Friday 20 March 2015




  1. As they all troupe down to the *ahem* future they sing the company song

  2. Ha ha... I always think it is fortunate that Ringo normally played the drums!!

  3. tris

    Cant imagine him surviving the Election I mean head up the Tory bottom on
    Budget day and then slagging them and by implication their joint agreed
    Budget which the Libs will vote for....happily the very next day how hollow
    is that why would anyone vote for a man with morality like he shows

    Will say this IF and its a big IF the Conservatives remain in power/Governance
    after May 7th then the only conclusion i can make is .
    The time to press the button to eject Scotland out of the Union is upon us
    I do not say this with any joy or feelings of elation more of despair
    The idea of people having to endure another period of Tory oppression is just
    to much of a nightmare .

    Labour have this one last chance for me after that all bets are off and its
    time to let them go if they cant win now they probably never will turning
    to a torylite party after defeat to win the south east of England. Is not a prospect
    to warm the heart more like break it.

    1. I actually don't think it will come to that, Niko.

      I think we can safely say that the Liberals can kiss most of their MPs goodbye. I'd have thought that in the last 6 months they would have been doing their best to distance themselves from the Tories. I think that if I'd been Alexander, I would probably have stood down from the Treasury in the last few months. The Budget is so central to the running of the government that he could't really be seem to be a part of this budget ... and be standing as a Liberal on something quite different. Still maybe he was thinking of his Lordhood.

      UKIP are in all kinds of trouble. Not only this woman trying to ''repatriate'' money from the EU into their bank account. (If they thought the word "repatriate" would make it sound like they were rescuing money from the terrible Europeans and give it back to the good old Bulldogs in London, they might have thought to ensure that it didn't go into UKIP's accounts!) Now they have had to suspend another candidate. Poor old Nigel won't have time to campaign for all the disciplinary hearings he'll be attending.

      For all Ed Balls couldnt actually find anything to change about George Osborn's budget (which, of course, was a political statement because they won;t have time to implement any of the policies), I still think that they will have the largest number of seats.

      Contrary to what Jim has taken to saying recently (but wasn't saying 5 years ago), that doesn't mean that they will get to form the government. But unless the Liberals do a lot better than I reckon they will, even will Clegg's 20 seats, they won't be able to command a majority.

      So it is still possible that Labour will be able to form a government with support from the smaller parties to get their budget through. Once they do that, they would have to depend on getting policies that would command support.

      But that's not impossible. For things like Trident, and going to fight wars the Tories will always back them. The Liberals will do anything, anywhere, for a seat in Cabinet and they can do a bit of bribing with the Celtic parties to get backing for other stuff.

      Let's be honest, their policisies are often not a kick in the butt off what the To0ries want anyway, so they can probably get at least some stuff through in England on the strength of that.

      In my book a Labour government with a strong SNP/Plaid is the best of a bad bet.

      Unless the Tories have a massive boost in the next few weeks, I just don't see them having more seats. Remember the seats balance works in favour of Labour, because of 13 years of gerrymandering. The falling out over the Lords reform between the liberals and the the Tories meant that Cameron didn't get to redress that imbalance by gerrymandering the advantage back to the Tories!

      I do understand though Niko, how depressing it is when your party deserts you.

      What on earth persuaded them to pick right wingers like Murphy and Dugdale, when there was a good decent team like Findlay and Clark to be had?

    2. tris

      Look what happened in Israel ,

    3. Point taken..

      But they will have to win by a bit. Apart from the Liberals and Robinson's lot I can't see anyone else supporting them...

      Although Charles Clarke suggested yesterday that they should join up with Labour...

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    5. OK

      "Whaboutery in Israel?"

      the Israeli GE was won at the last minute on a smear and fear onslaught by Netanyahu which included threatening to bomb and be attacked by every enemy that Israel has from the alphabet soup of the Arab World..

      That trick was tried, Niko, by No during the Referendum.

      It will not work twice although this will not stop them from trying it on. They have no mopral or political fibre; just lies and manipulative smears, like Netanyahu.

      They need to cling onto power, because.

      The end is nigh for the Union and I am glad for the peoples of Scotland it is so.

      Then, and only then can we get on to create a real and sustainable just society in a proud inclusive nation.

      You will be most welcome to contribute in that quest Niko.

    6. Well, we hope it doesn't work again, Panda

      Although it would be hard to imagine that Scots could be THAT bloody stupid, after only 6 months.

      I'm always dubious about opinion polls, but even I am beginning to think that the consistency in the lead for the SNP can hardly be overturned now. But once again, what will they bring out at the end? A war, a death or two, a promise, pledge, vow,...?

      Will the Queen get involved and tell us to be careful before voting SNP?

      Will the Canadian, Australian and American leaders intervene? Will the Pope say something?

      Mostly will the Queen purr again?

      Labour shouldn't have campaigned with the Tories. Brown was right and Darling was wrong...although it pains me to give Brown credit for getting anything right, given the mess he's made of almost everything else he's ever gone near.)

      The Tories are poison here. Surely Alistair know that.

      And in the end they stuffed Brown by getting him to promise us the earth and going back on it the very next day.... "Ah well, it is all dependent on EVEL...which will mean it's highly unlikely that you'll ever govern in England... and which of the states actually matters? Oh yeah England!"

      "Here, change some sign posts and if you want you can put the income tax up by even more that you already can... Not that you ever will, because you can't bring VAT down to compensate."

      Anyway, ask the Liberals what it's like to have been associated with the Tories. It's like jumping off a very high building, eh Danny?

  4. Through early morning fog I see
    Visions of the things to be
    The pains that are withheld for me
    I realize and I can see...

    That suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it if I please.
    I try to find a way to make
    All our little joys relate
    Without that ever-present hate
    But now I know that it's too late, and...

    The game of life is hard to play
    I'm gonna lose it anyway
    The losing card I'll someday lay
    So this is all I have to say.

    That suicide is painless
    It brings on many changes
    And I can take or leave it if I please.
    I try to find a way to make
    All our little joys relate