Tuesday 28 June 2016

Ísland: besta (jafnt) lítið land í heimi

Gangi þér vel á móti Frakklandi, Íslandi

Bonne chance contre la France, l'Islande

Good luck against France, Iceland


  1. Love the bus. That says it all.
    We live in a sick society.

    1. It's probably the most telling of the pictures.

      In England they have footballers earning lottery win salaries each week. Some of them arrange deals to avoid tax. Good they may be, but they do it for money, not for sport.

      In Iceland there are no professional players. The place is too small. They work at whatever they work at, and they play football because they love it. Not because they can earn millions. They can't. And up to now they have always be knocked out long before the finals.

      In the meantime I saw recently a graphic showing the English NHS divided into regions. All of them are practically bankrupt. There are virtually no NHS dentists and mental health care is no better than a third world country, ie pretty much no existent.

      (And Jeremy Hunt, the man responsible for all this) is thinking of standing for the job of prime minister. Oh, and while we're laughing at that, so is Steven Crabbe, whose answer to everything is prayer! With respect to readers who are religious, I think we need a little more than that!)

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