Tuesday 31 March 2015



Dear Mr Murphy,

Maybe you could tell us, seeing that it is stated in  your campaign literature, where and when the SNP said that they would scrap the UK pension. 

I do remember that the NO campaign, in which you played such a prominent role, said that the UK would no longer pay pensions to our senior citizens if Scotland became independent. 

You may remember, though, that both the SNP, and the YES campaign rubbished that, and finally even the DWP was obliged to release a statement saying that it was not true, and that anyone who paid into the pension scheme would receive their due from it. 

Incidentally, from what I can make out, it was a very effective scare story. It managed to put real fear into the hearts of many old people, dependent for their existence on this, the second lowest pension in the developed world. (For your information, the lowest is that of Mexico. Proud boast, huh?)

So  when you get a minute, can you let me know when the SNP said that they would scrap the UK pension, in what circumstances they would do that, and how, indeed, they would be able to do it.

Thank you.

Grateful thanks to Anon, for finding this picture of
our mystery pensioner and sometimes contributor to
Jim's publicity back in 2008.


  1. Dear Munguin

    Thank you for getting in touch with me but as you are not a constituent of mine I cannot answer any questions you put to me

    I hope you understand it's a stupid rule I know and when I become FM of Scotland I will change it

    Your (and I say this sincerely Mungy boy) bonny wee fighting for you patriot branch office manager (for the time being) xx

    1. Dear Mr Murphy,

      You remind me that I have some blessings to count. The fact that Stewart Hosie was my MP, is one of them.

      Can I just point out to you that you are not an MP any more, so you don't have any constituents.

      And My Name is Mr Munguin to you. Keep you matey chattiness forthe likes of Mrs Curran.

      Your's sincerely


  2. The SNP have never said they would scrap the pension. Once again Scottish Labour ( an entity that does not exist ) is telling a flat out lie.

  3. Who is that man in the picture? http://www.jimmurphy.scot/news-room/News-desk/news.aspx?p=104396

    1. Neat one Anon...

      So he's a serial Muphite. Nothing wrong with that of course. He's obviously a supporter, but another one of the general public? Thought not.

  4. Could you also tell me, dear leader Jim Jung Ugh, if, after becoming 1st minster and making the Scottish parliament an entity which is not subject to being wiped off the face of the earth by Westminster diktak (to protect your blessed position) you will see your way to running a few buses to the nearest food bank when my pension disappears?
    Yours ever and aye,
    A Scottish Pensioner.

    1. Dear Pensioner,

      The Secretary of State for Scotland for our glorious and fabulous union has already pointed out that that can't happen. London will always be supreme over the world, just like Israel and America, as drear Margaret always said.

      Mr Brown just misspoke a little when he was promising that.

      It happens sometimes in the rough and tough of senior people's lives.

      If you did it of course, being little person, it would be lying.

      Yours faithfully

      Big Honorable Mr Murphy

    2. Dear Pensioner,

      The Secretary of State for Scotland for our glorious and fabulous union has already pointed out that that can't happen. London will always be supreme over the world, just like Israel and America, as drear Margaret always said.

      Mr Brown just misspoke a little when he was promising that.

      It happens sometimes in the rough and tough of senior people's lives.

      If you did it of course, being little person, it would be lying.

      Yours faithfully

      Big Honorable Mr Murphy

  5. We made a mistake during the referendum in saying that the SG would take on responsibility for all state pensions after independence.
    This along with that liar Broon put the heebie jeebies up a lot of Scottish pensioners.
    We should have stated that the UK treasury would continue to have responsibility to pay the UK state pensions to those who were in receipt of it,in the same way as any other British pensioners living anywhere on the planet would be entitled to.
    Being resident in England is not a requirement to being in receipt of the UK state pension....contributions are.
    What is putting the wind up the Murphys of Labourland,is the prospect of no longer being able to claim UK MP expenses.
    How much has he amassed over the years at our expense?
    Probably more than enough to fund a nice private pension.

    1. I know... where else would a bumbleclutz like him get a job that paid above the minimum wage...?

      Oh yeah, I forget, the House of Lords, which Labour are going to abolish ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha erm maybe...

  6. Dear Scottish Pensioner

    You obviously expect to live high on the hog for the rest of your days. The only food banks that will be available will be the ones where I can have a photo opportunity and I certainly will not be putting on buses. What the hell is wrong with walking or crawling on your hands and knees if you are so desperate, do you expect me to do everything for you?

    I have to manage on food expenses so I'm not totally unsympathetic to your plight I know how difficult it can be but I have to get rid of the scroungers and you sound like one

    Yours Slim Jim ( £400 a month certainly is NOT enough to eat well)

    1. Dear Mr Murphy,

      What about me becoming an MP and getting my self on the gravy train.

      I mean I could be just like you.

      Clearly you don't have to have any qualifications.

      Obviously you don't have to have any intelligence.

      There is evidently no need to integrity or polish.

      It would seem that the main qualification is to have a neck of solid brass and a taste for the better things in life.

      Please accept hthis as an application.

      Any constituency will do, as clearly I couldn't care less about it.

      Yours faithfully


    2. Sorry, sorry...please don't hit me again. I completely forgot that you promised to get rid of all food banks if we re-elected you, so I don't need to get on a bus to a non-existent place - that's what postal votes are for. Non-existent voters from non-existent places.

      You've got all our bases covered, blessed leader.
      Many thanks from a Scottish Pensioner.

    3. At last. Someone who understands why I won't lose a single seat to the SNPee.

      Be grateful. Otherwise we will stop the pension.... Actually we are going to stop these winter payments to everyone. Only the freezing will get them, but dont tell anyone in Scotland.

  7. Dear Mr Murphy,

    As a nearly pensioner I was all set to vote YES last September but thanks to you and your bestest mate wee Goride Broon with your pension news about no one being able to collect their pensions because of those nasty NATS stopping all pensions at the border I was over the moon.

    Had Scotland voted YES in September and, thanks to your pension news, I was seriously concerned that I was going to have to leave Scotland in order to collect my pension. This raised quite a difficult question for me. Where was I going to go and live?

    Should I emigrate to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A. or even South Africa to name but a few countries on my list.

    So my question to YOU Mr. Murphy is this. WHY can I emigrate to anywhere in the world and still be able to collect my pension from the relevant U.K. government department and yet YOU tell me I can NOT live in an independent Scotland in 2014 and NOW you tell me in 2015 if I vote S.N.P. I will no longer get my pension in Scotland which is, as far as I can tell, STILL part of the U.K.

    Is this what you meant when you told me we were Better Together JIm?

    Is it the case that we are only Better Together so long as YOU and your Labour buddies are sitting in Westminster eating the best steaks, drinking the best wine whilst I and MY friends have to trudge to the nearest Food Bank for a couple of tins of Heinz soup? (other varieties are available of course.)


    a severely pissed off nearly pensioner

    1. Dear Nearly Pensioner

      Since you were able to contemplate emigrating you obviously have no need of a pension from Scotland Stop whinging

      The SNP have feather bedded the Scottish population to such an extent I can see weeding out the scroungers is going to be a full time job Thank goodness IDS has given me so many pointers on how to go about it,after all I only went to Uni for 9years what was I supposed to learn in that time?

      How dare you grudge us our fine dining Do you realise the mouse infestation we have to put up with they're everywhere, no wonder we suffer from the dreaded lurgy so often but do we complain Hell Naw we're made of tougher stuff than that
      Like that other pensioner above the handouts you're looking for can be nothing but the best Heinz soup, Heinz soup I ask you and not satisfied with one tin you're looking for two Maybe you should also ask for some pampers while you're at it

      Another thing while we're at it are you trying to annoy me with your non de plume? I hope you are as good at French as I obviously am See I also know about Scottish history You cann't fool me

      Regards from the softly spoken learned one

    2. LOL LOL LOL. You saved me the bother of writing to her.

      Do you want a job on my expenses?

  8. Newton Mearns, is that right no many poor pensioners live there, come tae Clydebank or Alexandria and meet real pensioners the wans you and yer cohorts want tae rob, the state pensioners. Ed Balls is reported on tv and the newspapers saying he will rid us of our winter heating allowance is he not in the same party as you Scunner Murphy. Sadly the red tories are too feart tae haud any public meetings in Scotland, Scunner must have picked up on the hatred in the crowds who gathered around his one man mission tae convert us aw tae the naw vote , and realised that huvin' a public meetin wisnae a vote winner especially when the uk msm ur aw ower Scunner like a plague. The UK wid see jist how silent yer majority actually is Scunner and how hostile the people are because of yer constant lies and bullying.
    Fae a real state pensioner.

    1. Cklydebank?

      You must be kidding. I'd be skinned alive down there.

      I'll send Curran. It doesn't much matter what happens to her. She's toast.

  9. If anyone gets a straight and truffle answer from Murph you deserve a post in SNP government,
    I thought two headed creatures to be fiction but Murph has many more and lies to tell from each.
    He reminds me of Thatchers " where there is strife ... " same soft tone of lies and voice, same patronising condescension .same result. Knife in the guts.

  10. Replies
    1. LOL I was kinda wondering what a truffle answer was... although I believe that with £400 a week on top of your wages, you can probably afford truffles. And jolly nice they are too!

      Yes, Mr Murphy does remind me of the sainted Margaret, in her softer moments, just before she plunged the knife into someone.


  11. Tris, the Pete for Perth News Edition #1 link gives me:
    This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

    I tried and No, it doesn't help. Now you know, thank you kindly, Vince

    1. Can you give me the link please Vince?

  12. Dearest Stuffed Toy

    First things first, you will address me as Murphy the Merciless of Northern Britan,

    The SNP are going to stop all UK Pensions, what don't you get, NO UK NO UK PENSION DUH. Whut scale did you go tae, a state one controlled beh a labir council beh any chance. The other thingy, if eh scared auld folk during the wee constitutional debate, you know the thingy whar yi voted fir the future o north ingerland, eh dinna gee a shit. We wir voting fir my pension ya bass and if dottled auld ignorant smelly jocks fell fir meh shit well they have fell fir it for a huned years ya bass.

    An beh the way em no shagging magrit ahh rite, yeah thi curran wimen. Anyhooze, the SNP their jist bloody tories withoot the money, withoot the posh education, withoot the estates in jockland, withoot the mean streak oh the other tory parties, SNP are tory bastirds and yeah better vote fir labir or yil face cuts eh tell yi. Yi bettir vote fir the labir cause that's whut smelly jocks dae then git bak in their box thing, yi know poverty, low life expectancy, unemployment, poor education, poor diet, tv and getting pished , yir box thingy.

    An gist in case yi stupit smelly jocks vote fir the tory bastards the SNP it wisna meh fault, it wa smedia bias an shit.

    Murphy the Meciless MP fir the red tories and northern ingerland branch leader.
    Git it rite up yi smelly jock toy thingy.

    1. Im answering on behalf of Munguin as he's had one of his heads.

      He's not used to being spoken to like that, and certainly not by an Irn Bru swilling failed footballer with a penchant for showing off his unpleasant knees in shorts and a period university education that should by rights entitle him to a doctorate, but in fact seems to have merited an "O" grade in tile grouting.

      Murph the Mreciless?

      Leave out the merci, thank you...

      Murph the less.

      And learn to speak with more respect to your betters.

      Signed Tris
      per pro Munguin.

  13. Dear Mr Murphy, I am a pensioner, that you told me that the UK would stop paying my pension when and if we became independent. Funnily enough I laughed, I know many people all pensioners who were living in Tenerife all who were in receipt of UK pensions and had been for some considerable time. Really it is as Munguin said to you, it is a pittance and always has been, after all whilst feeding the faces of Billionaires you have been grinding the faces of the poor. I remember meeting happy German pensioners on our sojourns abroad in the eighties, they managed more than one break a year whilst we the workers could sometimes only have a week.
    I suggest that you have a word with your leader, aye you have one, and tell him that there is a considerable revolt going on here in Scotland and he might want to consider before the revolt spreads doing something other than issuing platitudes.
    Heard his wee joke this morning that people on regular hours should have regular contracts, this was supposed (we think) to relate in weasel words to zero hours contracts. Well Jim tell him that Zero Hours contracts relate to irregular hours and means you have an irregular contract and pay, but then you are smart enough to know that, aren't you. You did attend the University for 9 years, mind you came away with nothing .
    Yours without affection,
    Maw Broon.

  14. Dear madam,

    Don't bother important people, privy councillors, like me with your petty problems.

    As my friend Iain Duncan Smith said, it's easy to live on £53 a week.

    So get on with it.

    yours faithfully