, Antarctica.
By SnowSwan - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
19. Don't tell the boss we escaped from our cage...OK?
20. Shhhh... Now you've seen your pictures, go quietly. The wean's sleeping.


  1. Oh those were lovely. I've never seen those butterflies before - beautiful, as were bambi. Like no 8 I'm dog tired but can't sleep.

    Iceland play England on Monday - it's small country, with shite weather and a self inflicted financial crisis but they should beat Iceland (pinched from twitter!)

    Now I wish I could be like the wee one in the last picture, but I'm more like his mum - shattered but awake!

    1. Yeah, I really loved the butterflies. Brazil, I think they were in.

      Brilliant line about Iceland/England.

      I always support Iceland in football, which means, as a ruole i never get very far, but this time I've been over the moon. I mean no disrespect to England (although the fans deserve a pile of it), but I'm shouting for Iceland tomorrow. "Komdu á Íslendinga"

      Unlike England, of course, Iceland has more or less recovered from its crisis, and when it found its prime minister was a cheat, it got rid of him. In the case of England, they had to wait till he inflicted a great big fat political embarrassment on himself before he resigned.

      Something to do with Icelandic values I'm sure.

      Munguin says you have his permission to help yourself to a small measure of something strong.

      Think happy thoughts of independence and try to get some sleep.

  2. Panda Paws, I had that problem on Friday night, so much sympathy. Solved it with two martinis last night. As usual I loved all the pictures, the wee dog reminded me of Hektor who too is having a very hard time in what is hot for him. Though nothing was going to deter him taking on four huge Rottweilers last night until I got between. I am that stupid honestly. Helena

    1. That's not stupid, Helena, it's being a good "parent".

      Not that Hektor will appreciate it...

  3. Well I'm devastated.

    I see myself as Scottish, British and European. I will now need to choose between British & European. I've lost a core aspect of my identity either way.

    Morose, gutted and very sad.

    Suffice to say, I had a genuine cry when we voted Brexit.

    It's almost a sense of bereavement isn't it?

    Edinburgh, the Athens of the north is no longer in Europe. How sick is that?

    1. Yes, I thought you might be, matey. I seriously didn't think it would happen, and I didn't listen or watch any results coming in. Went to bed; slept like a log and woke up to job losses and Paying for treatment on holiday... and a lot more.

      But cheer up. Nicola's on it. And whether you like her politics or not, she's a damned clever woman and she will do her best for us.

      I'm amazed at Kezia Dugdale's response.

    2. Edinburgh is STILL in Europe, and will remain so. Welcome aboard.

    3. This is the most excited I've been since 2014.

    4. Feel for you Dean. It's painful learning who to trust and who not to. Always remember though, there is NEVER blame in trusting... only in abusing trust.

      Trust is essential in any worthwhile human endeavour, and retaining the ability to trust and be trusted is the most important (and difficult) skill to retain as we age and earn responsibilities for others.

      Think hard, be realistic... and then just keep on fighting for exactly it is that you believe in Dean. Simple as that.


    5. Oh such wise words...

  4. Chin up everyone during these unchartered water times. Nice photos to start the week. 7 is Hello Deer.

    1. Glad you like them, Marcia. Your caption is better than mine!!

      Although I can understand Dean's grief, I think this is a really exciting time for Britain. We need, in all our countries, to wake up and choose our own destinies.

  5. What a lovely day this is. The so-called united kingdom is in its final throes.

    1. Becoming more disunited by the hour, and neither UK party fit to govern at the moment as they go around stabbing each other. Talk about the night of the long knives...

  6. I've dipped in here several times today. You are an oasis in the sandstorm going on. I especially like that view of the monument to Wallace.

    If only everyone would remember to put their country above their own interests in the coming months.

    Saor Alba

    1. Oh, thank you. That was a nice compliment SA.

      I'm not sure whose interests the Labour Party think they are serving at the moment. The shadow Scottish Secretary seems to have abandoned Scotland to a Lord. Thanks mate.

      I'm mystified by them all, but I'm not unhappy that the horrible edifice is tumbling down.

      In the meantime Nicola is going about meeting with people and trying to sort out the best way forward for Scotland... as I think, is Sadiq Khan.

      The rest of them only seem interested in their place in the future.

  7. tris

    The world or the uk/Europe etc disintegrating around you/us preparations for ww3 being
    Made ......and all can think of is soppy Sunday wake up

    Deano weeping ah well referendum unpredictable beasts with uncertain outcome with
    Sometimes dire consequences best avoided .
    IDS and democracy he says you meet respect the outcome of the referendum ( but not the Scots )
    And you can vote for anyone for the Tory leader as long as they are from his list anyone you
    Want but only from his pick....
    But then IDS is a right Cnut and no mistake

    You ask about the Labour Party ...the rush back to Blairism is upon us shame the voters
    Don't want it. That won't stop the Blairites

    1. So Niko's opening position in this issue facing the UK and Europe is that he is opposed to Soppy Sunday?

      I see that one the American presidential candidates told the people of Scotland......while IN Scotland, BTW.......that Brexit is a good thing and so no worries.

      Americans will always show you the way!

    2. No Niko. The world isn't falling down. Nothing like it. And there is still beauty in nature. So calm yourself. Remember: Nature does nothing uselessly. - Aristotle

      I mean it's not like anything I have to say is going to make a fundamental difference to what IDS or Jeremy Corbyn says.

      I think maybe we should be criticising people in parliament who are resigning their jobs, rather than worrying about what a wee blog in Scotland is saying.

      I can;t help wondering if the hard right in the Labour Party haven't forgotten something. 60% of their membership voted for Corbyn about a year ago. I'm not sure what the nearest was, but I'd make a stab at Burnham on 17% followed by a couple of no hopers.

      I'm wondering what the result will be if they have a rerun. And if they manage to ban Corbyn from standing, who is going to leaflet for them?

      You can bet your life the despicable Blair is behind this, two weeks before the Whitewash Report comes out...Oooops sorry, Chilwash, or Whitecot, or whatever it's called.

    3. What do we want to ban? Soppy Sunday! When do we want to ban it? Now.

      They'll be marching through Edinburgh soon. Munguin is expecting a direct order from Nicola any moment!!

      Bless Trump (which I'm sure I've mentioned before is a Scottish word for passing wind anally), he is the master of the inappropriate soundbite. I'm sure he thinks that Brexit is a good thing, but then he also thinks that HE is a good thing, so he doesn't earn much of my respect for judgement!

      Still, I'm sure someone loves him...somewhere!

    4. Tris, I believe "trumph" was whit ma granny said.

      See Alex talking about the presidential hopeful? Not many people kent he was slagging him off.

    5. I am not a violent pacifist, but my girlfriend would certainly have me out building barricades on every street corner of the Republic and syphoning off Munguin's Rolls for the Molotovs should Munguin (all praise his name) ever sanction closing down Soppy Sundays! Or in fact, listen to any other stupidities from the Niko.

      you cut your own manhood off, we didn't want you to (but did think it was funny at the time, sorry) you must deal with it, and move on. Our war dance is almost over and the sweet pipe of peace is waiting for you to join us puffing upon. Come on Niko.. puff..puff (hands pipe over..)


    6. Och it's close enough Conan, and in any case your granny was probably posher than my granny!!!

    7. No no Braco. Munguin won;t sanction that at all. After all he has to make his millions one way or another and selling corny animal pics is as good as any other...

      Bless him, I'm not sure in Niko is into indulging in the old pipe... I have a feeling he'd rather join Gidiot and some talcum powder...well, that's what he told me it was (although I thought secretly that it looked like chalk dust!!).

  8. I love this web site, mainly because it doesn't pretend to be terribly serious. It arrives at sensible conclusions through humor, good heartedness and wit.

    All hail the Republic!

    1. LOL You bet it doesn't Douglas.

      I know when I'm beat on stuff like "serious" politics.

      Frankly there are people who are better than I am at that sort of thing.

      I've always said that MR is mainly a light-hearted thing, with the odd serious point being made.

      Most of all it's a family of friends, who don't always agree with one another but who largely get on with a bit of ribbing.

      It's more the readers than the Noble Munguin that make it what it is (but don't tell him that. He thinks it's all about him!)

      Vive la République!

  9. Vive "la République" and I live in fascinating times.

    I hope, after all this is over, you are still hereabouts with soppy Sunday.

    To take your comment apart, if I may:

    Frankly there are people who are better than I am at that sort of thing.

    No, there are not. There are folk that do it differently, But better?

    Not at all.

    I've always said that MR is mainly a light-hearted thing, with the odd serious point being made.

    You are serious when you need to be. I think your regular readers know when you are being "serious" and when you are being funny, and off-times you are the latter.

    It's more the readers than the Noble Munguin that make it what it is (but don't tell him that. He thinks it's all about him!)

    In some ways it is all about him. You have made him a symbol of freedom. That is no small thing.

    Best wishes.

    1. I'm a bit touched by all that, Douglas. Dear old Munguin says... "Of course it's all about me!!!"

      Thanks though...joking aside.


  10. Err...

    "Latter" might be "former" or summat. Apologies.