Sunday 8 March 2015


"That's the way to fish, ya daft bird!"
Sharing breakfast with mum.
Nice soft pillow for a tired head.
"I'm ready in case you fall."
"At least I'm bigger than these birds."
Takes a special kind of cruelty to do this.
"I love you too."
"Come over here or I'll eat you, you bad animal!"
There's always some waste of oxygen to spoil it all.
Serve him right if that animals partner came on scene now and used
a magnificent pair of horns on a royal arse.


  1. Ah the hypocrisy of the royals, his big brother was telling the Chinese and the world animal cruelty must stop, and here we have the idiot younger son gladly posing next to his kill.
    That's some size of fish, the cat has in it's mouth; puts many an angler to shame. Even the crow looks impressed.

    1. William himself was shooting not so long ago with his wife Duchess Golddigger, in Spain, accompanied by the disgraced ex King of Spain Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos happily fell of an elephant while shooting game in Botswana and broke his hip. At his age a serious accident. He was, I think, at the time, president of the World Wildlife Fund. Hypocrite

      It's high time there was a shooting season for these murdering bastards. I mean a season where we could legally shoot them.

      Aye that cat knows a thing of two about fishing. he does it because he has to eat... unlike the stupid useless git above, who does it because he likes killing things.

    2. "Ah the hypocrisy of the royals, his big brother was telling the Chinese and the world animal cruelty must stop, and here we have the idiot younger son gladly posing next to his kill."

      Oh please stop being melodramatic for a moment! That photograph is clearly out of date. Harry is young in that. I'm sure he's done a fair amount of growing up since then.

      The royals aren't 'hypocrites', at least no more so than your average SNP leader who claims the indyref result would 'settle' the issue for a 'generation'...

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    4. The gnu still lies dead, it doesn't matter how old the picture is, they (the royals) are hypocritical anachronistic spongers, nothing more.
      Cameron the de facto leader of the liberals said the settled for a generation remark.
      Only the people of Scotland, can say what the settled will of Scotland is; no politician has that right.

      It is a bit rich, don't you think, a liberal accusing others of hypocrisy?

    5. Well Dean...

      Number one: harry was with Willie last year in Spain with the Spanish sponger, so it appears that he hasn't grown up and still gets a thrill out of killing things.

      Secondly: If the no side hadn't promised us Home Rule and then changed it to power over roadsigns, aggregates taxes and an unusable income tax then it would have put the whole matter to bed.

      The SNP has said at the moment that its job is to get as many people into Westminster as possible to try to force the likes of Cameron to do what Mr Brown promised on his behalf. NOT to get independence, which the party leadership accepts was not voted for.

      It's clear that they have no intention of making good their vow. We were treated shockingly.

      But don;t take my word for it. The Scottish people are showing in polls taken all over, and taken consistently since October that they aren't buying into the lies of Westminster.

      Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on George W Bush very nearly managed to say once.

    6. Yes Jim. He's still dead and the idiot prince is clearly proud enough of that to be photographed with him. I couldn't stand to be anywhere near a dead animal, one which was, at least, as entitled to a life as Harry Saxe-Coburg Gotha!

      I always think when I see this kind of photograph that it's a great pity that the animals partner isn't lurking until after the photo is taken, and then pounces.

    7. Dean, I just had a quick read of you're blog.
      You accused me of being melodramatic, in your blog you talk about the SLab meltdown, no longer holding up a four party(snigger) system in Scotland, but leaving just two armed camps, separatist and unionist.
      If that's not melodrama, not least a load of pish, I don't know what is.
      During the referendum Murphy got egged, a pregnant yes supporter got kicked in the stomach. Post referendum, unionist thugs invaded George Square. It is the unionist side that speak in militaristic language and echoes of Powell's speeches, have cartoons in the daily press depicting the Scots as backward in breeders.
      Look to your own, before casting your bile. You're side won, get over it, we have and we are being democratic, not raising and armed rebellion, just putting an X in a box.

    8. That's what you can't beat Jim. We are putting Xs in Boxes.

      There's no violence.

      I actually found that during the later part of the referendum campaign the atmosphere in Scotland was really fabulous. People in cars with yes stickers were giving way to people in other cars with yes stickers. There was a feeling of camaraderie the likes of which I've just never seen.

      Between most yes and no supports there was discussion and friendly banter. The only people who committed any violence were some fascist thugs with Nazi salutes and butchers' aprons. They kicked real wee lassies and yes they kicked a pregnant woman, which has to be a pretty low thing to do.

      I don;t remember one single case of violence from Yes supporters. The egg (something politicians have had since there were politicians and eggs) wasn't even thrown by a Yes supporter according to Iain Macwhirter's book. Just someone who didn't like Jim Murphy (of which there have to be a good few).

    9. 1. SNP pledged to respect the outcome and promised whatever the result, it'd settle the question of separation for 'a generation'.

      No iffs, no 'but what about home rule. Don't backpeddle now, YES Scotland (SNP in other words) has lied. They never intended to respect the democratic outcome. And you're right, we won. The Union, and the principle of sharing resources, risks and strengths won.

      2. Scotland is divided between nationalist and unionist now. It's never been more polarised and venal. And we can thank the SNP and their cohorts for dividing our nation by posing a question they had no hope of ever winning.

      (p.s. how is that oil price drop working out for YESScot arguments now btw...looks right better together were correct about that too)

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    1. Blogger had a little wobbly.

      I ended up posting the same thing three times and something else, approximating it another twice.

      I got rid of them.

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha Munguin's cousin Montague Penguin, a wee burd with a tin helmet.

      You're right there Conan. I wonder what the Diddy thinks of THAT!

  3. I'm having a nightmare of a night with Blogger. It doens't work, then it publishes 3 copies of the same thing...

    Get it sorted please Blogger.

  4. I'm getting a 'only secure content is displayed' message when I look at your site, Tris.
    That never happened before. Maybe connected to the problems you are having?

    1. Could be Jutie.

      Damned if I understand.

      Maybe it's because we've been nasty about the royals. :)

  5. MI5 after you and Munguin, Tris, more power to your elbow, in fact more power to all our elbows.
    Aww the nice pictures were lovely, reminds us why we contribute to all our animal charities. Sitting here listening to the rain battering down and the Pug snoring with his Buster collar on having had his op on Thursday. Seems to be fine but awaiting the verdict on his cataract removal today. Wish us luck. As for those parasites, well seems they are all into blood sports and have the nerve to front some Animal Charities, I have no idea why this is tolerated, but then the Establishment likes to control everything, that is why they hate us.

    1. First off Munguin (and I) send best wishes for a speedy recovery to wee Hektor.

      Keep us informed of his progress please Helena.

      It seems to please these big organisations to have royal patronage regardless of their personal habits. But I suppose that that is because they bring the sycophants with them, willing to pay out money to be close to them.

      What pleasure people get from killing other animals is utterly beyond me. They must be seriously sick in my opinion. I wouldn't hurt a fruit fly.

  6. Enough of this touchy-feely nonsense - let's have more pictures of Jim Murphy and/or Margaret Curran...

    1. I'm seriously worried about you. There is something of a want about someone who yearns to look at Jim Morphy and Maggie Currant.

      However, I will keep your request in mind, and should I find a p[air of dark glasses, or welding goggles, I will look out something to cheer your weird northern spirit.

      Hope the weather is improving... It's bloody miserable here

    2. Some weird fetish, you haven't told us about?

      Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    3. That's what I'd reckon...