Thursday 23 April 2015

Friday's Fotos

Yep, that's a good question.
Oh look. That's so sweet. The colour co-ordinated his tie
and her straight jacket.
This is made from the waste on our plates over the last few weeks.
I hope you like truffles, foie gras and chocolate chip ice cream.
Just who is that going to help in the election then?
They are doping brisk business with balloons...
You can always trust the Sun to tell you the erm...truth...
Bless him, I bet he wishes he'd avoided pressing that   flesh.
Nigel wrote it when he was pissed. Only explanation.
Either that or they really are dim as 1/2w lightbulbs.
One can't help but assume that their policy is to bring down the costs
of sickness benefit by any measure available, including killing off the sick.
Oooops, Ed. How embarrassing.
Erm, let's see. Oh yeah. Richard Benyon?
Look like they are all bursting with enthusiasm.
You musta fired them up good there Jim.
How's that working out then?
Anything rather than vote on horrible left wing socialist policies...
eh Jim?

Keep him there Nicola. He can't cause too much more hardship
and misery when he's
wetting his pants standing on the kitchen chair.
I'm betting that's done your campaign a power of good, Alex, petal.
Certainly weren't heard by you, you heartless old bitch.
Tom, sweetie, has it ever occurred to you that there is a reason that the SNP are doing so well? Has it occurred to you that maybe your feet have been under that particular table for a bit too long?
There won't be any SNP ministers. Nicola and even your own boss David Cam... no sorry Ed, have ruled that out, as you say, so why mention it?
Oh yes, of course, in case any of the Tories reading it haven't heard and are driven to a panic by the thought of someone doing something for Scotland.
Silly me.
Someone once wrote of you that you were to the right of Mrs Thatcher so I'm sure you will have no difficulty appealing to the Tories in your constituency.
You'd probably not appeal to any socialists.


  1. The kippers were probably meaning nuclear energy.
    Mr Pavitt's a real charmer, not.
    Mr Harris, the Labour party go in to election after election, until they get the result they want.
    Spud's wee clique don't look too happy, I wonder why?

    1. Kippers... yeah, maybe that's what they meant. After all why would they worry about the half life!?

      Just want to take Mr Pavitt home to meet your family, dontcha?

      I think I might be able to guess why Spud's followers look rather less than happy. In fairness, this may have been his 7 am rally... adn who looks happy at 7 am (apart form the night shift worker coming home)?

      Why would you have a rally at 7 am?

  2. Enjoyed Hardeep mincing a right wing historian here:

    1. Making all the right points. This is a Brit election. We are voting for a Brit parliament. They wanted us to. If we had had our way it would have been the last one (and of course surely only a fool would have voted against the SNP in that case, regardless of politics, for the best settlement deal). So why is it such a problem for us to vote for what we actually want, instead of what Westminster wants.

      I thought Michael was interesting. He said that in the past... Tory or Labour, you pretty much knew what you were getting. I found that telling. He said that every so often with an SNP influence, you wouldn't be able to predict what would happen. But his party just did a far more formal deal with the Liberals and they called it stable government.

      It seems to me that what he was saying was you were OK as long as there was some configuration of the three English right wing parties.

      I also wonder if anyone in England is ever going to remember that Wales and NI exist. Or is it all about England?

  3. And here was me thinking that Tom Harris had been awefy quiet. Little did I know, and I am one of his constituents, that Tom had shared with you his thoughts.Perhaps if Tom came out strongly against ATOS or Trident or summat people might warm to him? Instead he tries for mind control.

    Sorry Tom, my postal vote is already away....

    1. Did you not get his letter, Douglas?

      (Obviously, I didn't. I found that on my twitter feed.) But I thought he had sent oit out to constituents. Maybe it was only Tories he wrote to?

      Jeez, these people are so scared fro their jobs.

    2. Oh Douglas you've missed yourself. I was stuck on bus at traffic lights at Shawlands Cross yesterday and there was the lesser-spotted Mr Harris at a Labour stand outside the Co-op. Helpfully he was standing in front of a poster with his name and picture on it so the consituents would know who the hell he was.

    3. LOL ... I hope you managed to shout something out of the window PP. Like, 'have you not joined UKIP yet?'

  4. tris,

    No, I didn't get that letter.

    Indeed, the silence around the Labour party in Glasgow South is a thing to behold. I thought that was his tactic, lay low and mibee no-one would notice him.

    If he actually stood for something, perhaps he would stand a chance. As he lays claim to nowt, he deserves nowt.

    Just my opinion.

    It is verging on ridiculous that his letter is entirely negative.

    1. Yep, I thought that the idea was "vote for me and I'll.... blah blah..."

      His tactic is "vote for me and... err, just vote for me to keep the SNP and all their socialist policies away from our great British Empire (beside's which, what who the hell else would never want to employ me?)"

  5. You'll be interested in this:

    1. Yep. I agree with it too.

      Even if the rich did invest it, normally it is offshore.

      If you give some money to poor people they go out and spend it. They have enough to eat, they buy new clothes, they buy a new suite, or bed or carpets...

      That creates wealth.

  6. If ever I had the opportunity to stand in front of one of the Unionist leaders I would ask; ‘what exactly is it you want us to do? What is it you want? You fought tooth and nail, and it wasn’t a particularly clean fight, to keep us locked into your union and now, now you have what you wanted, you don’t seem to want it anymore’. I really don’t know what they expect. Why all this bile projected toward us? Why the vitriol? They have exactly what they fought so hard to achieve, which is the Scottish people fully involved in the union. We are politically aware, politically motivated, politically educated and as part of this union, we have every right to elect MP’s of our own choosing to sit at Westminster and exert as much influence as possible over government policy. Isn’t that what every one from this union does? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Every one votes in the hope of having the person they voted for represent them at Westminster. Every one hopes their elected representative will fight to change and influence policy in ways that will benefit them. So really…………what is their problem? They have what they fought so hard to achieve, they should be happy.

    1. That's a really good point, Forgetmenot

      They won. They said they wanted us to stay, to be involved in our government from LONDON, the right place to be governed from.

      We said... great...we'll do it.


      Like spoilt children!