Monday 30 March 2015



  1. WOW! Munguin really knows how to pull it out of the bag these days with his nature pics Tris.

    Just one question where is the pic of the duck house ... oops it's OK I've found it ninth from bottom. LOL

    1. It's Gresgarth Hall, Caton, Lancaster (The garden of garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd).

      All a bit posh, but wow, just imagine living there.

      I'm a huge gardens fan and this is my favourite type of garden.

      I'm glad you guys like the weekly departure from politics.

      It's a rare treat for me to search for these great nature pics.

  2. Aahh. You have excelled yourself this week.

  3. Any idea, what the crow is saying to the cat?

    1. Nope sorry. I don;t even know to be honest, what language it is.

      It could be Russian or Bulgarian.... or anything else that uses that script.

      Anyone speak an Eastern European language?

      I'll send it to my Bulgarian friend and ask him if he can understand it.

      As a compensation, he're a funny crow video!

    2. I don't know what the crow is saying at any time but I do know that my dog has the last word at all times. He has a complete distaste for the whole of the Crow family and not fond of any birds at all but none of the get off with talking to him,
      Other than that I have just loved all the photo's and boy after the morning I have had I needed them. Moving house should be simple but why on why are there always problems. This morning it is Sky, last time it was my electric and gas provider and that took five months to solve.

    3. Sorry about the pooches disdain for crows, as they are my favourite birds. My dad kept pigeons, as a consequence every injured bird in the area was brought to our house, for a little tlc.
      A couple were crows, very interesting and intelligent animals, they would sit on my shoulder like Long John's parrot. They seemed to know what kind of mood I was in and would learn a few tricks.
      After release, they would come back year after year, sometimes bringing that years brood; either to show them off, to us. Or to show them that not all people are bad.
      There have been studies, that show crows can remember human faces and if you have wronged them, they will alert other crows near by.

    4. Moving is a nightmare Helena. I really wish you the best of luck. My sister-in-law, recently moved, has just received a massive bill for electricity and gas from a company she has never used, presumably something to do with the last people, but almost undoubtedly wrong. (The last folk were ultra respectable elderly folk. Most unlikely to ahve left a massive debt.)

    5. What a brilliant story, Jim.

      They are very clever. I often watch them cracking open shells on the beach, and I understand that they know how to use traffic lights to get nuts cracked. Drop them in the roadway and when cars stop at the lights they are likely to be cracked open by the weight of the vehicle.

      One day a few years ago, I was in a supermarket carpark and noticed that someone had dropped a packet of pasta salad. A crow was trying to open it. I went over... the crow flew up to a lamp post and watched as I undid it for him. I did my shopping and when I came out the container was empty and the crow had pasta sauce all over his face. I hope he remembered me fondly.