Sunday 22 March 2015




  1. Its a variation on Schroedinger's cat. Both statements are simultaneously lies and true. The only way you would know is to put a cross in the wrong box.

    For maximum certainty you would be advised to just put the cross in the SNP box.

  2. Tris

    Funny, I asked a similar question to the Labour Twitter account as they were souting the same crap at the weekend, obviously no reply. I suspect that they believe that all Scots smoke the wacky baccy and have forgotten the referendum propoganda already. The Labour Party really are bereft of any talent at all these days, I totally understand why they can't be ahead in the polls against the worst and most abusive Government since Victorian Times.

    Also heard this morning that, low and behold, treasury civil servants did break all the rules during the referendum and a group of MPs are going to look into to make sure it doesn't happen again, until the next time. Apparently none of the currency issues should have been released by the treasury as they DID influence the result of the vote.

    This country makes me sick and we have got to vote for change in May, we are truly running out of time to save this country from the lowest toilet scum of the earth.


    1. Illegal involvement of the Civil Service, but no one will be punished. Illegal release of sensitive RBS board room minutes, but no one is punished. Improper use of the head of state for a political comment and no one is punished.

      Given that they seem to manage to do everything else illegally, I suppose we should't be surprised about this.

      The UK is rotten through and through. Why would the referendum be any different.

      I'm reminded of Francis Urquhart.

  3. Tris

    Sorry for the typos, either I am a bit thick or this keyboard is really really knackered as I have to hammer the keys.


    1. Ha ha Bruce. If only I had the excuse of the keyboard...

      For me it's just the thick bit.

    2. Well mine is a bit temperamental as I have dropped it as least twice, seem to take turns as to which letter is stuck at one time or another.
      Just want to say that it depends on what you want to believe I suppose but as there are consequential's to all money given to devolved institutions in Britain, it happened even before the Scottish Parliament had control of the budget. So if something ceases to be funded in England then it ceases elsewhere, at least that is my understanding.
      I have been moved to a temper tantrum when matters mainly concerning England's National Health Service was not made clear but the one thing that has to be, if their NHS is privatised we will end up in the same boat not because we want to but because they will pull the funding. Labour Accounting Unit knew this and simply lied.

    3. There's not always a consequential though. Sometimes they seem to be able to find an excuse for not giving us money when they spend it in England.

      But as far as the health service is concerned, I suspect that we might actually profit from it, if it is privatised.

      We all know that when private companies take over state functions, they promise to be better, more efficient and cheaper... and they end up being worse, less efficient and more expensive, and yes....more expensive.

    4. Well Tris I think you wll find that the things that England get that we do not like Crossrail in London suddenly become UK expenditure, as a devolved authority we have to use our pocket money. Lots of stuff just like that, we pay but we do not get.

    5. Yes. That's possibly true. After all I hear that bridges in Liverpool have been included in UK spend...amazingly

  4. Good stuff Tris.

    I am shocked at how cheap and nasty the Slab membership has gone over the last couple months. They really don't get it. It's almost a comedy show but were the laughs are all guffaws. They never answer a question without tripping over their lines and blaming the best Govt Scotland has ever had in the SNP.

    Almost 8 years in power and their support has gone through the roof. In opposition we have amateurs who should NEVER be allowed to run this country. A shambles of the likes of Ballie, Curren and Murphy backed up by hopeless Willie Rennie and the like. Is he aware what day it is ? The guy looks lost everytime i see him.

    They cannot change tack no matter how much they spin things. I can not believe they are any better down south were they should be cantering the election against the worst tory party ever.

    I have to admit to being angry in the past with the lies and spin but now find myself laughing at the fools tripping over themselves to gain points over the most microscopic issue.

    Thank goodness for the referendum. We will NEVER go back in the box.

    labour have kept us in "our place" .... no longer. once they are gone nothing Westminster can do ,only watch as we gain our independence.

    Loving this just now. The sheer number of folk who shake their heads at the MSM gives me confidence that no one is taking any notice of them anymore. The desperation will be in overdrive in the last two weeks but you what Tris, good , we know how this plays out. The pensioners voted for a NO but are voting SNP in droves now.

    Who said we lost ? Did we ??

    1. No Richy. I really don't think we lost.

      Some people were, at the last moment, taken in by lies spouted by Gordon Brown, although in fairness I don't know whether he knew they were lies at the time.

      Maybe he took Cameron at his word, always a dodgy thing to do, I'd say.

      Labour, having realised that they had lost in their heartlands and that they would need to move decidedly to the left...Curran was going on a tour of these areas to tell them that they would revert to the Labour Party of days of yore, when she joined it.

      Then they elected a Tory to be the new leader, when embarrassingly their old leader told the truth about the appalling lack of control she had over anything.

      I personality minus, right wing, Blairite, Friend of Israel, Henry Jackson Neo-liberal warmonger to show Glasgow man that they were back on track with the workers? I mean they didn't even have the wit to get someone telegenic.

      WHIT were they thinking of when they had Neil Findlay?

      Still, their folly is our advantage.

  5. Neil Findlay is an old style labourite but i think he would be out of his depth in the roll that Murphy took. Too much mister please everyone when Scotland has strong leaders like Salmond on Sturgeon. He would have made the job harder but Murphy's appointment was heaven for us indi's. he is a nincumpoop ( not sure of the spelling but you get the gist).

    I am enjoying the panic these days. Without any help the unionists are destroying everything they tried to keep. The SNP just need to sit back and wait for the next "crisis". One usually follows from the last quite quickly, even daily.

    Roll on May

    P.S. Tris your animal pics are superb. The wee Panda sitting on it's own brought a wee laugh out of me. They are a gift we as humans should protect. But we're a greedy damaging species.

    Thanks again my friend.