Saturday 18 June 2016


1. Hello you lot. Can you believe it's Sunday again?
2. Skye.
3. My legs weren't strong enough, so they made me these casts so I could stand up, only till I get stronger. PS: I don't like to complain, but the Pink was a bit of a mistake... Colour blind vets...
4. Eilean Donan...
5. Stay where you are!
6 Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii. Heaven's not what I'd call it!
7. Wish it would hurry up and open! Common Checkerspot.
8. Frank: "Look here you two, that was meant for us birds!
Uncle Munguin, tell them bunnies...
9. Queen's view.
10. It's kinda tiring standing eating all day. Being a donkey isn't the life of Reilly, as you lot seem to think.
11. Greenland garden... Needs a bit of Tris's tender loving care.
12. The school run in Antarctica.
13. Post  Office in Vatersay.
14. Prickly? Me? Nah.
15. Rock formations in Iceland.
16. A frog in the Rwandan rainforest.
17. Always a smile from a Koala.
18. Skye sunset.
19. Hey Cedric, look, don't people have funny short necks.
20. Sharks Fin Cave, Skye.
21. Sorry for biting my finger nails, but I was worried you might not enjoy the pics... Still, you stayed till the end so it musta been OK.
See ya next week then?


  1. Oh I fair enjoyed those. Some crackers - loved the Skye sunset and cave. Those cheeky little bunnies. I do like an elephant - well done whoever requested them. I'm a bit of a ele fan - bad pun alert.

    And of course topped and tailed with our wonderful cousins. So fear not little one, we did indeed enjoy the pics - so stop biting your nails!!

    1. Ewwww... Ele Fan.

      You're right... that little orang at the end ism cuter and cute!

  2. I'm crazy about old castles, and Eilean Donan is lovely. In the USA, "old" is anything built more than 100 years ago, at which age structures apparently have to be torn down by law. ;-)) It was a little disappointing a while back to learn that Eilean Donan is not really old....(a modern construction on the site of the old ruins,) but it's beautiful anyway.

    1. There is more info here, Danny, including a picture of it before repair.

    2. Very interesting! Thanks. There was more of the old ruins visible than I thought, showing much of the layout of the outer walls. The comment about the interiors is consistent with some other things I've read about it. That the interior was built to look more like a medieval movie set than to be any sort of faithful reproduction of what the castle interior might have really looked like.

    3. LOL Danny. I'm trying to imagine the President running around ordering the demolition of any building getting to its 100th birthday.

      Today in Scotland, many buildings are lucky if they are still standing after 30 or 40 years. They more or less fall down!!

  3. Skye is nice too. Apparently impossible to take a picture there that is not pretty.

    1. It's an incredibly lovely place.

      My only problem with it is that it seems to me to be either raining or midge infested... you can have one or the other.

      That said I've only been there three times. There must be days when it's windy without raining and the midges are blown away! :)

    2. I only learned about midges by reading Munguin's Republic. They don't seem to be something that the Scottish Tourist Bureau publicizes.....LOL.

    3. Hmmmm... Funny that!

  4. Thanks for the picture of Skye, the last time we were up that way the tolls were still on the bridge so we never crossed over. We may get there sooner than later depending on Thursday's result. Helena

    1. It's a magical place, Helena. I loved it, despite the midges. Portree is a lovely wee town and the countryside is beautiful beyond belief.

      Visit if you can.

  5. oh good news - Koko the gorilla that talks to people should be on bbc iplayer and B4 is showing orang-utan diary this week so hopefully it will be on iplayer too.

    Plus on iplayer - Grand Tours of Scotland - which is what it says on the tin. Paul Murton that's on it is half Norwegian apparently. Must be an "interesting" contrast.

    So there is something to do whilst ignoring the referendum (have already voted - ask Ruth D if you want to know how!)

    1. I'm really glad that there is something to look at.

      I can't find anything to write about except this bloody referendum and I'm so sick of it.

      I'm dialling Ruthie's number as we speak, but there are some burly men answering her phone... Scary.