Thursday 5 March 2015

Midweek Mélange

You bet we're not.
Do you remember how he used to go on and on and on
about being prudent? How did that work out again?
No expense spared.
Absolutely no expense spared.
What a novel idea.
It'll never catch on in the UK though.
£15 million as a reminder of how she wrecked the country
on top of the £20 million for her funeral.
Doesn't being, however, to compete with how much she cost us when she was alive.
Chaps' friends have to get
something back for all their contributions.
Is what you are saying that you were
sod all good but nothing could have dislodged you.
Bless the British. Very kind of you sirs.
We remain humble and grateful servants.
Oh wait, no we don't.
Great time to be a kid.
Thought you said you didn't share a platform with Tories, Jim.
I realise that that's not exactly the Glasgow Royal, but...
an Irn Bru crate by any other name...
Closer and less likely to be ridiculed.
All these 'something for nothing' policies that the Scottish government introduced for ordinary people.
By comparison this is what the Brits
 do for the ordinary people.


  1. The Baroness of Greed pictured along with one of her acolytes.

    1. Lest we should ever forget her...

  2. Read the 14 year old girl's essay on Bella Caledonia yesterday on "Who stole her freedom". It was very touching and I knew in many ways how she felt, but I believe she will see it happen, not so sure it will now happen in my lifetime but I know Munguin and Tris when it does there will be many names on the roll of honour and it will include yours. Those well chosen pictures tell a story quicker than words ever do. Aye the likes of Broon and Murphy and Miliband the silly band, they are all Thatcher's children. Trouble is they have brainwashed a good bit of the community but I am happy to say not here in Scotland.

    1. Very kind Helena. Munguin of course wishes to have his name above mine, in bigger letters and in gold!

      But that's Munguin for you.

  3. snp moaning minnies

    At least Cameron is giving away 200,000 houses away by 2020
    wots the snp bringing to the table ? nowt

    1. Is that you a Tory now, Nico? How many houses did Labour build, when in power at Holyrood? It was 2, the SNP have had hundreds built (social housing).
      As for Cameron's 200,000 new builds, how many will be social housing? The vast majority will be private sector housing, as I work in the building trade I think I can safely say, that will be the case and it's got sod all to do with the sodding Tories.

    2. Oh well, if he's giving away 200,000 houses, we'll have one. No wait, We'll have half a dozen, after all if it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for Munguin.

      Actually I'm sure I saw a housing initiative being announced the other day by the SNP.

      And as Jim says since the SNP has been in government there are many council houses being built. I was just looking at the new build in Mill O' Mains the other day. It' looks Icelandic/Norwegian in style, absolutely lovely. Wish I could have one, but Munguin likes his penthouse..

  4. Thanks to the internet and sites like these, necrotizing fasciitis is eating it's host; the Westminster elite,of all parties. This was never possible back in the day when the Scottish voter had no means of accessing information about what he/she had actually voted for.
    I have been online for almost 20 years, so am quite an old internet nerd, but I give thanks every day for the information now freely available to those of us who only had the state broadcaster and unionist propaganda rags to rely on.
    Fortunately it works in all ways, and the Unionists are currently using the internet to chew their own legs off. How happy am I?

    1. LOL.. I'm sure that they aren't quite sure how to use the internet. They probably have servants for that kind of thing.

      I mean there was Cameron who thought that LOL meant lots of love. Eton? I ask you...what has it come to?

      Possibly as big a change to life as the wheel, and they still don't quite get it.

  5. That sexy Gordon Brown mouth 'n' chin combo action. He makes my juices flow.

    1. Well Lavinia, Munguin's Republic didn't actually realise that it was broadcasting porn... but, well, as Jim says, it it works for you...

      Maybe we could run a Gordon Brown special one day...

      Keep a look out!

      :) :)

    2. Oh lord... what rubbish. Love the red white and blue target... How military!

    3. Thank you kindly sir, I am actually Mrs Brown will have been for 40 years in August. So when Ms Sarah Brown slavers over Gordie I have a good laugh, of course dear you support your other half, you just don't do it in public and you do not expect others to be as devoted.

    4. CH, I see it hasn't been crashed again then, only time till it goes again.

  6. These pictures paint more than a thousand words. What hell is old Tarzan Heseltine smoking?

    1. Mrs Thatcher?

    2. Heseltine is so old he isn't even yesterday's man any more, he's another dud who's been around for so long he fancies himself as an 'elder statesman', in reality, he just suffers from terrible delusions of relevance.

    3. Aye. Imagine being deputy to John Minor!

      He's not, and was never, very good. His best known for his quite reasonable hatred of Mrs Thatcher.

      He's just very rich.

  7. Something I made that I thought you may appreciate:

    1. LOL YOu were right...

      Very funny.

      Doesn't that voice remind you of a badly made 1950's horror film?