Saturday, 11 April 2015


I’m not fan of Ed Miliband.

I think he’ll be a poor prime minister, but I hope he is the next prime minister, because no matter how bad he could be, he’s unlikely to be more detached and third rate than Cameron.

I can see that why he announced today that he won’t work with the SNP. He may well think that some folk are terrified enough of a Cameron government to be scared by this into voting Labour once again even if they prefer the SNP's policies.

As it goes I doubt very much that he will be able to stick to that promise. It's a fact that he can’t stop the SNP voting down a Tory government, and supporting a Labour queen’s speech, which would effectively mean that he was in government due to Scottish/Welsh/Green support. 

He also has to take into consideration what his core vote in England, Wales and Scotland will think of him, and Labour, if he refuses some sort of deal with left of centre, progressive parties, and in doing so, allows the Tories back in for 5 years of incompetent mayhem.

As for saying that he won’t allow another referendum, well, that’s just silly.

Nicola has already said that it is not a priority for her; she also has the humility to agree that it is not up to her whether there will be another referendum or not and when it might be. 

Nor is it up to Ed Miliband, or David Cameron.

It’s up to Scots to decide.

However, that’s not what prompted this post.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t like Miliband, but sometimes you ahve to stand up for human decency.

Ed Miliband did not stab his brother in the back. He went into a leadership contest against David Miliband and several other people, including Ed Balls. He came out the winner. You don’t stab someone in the back when you go into a fair competition and win. I thought that was what English ‘fair play’ was all about.

And if he goes into some sort of agreement with the SNP and other progressive parties after the election he won’t be stabbing British in the back as Fallon suggested. 

We in Scotland and in Wales, and people who vote green, are part of Britain, and if we vote SNP/Plaid and Green we will still be part of Britain and deserve a voice in it.

That, Fallon, was the deal. Remember the vow; the deal you people made and then broke in the first 20 minutes.

And if you are THAT desperate to have nuclear weapons, then have them, but don't expect our kids to starve and our sick to die in poverty so that you can afford them and don't expect us to house them 20 miles away from the centre of Glasgow. You have them in your back yard and YOU pay for them.

The nonsense that we can only be safe if we have £100 billion of nukes, is laughable. If that's the case, every country needs them. So we should be allowing Iran to have them, and 

For the record Fallon is, according to his Wiki page, far from perfect.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Fallon, Deputy Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, claimed for mortgage repayments on his Westminster flat in their entirety. MPs are only allowed to claim for interest charges.

Between 2002 and 2004, Fallon regularly claimed £1,255 per month in capital repayments and interest, rather than the £700-£800 for the interest component alone.

After his error was noticed by staff at the Commons Fees Office in September 2004, he asked: "Why has no one brought this to my attention before?" (You might be entitled to expect that someone in his position should have known the rules and not left it to the very few staff in the office to check that he wasn't cheating. He signed them; he should have checked them.)

He repaid £2,200 of this over-claim, but was allowed to offset the remaining £6,100 against his allowance.

But it’s not the first time that Fallon has been in trouble:

From The Guardian, News in Brief, 5 July 1983:

"Mr Michael Fallon Tory MP for Darlington, was banned from driving for 18 months yesterday after admitting a drink driving offence during the general election campaign.

"Mr Fallon, aged 31, had more than twice the legal amount of alcohol in his breath when his car hit a lamppost near his home in Darlington in the early hours of May 16, the day after his birthday."

Drunk and expense fiddler. Nice man to be a Rt Hon...


  1. I would agree with you about Ed Miliband I may not care for him or his attitudes but he entered into a competition with his brother and brother lost and this was out in front of everyone. Labour have not actually voted for the right leader in my political lifetime, hey may even not in my lifetime, but then I was unaware for the first ten years of my life so I cannot say that. One thing I can say about the Tories and I cannot say much is that when they pick the wrong one they get shot of them quickly.
    Well I see Ed was really upset by us SNP types that he felt forced to reveal himself to the general populace yesterday ( he normally hides in halls with a closet few Labour supporters) out frightening the elderly again. Well Ed I am a pensioner, I can point to any amount on Wings and you are only talking to the terminally stupid or those who would vote for you anyway.
    As for the title holder, Fallon, I trust he has said his piece and toddle off to the safety of his county seat.
    Must add, heard on TV new yesterday that Ed Miliband was in foreign territory yesterday, to be gracious, yes it is to him but I thought we were still part of the good old YOO KAY, if not I think the Better Togetherers need to be told.

    1. By Fallon's standards anyone who enters any competition or contest must be carrying a big knife.

      What a bloody idiot he is.

      In my opinion there wasn't a good one up for the leadership. But I much prefer Ed Miliband to his Tory brother, who is a right wing and Murphy and Blair, and not a little stupid himself.

      Politicians do stab each other in the back sometimes. I suspect that Mrs Curran stabbed Ms Lamont in the back, and I understand that Douglas stabbed Wendy when she annoyed the clinking N9okia fist...

      The back stabbing in the Tory party is legend, and I'm sure it goes on in the Liberals, the SNP and Plaid. In Ukip they are too busy stabbing foreigners.

      You're right, the MPS and officials, MSPs and MEPs didn't vote for Ed, but the Unions did. You know, the ones that the Labour Party was supposed to be there for... the people who pay.

      He won fair and square under their system.

    2. "By Fallon's standards anyone who enters any competition or contest must be carrying a big knife.

      What a bloody idiot he is."

      I couldn't agree more Tris cause when I enter a competition or contest I do NOT carry a big knife ... I carry ... a BIG GUN! LOL

    3. "By Fallon's standards anyone who enters any competition or contest must be carrying a big knife.

      What a bloody idiot he is."

      I couldn't agree more Tris cause when I enter a competition or contest I do NOT carry a big knife ... I carry ... a BIG GUN! LOL

    4. Ouch... you're scary!

      I guess you win loads of stuff...?

  2. tris

    Amazing unless you agree and vote for Tory policys no matter what
    party or region ( snigger sly dig at snp/nats ) of the UK you come from.
    You are either a backstabber of a traitor scum it seems.

    every MP is elected to represent his//her constituents guided only
    by their individual conscience not by party or faction.
    that in a nutshell is our representative parliamentary democracy.

    And not wot the Torys prefer and impose on us which is
    Democracy under the rule of big business.

    They even put pics of woman who ed had dated
    in the papers how the feck can they get away
    with ed said he may be fair game but
    not his past female friends.

    Sometimes when you have people like that in power
    the arguments against Independence and a chance of
    clean slate politics...are pretty feeble


    err ! not waving but drowning

    1. Another horrible thing to do Niko.

      I think it's fair game to dig into people's pasts. They are making laws for the rest of us, so we should know what kind of people they are, what their morals are like, and whether they obey laws. That's why I have no compunction about reminding people that Fallon tried to fiddle his mortgage, and when he was a lot younger (although not a kid), he drank and drove., and he got caught.

      The fact that Ruth and Nicola and Willie took some cannabis when they were teenagers only makes them human. That Murphy apparently sniffed glue does too. When you're 18 you should do stuff like that to try it out..otherwise you have someone like William Hague who wore a shirt and tie and never did anything risqué, except join the Young Conservatives and worship the Rusty Lady. Then later had to make up stories about drinking 10 pints day to make himself look human.

      Mind I draw the line at the Bullingdon Boys and their restaurant wrecking. That doesn't show them to be human. It just shows that they are so rich that a wrecked restaurant owned by a little plebby person is nothing to them or their daddies, and displays arrogance and sense of superiority that should keep them from office forever.

      People's girlfriends, boyfriends and mates are off limits I think.

      This lady should sue!

    2. Trouble is Niko that with the Establishment we have which used to be calling for D notices at the drop of a hat and now lying like there was no tomorrow and I have to say proprietors who do their bidding there is not much in the way of proper journalism. We have sunk to the lowest common denominator newspapers those who put OK and Hello to shame and yes I agree with you. The Ladies plural, should sue.

    3. I really hope they do. I'd like to see the hapless muppet in court.

  3. I agree Tris, Ed didn't stab his brother in the back. If I remember rightly at the time of his *ahem* annointment it appeared that his brother was winning until the unions had their votes counted. I may be wrong here but it appears, from what I heard on the various news channels, that it was the union vote "wot won it fur Ed!"

    As far as that eejit Fallon is concerned I agree if he wants his beloved W.M.D.'s so much then why does he not take them and park them outside Westminster?

    Hell why not take the storage facility as well and stick it in his back garden as well?

    Ledt's face it they are pretty much useless being stuck where they are in a backwater like Scotland. I know this as fact because I have it from First hand reports.

    1. It's is almost unbelievable that someone of mr Donohoe's intellect could manage to tie his tie and his shoe laces on the same day, never mind hold down a £67,000 a year job for his constituents.

      As Angus points out... so expertly there.

      Quite apart for the yawning gap in logic that we should keep on spending billions on these things when the Russians are half way up the Clyde despite them... does he serious suggest we nuke them on the Clyde?

      He should go get a job testing beds.

    2. I hope you mean that he should stay asleep and not what these Tory Ministers are inclined to get up to.

    3. Oh lordy, it hardly stands thinking about. Wash your mouth out with something nasty!!!!

  4. I totally agree with the article. Whatever your views on Ed Milliband, there is no excuse for what Fallon has said. The Daily Mail is joining in as well, making out that somehow Ed Milliband may have been a womaniser. Well, that was before he was married and adults are free to do such things.

    What Fallon forgets that away from the cameras, politicians of ALL parties do work well together. They do have policy differences but a lot of the work in committees (Westminster and Holyrood) is carried out well.

    There are arguments for and against nuclear weapons, but you put forward your case in the proper manner. It's the same as any policy proposals or changes. The most annoying thing is when politicians make out that we - the electorate - thinks it is wonderful. Parties (and I include the SNP as well) should put forward whatever the proposal is, and argue their case. Let us make our minds up without assuming we all want to follow the party line.

    But to descend into truly gutter politics just makes it harder to get the point across. Personally I think Fallon should be booted from his position. Get someone in who shows a bit more gravitas.

    1. Well of course, Cameron has come out on his side.

      Which shows that standards at Eton are slipping disastrously.

      They might not have turned out clever students, but at least they used to have some sort of manners.

      I think perhaps we could all learn to be a little more conciliatory in our deliverances, but certainly paid politicians, statesmen even, because I guess that's what cabinet secretaries are, should mind their mouths.

      For heaven's sake if Miliband was chasing a few women when he was young, that makes him sound a bloody sight more healthy and normal to me than some of the depraved monsters we've been hearing about.