Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Stay classy, Malcolm.

Isn't this the man who wanted to change the voting system for Scottish Parliamentary elections to reduce the likelihood of another SNP victory. 

Why don't you just go the whole hog, you illiberal little man, and ban the SNP altogether... and then insist everyone vote Liberal?  I mean if you can't get your party of the rest of the unionist parties to be a little more popular, by offering policies that would suit us, the only other thing to can do is proscribe the enemy.

It seems to me the only way you're ever going to get any seats in Scotland. Wouldn't have thought of it from a Liberal until they all became honorary Tories.

Doubtless he will go to the House of Parasites now that he has stepped down from his constituency in Gordon, hopefully to be replaced by Alex Salmond.


  1. This *ahem* individual probably danced the highland Fling around the House of Commons the day a certain Labour M.P. wrote a comment about Alex Salmond being hit by a bus!

    Apparently on the last day of *cough* school Bruce made his final, thankfully, speech in the House of Commons. I didn't listen to it but it was, so I am told, a hate filled anti S.N.P. rant. Well there's a surprise ... NOT!

    This *cough* individual is a disgrace to the term politician. Thank goodness he is no more going to be sitting in the House of Commons. The down side of this however, is that within a few months he will be one of many "new" faces appearing in the House of Lords grabbing his £300 a day, cheap as chips meals, dirt cheap alcohol beverages and sleeping on the red leather!

    1. If you stick around for long enough, it appears that you get to be a privy counsellor for nothing, and you get to be a knight for doing your very well paid job.

      The trouble with all this nonsense is that it comes down to allowing these people to decide on their salary, their pensions and their benefits. If I were allowed to do this kind of thing instead of my bosses, I too would have a salary well in excess of what I was worth, would have a dream pension, money available when I stood down, cheap food and booze and expenses to die for.

      The one thing I wouldn't have is these stupid titles, which I think are an embarrassment.

      The Right Honourable... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

  2. It always seemed to me that, the Liberals would spout equality and fairness, but in reality, they would do absolutely anything for a whiff of "power".
    History would seem to support this.

    1. Undoubtedly. I suspect that because they have not had any real power in our lifetime we tended to think that they were a little more human than the other lots.

      Oh well.

  3. I call the HoL the Charnel House.

    1. Seems reasonable, given the number of them that arrive there for no other reason than they are old and they stay there till they pop their clogs.

      It really will have to go.

    2. Maybe one big push and it will fall down, the trick is to make sure they are all inside when it goes. We might be well advised to wait until the Queenies Speech and then push.

  4. Aye Patronage, it means you can be bought Brucie, not that you are important. How cheap these people work, not for them that they can actually have run their own country, just give me a knighthood so I can get into the business of attaching my name to important things like letter headings for companies, I mean I do not want to do any work, not any real work.
    Most of these people should be in hiding frightened for their lives and we should be mad as hell at their antics. Now where did I put the guillotine.

    1. If you're the kind that enjoys all these 15th centruy tra la las and people calling you "My Lord" and crap like that, it must be a great life.

      For ordinary human beings not completely overpowered by their own sence of self import, it must be frightful

    2. "Vermin in Ermine", as Baron Prescott once called them...

    3. Conan, And then didn't Prescott take the ermine so his wife could become a "Lady" ?

    4. I believe twa jags paraphrased, Robert Anderson an 18c. Poet from northern England.

      "Should a monkey wear a crown,
      Mull, I tremble at hi, frown?
      Could one not, through all his ermine?
      Spy the strutting, chattering vermin?
      Safely write a smart lampoon,
      To expose the brilk baboon!?"

    5. Good old two jags, the croquet champion.

      I seem to recall that that was his excuse. After having treated her badly, by having an affair with his secretary (yes, I know.... strange), I understand that he said that he accepted a seat in the lords so that Pauline could become Lady Prescott.

      It says very little for her.

      Lovely poem!

    6. It's bloody huge, more of it can be found here.

  5. Tris

    As I have noted before, democracy on their terms and only when it suits them. I really consider myself a liberal, but it says it all that I am a member of the SNP because there is no Liberal Party for me to join. Like Labour the Liberal Democrats are full of tories.

    Malcolm Bruce is just like the rest, a plank.


    1. A particularly horrible plank Bruce.

      Smug conceited title ridden establishment little Englander.

  6. and get a Ministerial Jag to take her 100yds from her Hotel to the Lab Party Conf in Blackpool because she just had a hair do.

    1. Well BlP, Pauline did have the most extraordinary hair style. It was something from the late 50s I seem to recall, a bit like Mrs Thatcher's but a bit more common.

      Once you got that all done you wouldn't' want to go out in the Blackpool wind.

  7. tris and the other snp trouble makers

    Why don't you just go the whole hog, you illiberal little man, and ban the SNP altogether..

    Hell Yeah !

    Thats wot this region needs see Nicola having made a VOW on
    referendums being once in a generation has now decided a generation
    is only about two years or so.....very honorable NOT

    As she says its up to the people to decide er but didnt the Scottish
    people just do that a few weeks ago Oh silly me they were under the influence
    of Westminster mindbending and Unionist tricksy wicksy ways.

    But in one generation (which in snpspeak is a fortnight or so)
    the snp will cut through the dastardly Unionist brainwashing
    and BBC ( spits on floor ) extreme propaganda and willful distortions
    of the Gaelic truths.

    Reminds me of the old joke if you know( i doubt they do )
    whereby the newspaper cartoon strip writer
    was unceremoniously sacked.

    So for his revenge he takes our heroine
    Nicola and ties her up binding and
    handcuffing her with
    her own vows and sacred promises
    on referendum being once in a generation.
    In old money about twenty years.

    But Oor heroine Nicola not to be outdone
    decides a generation is as long or short
    as she wishes it to be.
    so with one dishonored shameful ignominious leap is
    free from keeping her freely given word.

    and then proves she is just like all the rest
    she routinely condemns.

    1. Eh? That was Cameron, with the once in a generation thang. It is up to the peoples of Scotland, via the ballot box, to decide.

    2. Jimminy

      They just did you LOST BIG TIME as you should
      do you understand democracy or prefer a single party

    3. I'd prefer to live in a state, that was not controlled by another state.
      Instead of one that had it's statehood subverted by a dominant state, with the complicit natives in the unionist parties; most of whose representatives have fukt off, in the sure knowledge that they are alright, and the rest of us are shafted. Hey it's the new labour way, we used to call it Thatcherism.