Tuesday, 21 April 2015


That's a bit over the top, isn't it?

Not to mention that it's probably illegal!


  1. His name could have been Simon Butchers.

    1. Oh well... I suppose the locals have something to be grateful for. :)

  2. Question is Will he? Some biggish posters to be found round my way for SNP candidates,none quite as large as that though. Strange that it is all SNP posters so far, no one red one have I seen or if you like blue or that strange yellow of the Lib Dems.

    1. Think most of them have given up!

  3. Many years ago in my area there was a communist by the name of Willie Dunn who stood for election. Has posters announced to all and sundry "Vote Communist and get Dunn in" He didn't win .

    1. LOL LOL Brilliant.

      What could go wrong....!

  4. Hopefully a lot of Tories, of all shades, will be toast; soon enough.

    1. Only one or two in Scotland...


  5. tris

    See they have rolled out John Major to save the Torys
    as a past Prime minister he has the gravitas and respect
    of the British people who will listen to his sage advice.

    Alternatively they may ask can you trust a man
    who repeatably and on many occasions cheated on his wife
    over four years......
    I mean someone who betrays his wife is probably not very
    trustworthy at all.

    in a press statement, Major said that he was "ashamed" by the affair and that his wife had forgiven him. In response, Currie said "he wasn't ashamed of it at the time and he wanted it to continue.

    1. They have brought him out to save Labour, Niko. The red tory branch of the Westminster Party is in trouble in Jockland, and it's all hands to the pumps.
      Those pesky Scots have entually figured out that their real enemy is the red Wedtminstet Party that was meant to keep them quiey. Shock horror!

    2. Feckin fat fingers on the phone!

    3. Never trust those Wedtminstet types, shady buggers.

    4. He also stabbed his great leader, Thatcher (spit), in the back and went on to lead the blue Tories to glorious defeat. Ushering in the nu red Tories, under Blair. So he truly is a shyster, charlatan and all round liability.
      I suspect the SNP membership has risen, since the grey faced, pea eating *cough* womaniser opened his gob.

      Ah spitting image, they had him sussed.

    5. I heard him this morning. There's something really not inconsiderably irritating about his precise voice. I don;t think he cares for us.

      He seemed to be outraged about the fact that Scotland might have some influence in teh way that Britain is run.. and he said it in all seriousness, not considering for a minute that for the last 5 years Britain has been run by a party which had 1 seat in Scotland, slightly influenced in one or two little things, by a party with 11 seats in Scotland, giving them 12 seats all in all. Approximately 20%. (That's seriously bumming up the Liberal situation, as really they have had very little influence and only over a few things.)

      I can remember 3 things about Major.

      1. He was responsible for the abominable privatization of the railways, which even his boss Mrs Thatcher didn't attempt. The railways in this country now cost more to the tax payer than they did under British Rail, They are certainly the worst in Western Europe, and they are at least twice the price, although no one really knows because even the most experienced staff haven't got a clue about how much tickets cost. I remember that Richard Wilson did a programme on railways here. He was given a quote for a ticket from Manchester to kyle of Lochalsh, which cost more than a fortnight's holiday in Honk Kong. That's a light hearted view. of course after the maintenance was put out to tender it pretty much stopped being done and many people lost their lives.

      2. Back to Basics. The thwack of cork on willow and spinsters cycling to church on a Sunday. A 1950s morality.

      3. The Egg Woman. of all the people to choose! Showing that morality was for someone else, and that he had appalling taste.

  6. My dinner almost ended up on my laptop seeing that picture!

    Think you are a bit unfair on John Major. I don't condone his affair with Currie (what WAS he thinking, there were better choices surely!), but politicians of all parties have had affairs. And let us not forget the SNP had their own nasty piece of work.

    I found Major better than Thatcher ever was. And he took defeat gracefully, unlike Broon. The Tories were doomed anyway, having been in power too long. Many years ago I met his son James, who is in private one of the nicest people you could meet (forget the tabloid stuff). And no I didn't vote for them! Major won't make any difference anyway, but at least when he speaks it is in a calm and controlled manner, unlike flipping Rifkind.

    Politicians always stab each other in the back, no matter what party they are in. There are one or two senior SNP figures who I am sure would dearly love to topple Nicola. But that's how politics works.

    Slightly off topic. Radio 4 were interviewing voters yesterday after the SNP manifesto launch. Very fair with more supporters of the SNP speaking than others. But one young woman had me in stitches referring Westminster to "Westminister".........maybe that is how Milliband pronounces the word..............

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    2. Well, he certainly wasn't as bad as Blair. I seem to remember he did have the UK involved in wars in the Balkans. Still you can;t really blame Brit PMs for wars. Foreign policy and wars are decided in Washington and there's not a lot they can do about it.... well maybe except grow a pair like Harold Wilson had when he refused to get involved in Vietnam.

      I find his voice rather irritating.He sounds like some really picky old RE teacher who is just waiting for someone to say "who" when he should have said "whom", and who will make you write out three chapters of "Homer" in Latin, if you mix up your prepositions.

      Anyway, I'd admit he wasn't as wicked as Blair, or as far up his own arse as Brown, whom I note they are also getting out of his box again... Vow version 3 coming up.

      Of course politicians in the senior ranks are hugely ambitious people and yeah, I guess backstabbing is in the nature of the beast. Actually in most jobs you find that. I've got a knife with my boss's name on it. And I'm a lovely bloke...as anyone will tell ya!

      Westminister... actually, I wish I had a pound for every time I've typed that and had to go back and change it.

  7. The SNP did indeed have "their own nasty piece of work" but, unlike the Tories, they booted him out as soon as possible. Major is still a member of the Tory party.

    Who are these "senior SNP figures", that are planning Nicola's down fall?

    Mr Rampant Imagination, Mrs Wishful Thinking or Miss They Must be Like Us?

    1. The SNP seem to be quite good at dealing with people who have transgressed, and I'd have to say that other parties of late seem to have been the same. Certainly they got rid of the wife beater, pretty sharpish.

      Labour disowned Straw when he admitted fiddling stuff with the EU for a client company, and they have suspended Mr Janner. Even the Tories suspended the appalling Rifkind.

      Liberals ... not so sure. Have they finally disowned that bloke accused of taking advantage of the sick constituent?

    2. Jim, Major didn't breach party discipline, and what he did was not illegal. I don't think it is fair to even try and compare the two.

      It's not imagination, wishful or Must be LIke Us. I never said there were any plans, nor do I want to see any. But let's say a reliable contact, and one who is a strong supporter of Nicola, with no personal animosity to others and certainly no chip on a shoulder. The difference with the SNP to other parties is strong discipline which keeps a lid on things.

      But don't try and convince me that the SNP is all sweetness and light within its ranks. I support the SNP but I don't follow them with blind acceptance.

    3. I think what annoyed me about that Currie affair was that he was banging on about morality. He had a drive to get everyone to be good and proper ...and all the time he was with that slapper.

      Of course what he did was not illegal (quite something in Westminster, it seems), hardly can be when Charlie Saxe Coburg was at it with his tart... I have no problems at all with people being unfaithful. It's their business, and who knows what the circumstances were.

      I just don't expect to get lectures from people like that about how I should behave.

      I'm sure you are right. The SNP is absolutely bound to have people who are up to it.

      Mind you, with the Secret Police and all the journalists in England looking into everything they do, I'm amazed that they haven't published something to help their mate Jim out. God knows he seems to need it.

    4. http://bellacaledonia.org.uk/2015/04/21/major-mayhem/

      I had completely forgotten that Major oversaw the humiliation of Black Wednesday, and Sterling having to come out of the EMU.

      Ended up with Lamont saying that when he went looking for him in a crisis as bad as Britain ever faced, he was hiding in a cupboard.

      Of course Lamont was probably a lying git too.

      But the article reminds us that Norman Tebbit is still alive... and that they even got the disgraced ex Tory, Rifkind, out to put Scotland down. Although who in their right minds would listen to that grubby old git?

    5. Anon, twas you that brought up party discipline, mentioning Major and the SNPs' "nasty piece of work, therefore making the comparison.
      I don't follow the SNP blindly, but then I don't make claims of insider knowledge or fake concern, either.