Tuesday 10 March 2015


But we are all conspiracy theorists, Dave. Right?
None of it happened and all these stories are just made up.
The establishment is whiter than white.
Ex-Liberal Peer canvassing for Labour.
Well, you have to look after your future.
One day all this could be yours my boy.
Mad? That's underestimating him by a long way.
He's an evil, lying, cold, calculating, thick, scrounging psychopath 
And she won't go away, no matter how many times you point out
that she didn't go to the right kind of school to be a party leader.
Well said, Humza.
I reckon one day this man will be our first minister.
Now they are all just copying Munguin.
Obliterate, Annihilate..... 
Partners in crime.
The second word is ...OFF.
We'll be lucky to be shot of him.
Maybe he'll get a job in London. If not, dole, sanctions, starvation.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!
Course you will.
Just like you'll get rid of the House of Lords and make Gold out of Tin.
Now run along and play dear, there's a good boy.
Must have had the auction in the dark.
Seriously, who'd pay that sort of money to have a picture of any politician in their house, much less that eyesore?
What a scar that must leave on you.
How you must wonder when you hear people talk about what a wonderful
country this is, and how we should all be proud to be British.
We really have to get rid of this government and replace
 it with one that cares about whether children starve.


  1. tris

    Mad? That's underestimating him by a long way.
    He's an evil, lying, cold, calculating, thick, scrounging psychopath

    I disagree with the Mad label IDS is not delusional he knows exactly
    what he is about and why he is doing it. He alongside others in the tory
    Government would make the archetypal concentration camp commandant
    so committed to a diseased ideology that any vile action is not only justified
    but absolutely necessary ....
    He says he is a practicing Roman Catholic which to normal Catholics
    means he is not a Catholic at all I mean he cant even follow the teachings
    of a church/religion he professes to love ?

    Mad ? no the rest of your mild characterisation of him spot on

    1. Yes, you're right, Niko. Mad is not the world.

      I'm not religious, as you'll know by now, but I respect people who genuinely are, and who following the teachings of whatever church/temple/chapel/ synagogue/mosque or whatever.

      What I can;t abide is people who cash in on their religion, feeling it gives them some sort of legitimacy, some sort of credence they would not otherwise have, but don't follow the principles of that religion.

      That is IDS.

      (At the same time, somewhat illogically perhaps, I believe that politicians should not vote according to the instructions of their Imams or Priests, but either they way that their party manifesto said they would vote, or the way that their constituents have made it clear they want.)

      As for IDS, he must have an extremely weird interpretation of Jesus's teachings on charity, on loving others, on foreigners, and, I imagine, most other things.

      He seems to me to be utterly without compassion, and that must be hard to be for a real Christian.

      Still, one thing is a consolation to me (as a non Christian). He is heading for a good old burning in hell when his time comes.


  2. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/10/inflicting-suffering-heart-benefits-system-unemployed-disabled

    I tend to think I am beyond shock at the actions of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) now. The expectation that this government is capable of morality or even basic competence was lost some time ago, somewhere between enacting policy that pushes people already in poverty into losing their homes and denying deaf, blind eight-year-olds disability benefits. Still, Dispatches’ Benefits Britain investigation was painful viewing.

    Watched this myself.............made me feel like puking.....all over Cameron

    1. Ouch.

      That's a hard hitting piece, but worth the read. I don't think I could manage to watch the programme though,without throwing something at the computer.

      I worked for the DWP for a short time in 1999. It was only for about 6 or 7 months, but it felt like 6 or 7 years.

      To describe the organisation as chaotic would be praising them beyond belief. The management was incredibly incompetent. It seemed like their whole objective was to hurt staff as much as they could.

      There were dozens of staff off sick long term and no one seemed to be aware that this was because they lacked any kind of leadership or direction from management. The union, I have to say, was completely useless.

      About 6 weeks before I, and 9 other staff were paid off (because they had run out of money for wages), they sent me to a management college to do a course on psychometric testing. I believe the cost of the course was around £2,000. I never actually put into practice a single thing that I'd learned on the course, although it stood me in good stead for the next job I went for.

      Since then they have cut and cut at their funding, and every few weeks seem to change something else about the delivery. The IT systems seem to be completely inappropriate for the job, and we can lay hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths at their door.

      Who could do a job starving children?

    2. Just watched it.

      Chaos. One hand telling you one thing; another telling you something else.

      And people with virtually no money having to phone at 40p a minute?

      I'd like to have half an hour alone with IDS.

    3. Surely, you wouldn't be alone. There would be a massive queue.

    4. After me!

      I expect we have to pay for security for him. He must be one of the most unpopular people in the country.

  3. Fascism pure and simple, endemic in the British establishment only they dress is it up as democracy.

    1. As we have said before this is one of the least democratic of the so called democratic nations, CH.

  4. If I were Scottish, I'd be counting the days to 7th May. I cannot wait to cross the SNP box on the ballot paper. Seeing them shat themselves just thinking of this is worth this. I hope you and Munguin will bring two big fat markers on that day.

    p/s: Can you get across our readers and ask them to check their voter's registration. I have been hearing unpleasant news on Twitter that some voters have been de-registered.

    1. No markers! Use the pencil provided. No excuse for them to disregard your vote.

    2. AH... it's going to be very exciting.

      As for voter registration, yes I agree and thanks for bringing it up.

      I phoned the local council voter registration office and had it confirmed for me. Munguin is a bit like the Queen. He doesn't vote!

      I'll put it in the blog again though, and I've have tweeted it several times.

      If they have managed to mess it up, heaven knows what will happen on the day.

  5. A tad concerned that whilst Duncan Smith is, according to Tris and Niko, as not being mad that I am categorised as "slightly mad"? Secret Tories, I suspect!

    Anway, off topic, again. I completed a survey for YouGov a couple of days ago and the question was asked which party I would vote for in my own constituency and it gave a list of option of all parties except the SNP. I, and I suspect many more, e-mailed a complaint and now I've been asked the same question in a single stand-alone survey but this time including the SNP!! The original survey asked for three on-line influences on which way I would vote and I answered Wings, Newsnet Scotland and Munquin's Republic so you can expect attention from MI5 and GCHQ! Mad or not??

    1. Ah yes... Well mr Duncan Smith doesn't crave pictures of Morph and Currant!

      Incidentally, talking about IDS did you know that "evil" is an anagram of "vile".

      I wondered what that knocking on the door was at 3 o'clock this morning.

      As you will have seen, Munguin has a tin helmet and they won't take him alive. He has a thistle or two, and as Jonesie used to say..."They don't like it up 'em". I did hear him say something about hearing voices in his head that hold him to write this stuff. Something about the voices being in Gaelic, and transmitted from a wee island in the west. Funnily, I was sure I heard your name mentioned, but maybe it was just a dream. I wouldn't worry.

      Amazing that Yougov managed to miss off the SNP.

      I wonder what that would have done for the confidence of the English based parties.

      I must let James at Scot Goes Pop know about this.

  6. Morning Munguin and Tris, another hard hitting blog and a good one may I say. Husband read me bits last night and we both were very upset about the wee boy. We have a story to tell which is of a similar hue. A few months ago on a trip up to Perth, Hektor prefers chasing pigeons in Perth High Street, perhaps a better class of pigeon, I don't know. Well on the way back to the car park a man passed us on his way out. He turned and spoke to us. Now I am going to say this was a well spoken well enough dressed man, who was very embarrassed but he told us that he had slept on a park bench the night before as he had run out of money and did we have any change we could give him. This was not your average beggar, though in my day there are no average beggars, many have bad stories to tell. Well I got the purse out, and do not carry much as I tend to use the old plastic, but I had around a pound. Sometimes I just wish we had taken a chance and said come on get in the car and we will put you up.
    When Thatchers austerity came in and people started begging in the streets I got bleeding angry. Then Blair's Party got in after Major went, I foolishly thought that will be the end of it, but no. Now we have people starving in their homes, how nice and tidy.
    When I was a girl, oh I know it wasn't yesterday and I went to Spain on my first real holiday abroad, I was horrified that people were begging there, but I never thought the day would come when we had this in our country.
    I listened this morning about how Jeremy Clarkson's behaviour should be ignored because he brings in money for the Blasted BBC. So money seems to count for everything in parts of this country. I hope that Scotland can break that trend.

    1. It is heartbreaking to see people begging. I know of course that there are some that do it to support habits... That is sad in its own way. But there are many who are just trying to get enough to eat.

      I got talking to one lad who sat outside TK Maxx in Dundee. He was freezing and his shoes were in holes. Happily I was able to help him with that. We sat for ages talking, an intelligent, interesting and kind lad, with no trace of addiction problems.

      On one occasion when I was down there he had just been brought a cup of coffee by a passer by (aren't people kind), and he doesn't like coffee, so he gave it to me.

      I've sat with him there on the ground (I never stay very long, becasue it probably pouts people off giving) but it is hard and cold and humiliating.

      Mr Cameron, be ashamed.

  7. (At the same time, somewhat illogically perhaps, I believe that politicians should not vote according to the instructions of their Imams or Priests, but either they way that their party manifesto said they would vote, or the way that their constituents have made it clear they want.)

    Not illogical at all Tris. In the end, your conscience should always guide you before anything else. If it feels wrong then the chances are that it is wrong. The problem with IDS is that he doesn't seem to have a conscience.

    1. Fair enough John.

      Maybe he just doesn't think about the consequences for people.

      I think a lot of them simply can't understand what it is like to be born without the massive drive to succeed that some of them have.

      People like Thatcher from relatively humble backgrounds, with undoubted intelligence, prepared to work all hours to get where they want to go, ruthless with it too and absolutely certain that THEY are right.

      Or people like IDS from relatively comfortable and elevated backgrounds (He's a relative of Admiral Duncan,) Viscount Camperdown (later Earls), who seem to fall into money and position without even trying.

      Even relatively lowly borns seem to forget how ordinary people have to live once they become ensconced in the comfort of the Commons...

      Maybe that affects people's conscience.

  8. I wasn't critisising your definition of IDS Tris. He may well be evil. Maybe a lack of a conscience is a big part of what evil is. I don't understand people like him, and I don't think I want to. Who would want to be inside the head of IDS ?

    1. NO John, I didn't think you were... I was just exploring it further. Not having a conscience is probably evil.

      Lord I wouldn't want to be inside his head.... I don't much enjoy being outside it and having to look at him either! He is a truly sickening chatacter

  9. Trouble is John they are doing their level best to indoctrinate people. People are being lumped together, those who live in what I still call Council Housing were there because they were too badly paid or liable to be in and out of work, people of my class were supposed to rent. Now if you have a house in a scheme you are all trash. I grew up in a Tenement Flat, my parents did not own it, and my Husband was in general the same, latterly his parents did manage to buy a flat but moved back into Council when his Dad's firm moved out of town. It is this discrimination and often degradation of people I dislike. Yes there are hooks and crooks and anti social people in what is snootily called Social Housing but there are just as many decent people as there always was.
    My Husband and I always said we were just lucky, a back payment of an increase in salary was used as a deposit on our first bought house and we have parleyed up from there over forty years. Now the youngsters are having as hard a time as we had, the easily obtained mortgages have gone so back to the hard to get Council/Housing Association.
    I would love to see the end of the Tories, but well what are Labour. If it is not IDS it is the equally disgusting Rachel Reeves.

    1. All true too Helena.

      Not much being mad of this at the moment, but Rachel Reeves is every bit as vicious as Smith. Weather she is evil or not, I do not yet know.