Monday, 13 April 2015


If this weren't so funny it would be pathetic.

Dear Peregrin,

I remember so well the day my first son was born - and in that moment, when you become a parent, absolutely everything changes.

Everything you do is for your children.

You've got this huge responsibility not just to love them, but to provide for them throughout their life. (Throughout their life, eh? They not going to grow into hard-working families up and down the country?)

And you want to know that even after you're gone, you can still provide for them. (I thought that the Tory motto was that people should stand on their own two feet and not depend on others to look after them even when they were dead?)

Because there is no more important kind of security than knowing your family is going to be OK financially. (Aye, all these people you've put in the food bank and on short term, or zero hour contracts, or minimum wage, or IDS's prison camps, know that kind of security Dave)

And that is why the next Conservative Government will take the family home out of inheritance tax. (That will be a comfort to Scottish families working in Tesco  and claiming social security to pay the rent.)

That home you have worked and saved for belongs to you and your family - you should be able to pass it on to your children. (Except of course, if you inherited it yourself. Did you work hard and save for your homes, Dave?)

And with the Conservatives, you'll be able to pass on up to £1 million per married couple completely tax-free - giving more security to families across the country. (That must be a huge relief, all these people with million pound homes knowing that their poor children won't have to struggle to get a council house, just because daddy had to pay nasty inheritance tax on his mansion.)

This is part of our plan to build a Britain where those who work hard and do the right thing get rewarded for their efforts. (Has it occurred to you that there are millions of people in Britain who work hard, REALLY hard, and don't have enough money to feed their kids never mind leave them a million pound house?)

And today, with more people in work, more people owning homes, more people running businesses, more people doing apprenticeships - we can see that we are getting there. (The view from the windows of Chipping Norton mansions must be very different from how it is everywhere else. How very lucky you are, Dave?)

So let's stick to the plan and see this through. (Well, yes, you have kids to leave all your homes to, so I suppose it's of interest to you and your cabinet of millionaires.)

Thank you. (You may well say that Dave. It is you who stands to benefit.)


  1. Well Peregrin, I've no idea what apprentices he's on about, not seen one in the building trade for at least 5 years.

    1. Well, you're obviously not looking in the hard working families up and down the country. That's where you'll find them, old chap.

  2. What a bunch of pretentious and patronising mince...... the letter not your blog!

    What is about political parties that they treat us all like 5 year olds?

    "Now then children. Today we are going to have a general election. That is when you get to choose who your class representative will be. However, don't expect to see them for a few years, as they will be very busy indeed......."

    That is exactly the tone of the letter above.

    1. LOL You are absolutely right.

      It so written down to me in my persona of Peregrin.

      If that was for real rather than me having set them up, I think I'd be really annoyed to be so patronised.

      Labour does the same thing. I used to get emails from them during the referendum asking for money adn they were pathetic too..

  3. For many decades,the sanctimonious Tories have been telling us that "The problem with Scotland is the culture of dependency".
    Having fought tooth and nail to preserve that system,we can safely say that the Tories are the problem and not the solution.
    Vote Tory,get dependency.

    1. That is a very good point.

      You are so dependent on us. Please stay; we love you. You're a set of dependent scroungers.

      The problem not the solution, as you say.

  4. Tris

    If people really can't see that the Tory plan continues to be the many paying for the few then we deserve all we get.


  5. Seems to be what some want though, Bruce.

    And not just the haves.

    I see that in England they are going to allow people to buy Housing Association homes, which is a way of bribing people with up to £100,000 discounts (they must be in London).

    Never mind that it reduces the stock of housing for those who have no chance of ever being able to own.

    We continue on the march towards Victorian Britain.

  6. i seem to know a lot of hard necked Tory people, I will say I only know them through the dog and he has no idea of their politics. Don't know how many I have gasped at their remarks about single mothers and holding onto THEIR money. I know one thing Tris I do not come from that background and I have so far black one person and I doubt I will be seeing much of the others.
    I do think that most people in Scotland are not like these, but given that they still sell the Daily Mail obviously there are a good few.