Tuesday 3 March 2015


I'm hoping soon to arrange an interview with Dave, the manager of Dundee Foodbank. 

I was there on Monday and they said that food was starting to come in again following the quiet period after Christmas.

It seems, though, that there is still a bit of a shortage of absolute essentials, like the ones below, from their appeal on Facebook.

So, dear readers, if you live in Dundee, and if you can help, I know that the wonderful people at the foodbank (and they really really are) would be grateful. It must be hell having to turn hungry people away.

Here's their post...

We are a wee bit short of the following items - could you consider donating a few to the food bank over the next couple of weeks?
UHT milk
Tinned meat
Instant soup / pasta
Tinned Fruit
Details of when our centres are open - all of them can accept donations when operating - are at dundee.foodbank.org.uk. We also have donations points at Tesco Riverside, Sainsbury's, Butties sandwich shops & Brands Books.

On a not too dissimilar subject I notice that the Daily Record headline today bemoaned the fact that the government (the one Daily Record thought was best for Scots), is yet again going to cut benefits to Scotland. This time it's targeting the money available to local government to help with Housing costs.

It is, of course, nothing that we haven't become used to from that much vaunted most successful union in the history of the known universe which the Record urged us not to leave. 

It's just a little ironic that the Record should so soon find the policiess of its favoured government to be not quite as perfect as they promised us they would be. Better Together indeed!

It's also a tad on the cheeky side to expend as much ink as the Record recently has on putting down other organs for rudeness and disrespectful stores about Labour, and then describing Duncan-Smith as a "double-chinned millionaire Tory". 
Looking better than usual
Granted it's true (these £38 tax payer funded breakfasts...eh?). We can't fault them for accuracy...but it's not very polite. And, although Munguin has no such sensibilities, we thought that the Record set great store by politeness.

It seems that they have taken their place as part of the British establishment, where as we all know there is one set of rules for us, and one for them.


....in pink
According to what I read on Twitter (I can't access her account because she has blocked me for calling her out on previous lies, but you may be able to) Maggie Thatc Curran appears to think that it's a shameful lie made up by the SNP that the Tories and Labour may consider a grand coalition to keep the SNP from holding any sway in the next parliament. 

Poor deluded woman appears never to have heard of Gisela Stuart. I knew Mags was detached from what's going on, but for heaven's sake...


  1. I shall be making a donation, to my local foodbank, on Friday.
    As for contacting Curran, I don't do twitter.

    1. Twitter can be fun, Jim.

      I remember Sophia Pangloss saying that she was giving up blogging because she found Twitter more fun, and I couldn't understand why, but, I must admit since I got into it, it has become quite addictive.

  2. I'd like to read an academic run study into the phenomenon of foodbanks. Yes we've always had them, but never on this scale.

    Is it down to welfare reform? Or the fact that Labour led this country into the worst economic crisis since 1929?

    Or more likely a combination of the two?

    Either way, an academic study to discover the underlying causes, free of the politics. If anyone knows of one I'd appreciate a chance to read it.

    But I'll admit I'm seriously out of the loop here in China.

    1. Not sure, Dean.

      I have no recollection of them until recently, but I imagine that they must have been church groups or community centre groups before today which fed the poor. I'm too young to remember the soup kitchens ....

      Party the poverty caused by the incompetence of the Alistair Darlings and Gordon Browns of the world, yes, but a decent government would have done its best to protect the really vulnerable at a time like this.

      The dramatic rise in numbers seem to be attributable to Iain Duncan Smith and his inefficient DWP, where people are sanctioned for next to nothing and where claims take weeks to process, are processed wrongly and our fellow humans are treated like so much excrement.

      I'll keep my eyes open for a study which doesn't aim to make political capital out of the situation. You can't hep but think that such a paper must exist.

      I see Wee Willie is in China... Are you going to be meeting him?

  3. Tris

    The Rancid is just the paper for right wing nut jobs in Scotland now and basically that is your typical red tory. They probably have the Daily Mail inside the rancid when they buy it. I don't care if that statement upsets people because I really despise this country and I really despise The Rancid and can't wait until it goes under.

    I'll have a look out for the donation point when next at the store. I watched Dispatches this morning, wouldn't advise it first thing in the morning but i learned that I despise IDS and McVey more than I thought I did and Clegg and Miliband just as much. They are all scum and that is being polite. This country is living to regret that stupid decision last Sep and The Rancid can burn in hell, Curran is just a lying cow.


    1. I thought when you mentioned Rancid there that you were talking about the noble Esther. The mum of the year, I'm told. The Childline Dame who knew about Saville and said nothing.

      But I see you were actually talking about something equally horrible.

      I must have a look at Dispatches, although I am not sure that I could cope with the twin evils of IDS and his vile assistant. Please tell me the horrific Fraud Nobleman isn't in it or I'll lose my breakfast!

      You're on the nail about Curran too. She's either as thick as mince or she is an out and out liar.... or probably both.

    2. Every time I read a piece written by Bruce I have to agree with him. May I also add I agree with John as well, the humiliation of having to go for what many people will regard as a handout.
      In this day and age why are we tolerating this. I know that my own family went through a very bad time, but that was before the last War, you know the one we fought against Hitler and then we set up things like Social Security and the National Health Service. Now our Masters have many people so brainwashed that they think that their neighbours are all on the fiddle and should be out working. Well for these people only, those mostly using foodbanks are, they are being paid pittances for it, and therefore they now need to go and get the very basic thing of all, Food.
      I will go through my cupboards for thing which I can do without and add them to the Tesco basket, it is a pity they do not take frozen as I have grave doubts I can eat my freezer out before I move house.

  4. I cannot help but agree with Bruce and his sentiments. I cannot imagine how utterly humiliating it must be for the poor souls who are forced, mostly in desperation, to queue up at a food-bank. I feel a rant coming on but I'll leave it for now.

    1. To my eternal shame, John, one time when I was coming out of the food bank, I met someone going in, and I thought to myself, I hope they don;t think I have been in there for food.

      It was a momentary thing, but I think, horrible thought it was, it helped me to see how humiliating it must be for people who are forced into that situation.

      You should have your rant. In fact, if you want to, why not write something and I'll put it us as a post?

      Up to you, but feel free if you want to and have the time.

  5. I know what you mean tris. When I recently visited a food bank, the well meaning old lady who met me at the door demanded my name. She had presumed that I was there to collect food, and the thought sent a shiver down my spine. God knows what it must feel like to be in such a bad way that you have to go there for food.

    1. Yes John. Agreed.

      Of course people (I use the term loosely) like Lord Fraud and Esther McVile, think variously that people only do it so they can save money to buy drink (probably the kind of thing he would do) and that it's right that people should be using foodbank because these are hard times and everyone has to do without.

      Let's send this muck packing in May. Not that the alternative in any more human.

  6. Ah good old Mags "stairhewid rammy" Curran. Where would we be without the likes of her? Well probably better off to start with that's for sure.

    Never forget Tris that oor wee Mags voted with the Tories for £30 Billion MORE austerity cuts. Mind you do not expect her to agree with that statement cause she won't. Apparently, according to oor Mags anyway, she did NOT vote for ANOTHER round of £30 Billion austerity cuts. Oh no she voted, to sort of quote her, to "vbalance" the books! Yep Tris you read that right she voted to balance the books.

    Hmm. £1.5 TRILLION of debt and oor Mags thinks voting FOR £30 Billion of austerity is actually balancing the books. There is just so much WRONG with that I just do not know where to begin!

    1. Balance the books by starving the poor and the sick and disabled. Yep[ Thanks Maggie the Socialist.

      She also lied about fracking.

      And last night it was about denying that there had ever been or would ever be a labour MP called Gisela Stuart.

      Daft old bird.

    2. WOW!

      I'm betting dear old Gisela Stewart would be, to quote that fantastic former Branch manger in Scotland, AMAZED to find out that she, Gisela, does not actually exist! LOL

    3. She should prepare herself for a shock!!