Sunday 1 March 2015



It seems that the UK government has decided to show us how grateful we should be for their beneficence with our taxes.

We have long been told that our little northern land is heavily subsidised by the generous and kind remainder of the UK, despite figures which have shown the contrary.

Now we are to be treated like the foreigners they keep on telling us we are not.

Good things that come to us through our membership of the United kingdom are to be labeled with a UK flag in the same way that aid for the third world is labeled as being from Britain. 

According to the Daily Mail, "The use of the logo is seen as a small step in shoring up support for the UK north of the border, with the SNP set to make big gains in May’s general election".

Well, I wish them luck with that. Another daft blue Tory idea which will be promoted by the much loved Danny Alexander!!! 

I wonder how many of these things they can attach to bridges and roads in the nine weeks before the election. It goes without saying that they will anger as many people as they will cheer. 

And of course most people will simply not notice them, unless they are huge and obtrusive. Still, in these times when we have money to burn... why not?

The plan has been drawn up with Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude (wouldn't you know it?), who said, amazingly without a single "jolly well": ‘As part of our long term economic plan, this government is investing in our nation's physical and digital infrastructure.'

Erm... Francis, isn't that what governments are supposed to do, you know, when they aren't arranging lucrative jobs for themselves so that they don't have the indignity of having to live on between £70,000 and £150,000 a year, you know compared to a working class pensioner living on £114 a week!? 

Actually, I don't really have any objection to it, as long as they remember to label all the rotten filthy things they do to us with our own taxes.

For example: JobcentrePlus, killing sick people off every day, brought to you courtesy of the British Government with a large Union Flag on it next to the smiling face of Iain Duncan Smith. (And yes, we are sure you know how to make him smile.)


  1. Emm, I don't think they fund anything of worth here, we are not London, now we could probably put a Saltire on everything dawn there.

    1. Someone on the DM site suggested a lot of things in London might be labelled "Funded b y Scottish Oil!".

  2. I don't buy anything with the "butchers apron" on it, so good luck with that one "team GB".

    Just back from a great night in Dundee, very friendly and welcoming locals.
    The hotel was OK but, the breakfast was cereal and yogurt? Call me old fashioned but, I like a cooked breakfast on a Sunday.
    It was encouraging to see a fair amount of folk, still with their YES badges on and a few SNP ones too, at a punk gig who'd have thought it.
    We didn't stay long today, as heavy snow was forecast for Ayrshire, so we came straight home just in case.
    We will, however, be going back to Dundee, to have a look around it and the surrounding area.

    1. Nor do I Jim. English things are fine, but I don;t want that hideous rag in my house. Not even on a pack of potatoes!

      But I don't have much say over who pays for the infrastructure, so I guess I'll just need to put up with it.

      Glad you and Arlene had a good night out in Dundee. Sorry about the hotel though... that was a serious lapse. I expect that sort of thing on the continent, but I like a decent Scottish breakfast here... not that I ever have one at home!!

      Yeah the weather is a bit frightening. Last night the wind was horrific. But now the sun is shining. I just came back from St Andrews and the scenery was sparking in the spring sunshine.

  3. Perhaps the SNP govt or local govt or just enterprising locals could install signs underneath these that read 'with taxes from Scotland'.

    1. Brilliant Muscles!

      I think even if they don't some enterprising Scots will probably do it.

  4. There is not a single UK taxpayer up here in Scotland, so why worry that we will be subsidising this latest money-recycling idea from Danny Alexander?

    Bet he wishes he'd stuck with his previous job at the Cairngorms National park. Bet they're glad he didn't.

    1. Aye, what an asset he must have been...

      He's been indispensable to the Liberals and to the UK government.

      I'm sure the House of Lards will find him entertaining.

  5. And let's not forget nuclear weapons in terms of tax benefits.
    If you were a Russian military planner and were working out how to degrade the UK's military capabilities,would you target the largest unelected political body in Europe (HoL) or the largest nuclear weapons store in Western Europe at Coulport?
    I would make sure that if I couldn't destroy all the war heads,I would make the surrounding area (Central Scotland) a radioactive wasteland to disrupt movement.
    I expect the London establishment to play the Russian threat card over the next few weeks so let's just remember what the real threat to Scotland is.
    Apologies for going O/T but people are ignoring this in talk about tax money being wasted on Trident etc when the threat presented by hosting and funding Coulport is far more significant.

    1. I've always considered that bringiton.

      A great big bomb on Coulport , and you wouldn't need to have any nuclear weapons of your own which I have no doubt is why they don;t want them anywhere near the SE of England where important people live.

      Yes, I imagine that Russia and the Mad Putin, along with Islamic terrorists will be the stuff which the government come up with to try to scare us into voting for them again.

      I have no idea whether we should worry about Putin or not.. I'm certainly not interested in listening to the arguments of self interested MPs on the subject. You could almost certainly state that they will have a personal interest, even the retiring ones, in maintaining nuclear weapons.

      But the truth is that most countries in the world don't have nuclear weapons. So why should we. I mean is he going to invade Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark?

      In any case if the Brits want to have nuclear weapons, could they please have them somewhere else than within 25 miles of the centre of Glasgow. That seems like crass stupidity... or neglect... to me.

      Never worry about going off topic here. Usually the off topic stuff is far more interesting that the story!

  6. Replies
    1. Ha ha... We'll be having a rash of these over all the rubbish that they fund.


  7. Could you please supply the names of those who are being killed by the job centre each day , I am sure it must be police matter !

    1. Hello & goodbye, concern troll.
      If you actually read this blog you would have read about, suicides and people starving to death, including the sad case of an ex-soldier who could not afford to feed himself or keep his insulin refrigerated. All thanks to the UK government, not the job centre staff.

    2. Thanks Jim. Saved me the bother. There are plenty websites showing the names of people who have dies following JC+ decisions or incompetence.

      Go look em up and report them to the police if you like.

      Like they care.