Monday 16 March 2015


At 54 Clarkson is showing  the
effects of  living close to Eton Boy.
I've been trying to work out if I give a damn about Jeremy Clarkson and his thuggish fracas.

In the normal way I really wouldn't give a damn. After all I don't watch tv, and if I did I doubt if I'd watch him. As I don't pay a tv licence, I can also be relatively ambivalent about his reportedly keeping a helicopter (paid for by the BBC) on standby for three hours, while he sat in the pub and did what he does well... got plastered.

What kinda bothers me though, is that, by all accounts, he turned up at work drunk, insulted and assaulted a colleague leaving him in a state where he required medical treatment, and that our unlovely prime minister, Eton Boy, decided that that was Ok because he thought Clarkson immensely talented, and his (Cameron's) daughters liked him.

I'm mindful of the fact that most people turning up very late and drunk in a work situation, and putting a colleague in hospital, would be at the tender mercy of Mr Duncan Smith and his odious assistant, McVile, the very next day, in between getting himself along to the local nick and answering a few of Plods's questions.

Is it not dangerous to set precedents like this?
It will stick like that if the wind changes...
Oh, it already did?
I see that Nigel Farage has decided that likening an elected and hugely respected, MSP and minister of the Scottish government to a hugely disrespected convicted terrorist is just 'a joke in bad taste'. 

Well, I suppose he reckons that Humza is only a jock, so it's no big deal.

Well, it's a mistake, Nigel. This is pretty much the first time that all the leaders of the Scottish parties have been of one voice on any subject. 

Weird though, that Mrs Curran, who cheered his election with such glee, should now refuse to share a platform with him in London. Bandwagon jump?

By the way, do either Curran or Coburn ever come anywhere near Scotland?

Move back a bit Tone.
It'll look better if you get a bit closer to the smoke.
Oooops, maybe not that close.
Too late. Oh well, bye then.
Tony Blair has stood down as the representative of the odd grouping known as The Quartet... It's odd, incidentally, because it comprises the USA, the EU and Russia, together with the UN. As the USA, UK and Russia are all members of the UN, why is the UN separately involved?

Anyway, he, Blair the Warmonger, was supposed to be some sort of peace envoy to the Middle East, which would have been funny if it hadn't involved so much misery for so many people adn he'd not spent most of the time he was supposed to be doing it making more and more money from advising tin pot dictators, whom presumably he had met whilst being HM's prime minister. I don't know what he got paid for not doing the job. I imagine it was a vast amount, but he seems to have achieved absolutely nothing.

It is being made out that he resigned, but it sounds very much like someone tumbled to the fact that he was useless and sacked him. Doubtless, knowing Blair, his compensation package will be more that I've ever earned or will ever earn if I live to be 1000. 

I wish him no joy of it.
I wish I could be bothered to write something interesting about Grant Shapps, or whatever his name is. But he's the Tory Party Chairman and, as such a complete nonentity in my country, so I think that I'll just summarise it thus.

He has sworn for years now that he gave up his other job of web page designer and marketer when he went into parliament. Indeed he has given interviews stating this categorically. He even went so far as to threaten a constituent with legal action for stating it on Facebook.

Trouble is, he's been lying, or as he calls it "overstating".

Jeez, why is it that people like him don't ever "lie" like the rest of us do. They invariably "over state" or "misspeak".

Anyway, whatever happens to him now is of no interest. I would imagine if his boss thinks it's OK to get pissed at work and bop a bloke so hard you put him in hospital that a wee bit of misspeaking is of little consequence, so I expect the Rt Honourable (don't they make you laugh?) Grant Green, or Michael Shapps or whatever, will be safe this time next week.


  1. Tris

    Where to start, Clarkson. If being rude, sarcastic, obnoxious , violent, abusive and unfunny is talent as far as Cameron is concerned, well that just sums up both, and the fact they may be friends is no surprise. What I would like to know is why the Police are not involved, there was a man hunt for the 'alleged' NAT egg thrower, but this man can get away with assault and abuse, at work, and the BBC are pretty quiet. It was only an Irish Man he assualted after all, and how the BBC can justify paying £21.00 for a bit of steak for his lunch on our money is beyond me. Shit, that would feed a family at a foodbank for a week. The guy is pretty much a scum bag.

    The UKip guy is a prat and an afront to democracy. By all means hold your anti-europe views but to not do the job you are paid for makes him like most right wing tories and nutters in the Tory lunatic fringe. To racially abuse someone and say that it's a bad joke is not acceptable, he should be out on his arse. I am actually ashamed that unionists voted for this man , because lets be honest, that is how he got in. I'm actually ashamed at some Scots for ever voting for that. He is Labours man in Europe.

    Grant whatever, where do they find them. My 7 year old is far brighter than he is but does a lot of less damage to the country. He is a liar and got caught, but like Clarkson, if Cameron likes you, you're fine and can pretty much do what you want. The man is a clown.

    When I think about Blair I tend to think that given the mandate he got he could really have brought about lasting and meaningful change for ordinary people in this country, who knew the man was so flawed, money hungry, angry, warmongering, in it with the bankers etc. What a flawed human being, I just wish that just once we can find a truly honest and humble person to lead our country rather than the elitist posh wankers that we seem to end up with who do unbearable damage to our country and it's people. What did we do to deserve that and when will we wake up and start taking control through the ballot box and just not vote for these self serving wankers.

    Thank you for the the oppotunity for an early rant, has made my day.


    1. WOW.

      One of your better rants there Bruce...

      Can't top it mate, so I won't try.

      Hope the day gets better from here on in!


  2. With regard to Mr. Clarkson. If you or I had hit someone at work we would be sacked and rightly so. We might also face an assault charge. Making allowances for someone just because they have an 'important' job or they're a 'big name' and bring in the cash is exactly how and why Jimmy Savile got away with his disgusting behaviour for so long. The BBC never seem to learn. Nor unfortunately do we. I find all of this worshipping of TV personalities, footballers, politicians, Royals etc. repugnant because you can find examples in each of those categories who have been guilty of wrong doing but have eluded punishment because of who they were.

    1. Completely agree Andrew.

      Your bang on. There is this acceptance of "stardom" at the BBC, even with relatively untalented people. They seem to be able to get away with whatever they want.

      No worshipping of any of that sort for us here. I know that all of them have feet of clay!

  3. Hear said this morning that Britain is corrupt, by goodness you cannot get anything past people in this country. It has been institutionally corrupt since 1066. Ergo Blair, Clarkson et al.

    1. yes, agreed... Nothing new about how corrupt the place is, except it is much more difficult for them to hide it now.

  4. I have seen it suggested that Jimmy Savile , in addition to indulging his own proclivities, may have done some procuring for others within the Establishment. If this was true, then like Cyril Smith he may have been protected by being in a position to name names.

    Either way, there is a stench of coruption.

    1. I think the lesser important people were protected by their association with, and knowledge of the real important people.

      Thus the likes of Saville got away with it, because if they had tried to prosecute him he'd have named names. He clearly made it his business to be friends with people who would make sure that he was safe too, because even if they were innocent there would be a "guilt by association".

      I think it may bring the whole hideous establishment, because I don;t think in these days of internet that, with the best will in the world it can be kept quiet.