Wednesday 25 March 2015

Midweek Mélange

It won't stop them trying to blame Thatcher on the SNP, but it's nice to know the truth.
Right. So 105 years later... and the House of Lords is still there!
How's that working out?
Well, you won't be able to until we are independent, but you could help the Labour party fulfil their promise, if a little late...
Bizarre that there are so many Labour MPs decrying this budget, when Ed wouldn't change it at all...
As usual, nail hit firmly on the head.
Don't worry Rachel. We know that you metropolitan lot can't be annoyed with the unemployed.
Lynton Crosby or John McTernan. I get them mixed up.
Somebody tell Jim Murphy that this man existed?
Mark yourselves out of 100.
Poor old posh Ed.
|We know this. They know this. But they cling to the idea that the 'Great' in Great Britain means something other than
simply 'Large' by comparison to Bretagne (Brittany).
So how can this non legal entity be a separate party with its own leader and different patriotic Scottish policies
when it cannot even be sued for wrongful dismissal?
Isn't it funny...?
When will we see Tory Threat...? far far more worrying.
Amazingly, as they feel so strongly about it
they are going to make them illegal.
David Cameron is reported in the Daily Telegraph to have told friends he regards SNP leader Alex Salmond as "bagged, stuffed and mounted on my wall".  Might have been a tad premature.


  1. Some great information, in this post.
    We shall see whom is stuffed and mounted, on whose wall, come May.

    1. Apparently he said that at the Autumn conference of his party, just after the referendum. He'd be doing what he does best, swanking.

      But he never thinks ahead.

      I've no doubt that 50 or 45, even 40 seats that polls are showing are unlikely.

      But I'm sure there will be enough of the SNP to make him take that particular trophy down off his wall.

  2. tris

    The snp MPs voted with Margaret Thatcher in 1979 bringing down Labour
    and aiding the arrival of Thatcherism and the decimation of Scotland's industrial
    The snp happily and willingly worked hand in glove with the Scottish Conservative
    party from 2007 to 2011

    "The bottom line is that when Alex Salmond needed the Tories he couldn't get enough of our help. When he was in a minority"-Annabel Goldie

    These are facts verifiable truths. admit it all political partys do deals its
    how democracy works.
    Pretending to be pure as the driven snow is not only risible but a very
    silly thing to do....well unless your a nat that is


    were is this anti snp alliance you woz on about
    i need to know so i can sign up..did have some paperwork
    on the subject Taz ate it when i went to make a cup of tea.

    1. 34 labour MPs, voted with Thatcher to bring down their own government.

      Labour spat the dummy out, and voted against anything the SNP brought foreward, as did the liberals. The Tories only supported policies that they thought reasonable, they were not in a coalition or a confidence and supply deal, with the SNP.

      Nico, you really need to do some serious soul searching, and you won't find it in the labour party.

    2. That is just a blatant lie Niko and well you know it. Labour campaigned against devolution with that undemocratic 40% rule brought in by Labour to get the cemetery voters to cast theirs as against.

    3. Niko. Read Jim Callaghan's book.

      He blames his own.

      But you could equally blame everyone who voted down the government. The Irish, the Liberals...

      The thing was the government were finished anyway. It would only have been a matter of weeks before they would have had an election and after Uncle Jim's catastrophe they would have been history..

      The truth is that the British people (including Scots) voted for Thatcher, then voted again and again for her...they (minus most of the Scots) then voted for John Minor.

      You can't seriously tell me that after the Winter of Discontent Labour would have won a few weeks later?

    4. The Tories in the Scottish parliament, under one of their rare intelligent leader (they have them everty few hundred years), was able to work with a minority government the kind of way that the SNP could work with Labour in London.

      They supported what they could. They extracted a few concession for that support.

      Annabel lambaster Alex at FMQs and voted against him on many things.

      The Liberals even under Farmer Giles did work with the SNP on drugs and alcohol issues and voted with the government on them and a few other issues.

      The Greens too voted with the government on things that were green enough for them.

      Even on a few occasions Labour voted with the SNP... on various sporting things for example.

      It's called getting the country governed and sensible politicians know it's their job to do that.

      Cameron of course is a fool. He does n't understand that kind of thing. They didn't do consensus at Eton.

      Murphy is too filled with hatred to manage anything intelligent at all. Must have been the glue sniffing of his youth.

    5. I see someone bemoan the loss of John Smith. I wonder that in 20 years not one person has come forward who could have taken his place...?

    6. Niko, as a person who seems to be able to read, are you suffering from word blindness when things just do not come out the way you want them.
      Sad little boy, I realise you are not old enough to remember these things and are happy to believe the Liar Party, but indeed when 11 people can do the damage that Labour say they did, just think how frightening it will be when they just might be 50+.
      They did not, as Mr Callaghan says himself, they did it to themselves.
      Bad Taz, but I do not believe your master when he says you ate his homework.

  3. jimminy

    course i will its not the grass roots of the Labour party its the leadership
    of middle class professional politicians and Labour princes which need


    wots your view on Clarkson seems to be right wing people
    saying he was a bit of lad getting a bit out of hand but then he makes
    a load of money and is entitled to behave in that way after all he is

    On the flip side the bleeding heart lefty liberals bleet on how
    he verbally abused an employee (for 20 minutes ) and then physically
    assaulted him( ABH to you and me and old bill ).
    which is both an unacceptable way to treat an employee but also
    illegal and losing his job in consequence was probably fair .

    The amazing/disgusting/shocking thing is how a divergent position
    comes about on what you hope would be a common decent response
    to a totally intolerable way to behave.............But this is the politics
    we now live in.

    1. Well, Clarkson is an arse.

      There's a place for laddishness, but I'll be honest, with his sort of laddishness, it's not anywhere near me. He's a racist, a misogynist, a cad, and a spoilt brat who believes he's something special. He vaguely reminds me of the type of Hollywood star that thought that they could go into a strop for hours, because they were THEM. He;'s not talented. he's amusing to a certain kind of person becasue he's coarse and he says it on the telly.

      He's of his class.

      If people want to watch that kind of stuff on the BBC, well, why not? At least he is less offensive than Rolf Harris or Jimmy Savile or a fair number of Thatcher's cabinet or the royals. And we had to watch all of them on telly.

      However, it's simple... you go to work drunk, you abuse a colleague, you shout your mouth off for 20 minutes causing a scene, then you put a bloke in hospital because you're a thug...ask yourself what would your boss would say?

      So, why oh why would it be different for Clarkson?

      That David Cameron said that he hoped he would NOT be sacked is an abuse of his power. It would have served him right if IDS had come into Downing Street and given him a good hard rap in the jaw.

      It would have been even better becasue IDS would have been carted off to the pokey!

    2. Niko, everywhere I have worked, if you assault someone your feet do not hit floor as they dismiss you. I do know one person who did keep his job, and surprisingly when he hit a worker, but he could prove that this person was verbally assaulting him. I still do not know how he did it but he is the only one. Everyone else has been summarily dismissed. I worked with the Highways/Transportation Dept of Lothian Region/City of Edinburgh and was a shop steward so I was at the sharp end.

    3. helena

      Hell yeah so they should

  4. Meant to add been to Sweden and us Scots are well thought of, we gave them help with their navy and we also brought business and education. There is a Scottish kirk in Gothenburg thanks to a family from Scotland which set up an Engineering business, opens schools I believe in the 19th Century.