Friday 13 March 2015


That's three VERY ugly faces...
...And here's another two.
Good old John Bill logic.
'Fraid that's how you'll be remembered.
Off the cuff, is not the way to give your last speech matey.
Mr McTernan, the arch Tory.
Worse, the arch Thatcherite Tory.
Hopefully at some stage the one of the top bursts!
But we ARE all in it together. Honest.
Your mistake was being honest in a
deeply dishonest government of a deeply dishonest country
The Thatcher Twins.
I have a feeling it's them that will need the tin helmet.
When he said 'safe', what he meant was safe for people who don't matter.
Oh Jim, there's lies, there's damned lies and then there's this shit.
A yes/no answer please...
Oh... erm, right.
Well done Angus. That's what you get when your MP isn't touting for
erm business in the sleazier parts of Westminster.
I thought it was pretty funny that the Blairite supporter of all the murder that was Iraq
and who was against any inquiry into it, would be daft enough to use a bomb

in an ad  to have a go at the SNP, who voted against the war and for an inquiry
I mean, honestly ...just how stupid are these people?'re slipping.


  1. If you photoshopped Thatcher's(spit) hair on to Broons head, the family resemblance would be uncanny.
    Sorry, I must've been sniffing the gleg, with dim Jim.

    1. Added it Jim... Just for you!

    2. I wish I never mentioned it, now; frightening.

    3. Ha ha... As my granny would say, be careful what you ask for; you may get it.

    4. Yea thanks Tris that's my nightmares sorted for a good few years to come! :(

    5. Yea thanks Tris that's my nightmares sorted for a good few years to come! :(

    6. John, welcome to Munguin's Patent Nightmares Service. The fee is really very small. :)

  2. That last picture was positively frightening, care has to be taken for the elderly like me. I could have had a real fright. That was a whole lot of ugliness in one place. You will need to put it into to quarantine when it comes down. Nicola doesn't need a tin helmet we are all wearing them for her.
    Have to say that my Hairdresser was telling me about the insult she was offered by a "ahem" gentleman who had come to collect his wife the other day. He was ranting on about Scotland being bankrupt by now if it had been independent. Now she has know this couple for as long as she has know me, but she was forced to say to him to stop as she was a YES voter. He then said he thought she was a clever girl but now he knew she was stupid. She was so taken aback she was utterly lost for words.
    Update on Hektor, he has his collar of shame off and sees to be fine. Will no how good on Tuesday when he goes back for a check up, he seems to be seeing much better though, those bionic eyes are great seemingly.

    1. Sorry.The blog should come with a health warning.

      I hope she told the silly man that in fact Scotland would not have been broke by now, if for no other reason that Scotland would have not been independent by now, or even in a year's time.

      Muppets who depend for information upon a biased source, are always better shutting up and appearing to be ignorant, as opposed to speaking out and proving that they are.

      Good news about the little one. Say hello from us adn tell him it's animal day tomorrow (the nice sort as opposed to the Coburns of this world).

  3. I don't know... UKIPs David Coburn wins the 'ugily' contest for me. His comments on our only muslim MSP, comparing him to a terrorist just 'cos he's a muslim is sickening.

    And he has form, calling Tory leader Ruth Davidson to a 'fat dyke' ('cos she's openly gay)...

    surely UKIP win the award for narrow minded, nasty, twisted and compassionless? They're in a fu@king league of their own out there.

    1. He's something of a legend in his own tea break, is David Coburn.

      It seems he represents Scotland in Europe, but he lives in London where he runs a second hand shop.

      It's almost unbelievable that he would have a go at Ruth either about weight, given that he's a very fat bloke, or being gay, given that he's erm gay.

      His comments about one of the nicest of our members of a parliament anywhere in the UK, are sickening, and stupid, but we've come to expect stupid and sickening from Ukip.

      I'm not a ridiculously politically correct person. I respect people's rights to say what they think, but I'm seriously worried about people representing me, who think it's clever to represent a man like Humza, a man who works tirelessly for cross community relations, who one minute will be at a fund raising function for a Mosque charity, and the next for a church, who proudly wears his kilt at functions abroad where he is representing Scotland as Minister of External Relations, as a terrorist.

      This is more expected from an ignorant drunk at chucking out time, than a member of parliament.

      The excuse that it was a slip of the tongue is hardly credible, and sounds like an excuse to save his fat backside from Nigel's kick.

      I don't agree with Ukip, not in any way at all, as you might guess, but when I read a summary of its policies, I could accept that there were some policies which were not unreasonable.

      The trouble is that they seem to attract foot in mouth candidates who put arms and legs on these basic policies.

      He is one such.

      I remember, though, the cheering from Labour, when he won his seat against the SNP. So an ignorant bigot he may be, but as far as Slab are concerned he is preferable to the Nats.

      (I'd say at this point that Ruth, Kezia, Patrick and Willie, have condemned him out of hand.)

    2. David Coburn is a massive boor; I might see complete a wastrel on the telly and think I couldn't have a lower opinion of a person - then I remember Coburn.

    3. He comes in handy then for the sake of wastrels in general.

      Good old David Coburn, or as I call him Bloody Numpty!

  4. Labour's appointment of McTernan was a masterstroke. It really was. Not for them but for the SNP opposition to Labour. Expect quite a lot of quotes from the vituperative political spinner to be played back to Labour.

    1. Yeah... The SNP couldn't have asked for more than a right wing Blairite MP and his Thatcherite advisor. Although Maggie Curran's incompetence is a bonus.

  5. Mr Hamilton claims to have represented his constituents as "a socialist" but from what little I know of him I thought he was a Labour MP??

    Good to see my venerable MP working hard for his constituents - that will probably cost me a pint.

    Gordon with his new hair-style looks as if he'd been to a Jeffrey Archer party!

    1. Well you can afford to buy him a pint after all that working he does.

      Get him one from Munguin!

      I bet Gordon was a rave at these parties... Probably sang some Marlene Dieitich songs in his wig....see what the boys in the back room will have....

  6. The third image down is a classic.

    That is all.