Wednesday 15 June 2016


Bugger le Panda send me some photographs he took on holiday. These first ones were taken in Merzuga, Morocco, where the road just runs out and the desert dunes begin.

He writes that the town was a place for Malian caravaners and possibly slaves from Black Africa below.

The child lives in a sort of compound with buildings made of dried mud (i think).

This group, are musicians and will entertain with their Malian music and dancing; men only.

The boy is with the men during the day, to learn the traditions. There is rarely glass in the window openings, (just like some parts of Dundee), and inside the vast communal buildings the darkness is almost compete despite there being an intense light outside.

This is the Grand Souk in Marrakesh...

And then, there is always someone who can't stand to be left out and photobombs your birthday party snaps (well, that's what Munguin says).
Hello, I'm here too!


  1. I like the pics, B le P, getting a flavour of Marrakesh and Morocco.

    Munguin's new pal looks happy to be involved.

    1. He's pretty cute, isn't he?

  2. These blokes must have some brilliant washing machines/powder. Did you ever see whites so white?

    1. Don't give Persil ideas, Niall! :)

  3. The light is really good in these. Lovely colours too. Well done PP.


  4. I'm not sure of the geographical explanations, SA, but I've found the light to be so much brighter in Africa, even North Africa, than on a clear day here.