Sunday, 12 April 2015


I seriously thought better of you Charlie
I never thought better of YOU.
Try it in Scotland and see what happens to you.
Quite believable.
Ask I look cute? Will people go awww, when they see him feeding me?
Will it increase his vote chances? If the answer is no, you'd better head for the food bank.
At all costs this person must loose his job.
Gotta make a profit somehow...
He sure learned a lot.
Don;t you love it when a plan comes together?
Uriah Heap and Bob Cratchit next
Expansion of the Big Society?
We are all in it together remember
You should be applying for jobs while you're standing in that queue!
The local what?
You'd think they would know about that by now.
And this is the economy improved?
Hands up who'd like to see IDS doing this?
Two hands for doing it in the snow....

My thanks to Niko for pointing out this article. It paints a picture I know only too well of people hating every minute of their work, terrified of making a mistake or missing a target for fear of having money withheld. Victorian Britain right enough.


  1. Tris Are you tweeting about a like on the Faroes, with a photo?

    Maybe your account has been hijacked?

    1. No that was me, Panda. It was a fabulous lake at the top of a cliff.

  2. Well here I go again. Excellent Post and kudos for Niko bring this to the fore but having a husband who was forced into ill health through bad management I know all of this. I think the pressures for people in employment is even worse than it was for him and it was bad enough with constant pressure to perform perfectly and to do the impossible is even worse today. I think the growth industry of Foodbanks is a damned disgrace and Politicians should hang their heads in shame, everyone of the three big parties are as bad as each other with Balls mantra this morning about Hard Working Families, what about those that cannot work, those who are finished with work, go to the devil eh, ED.

    1. It happens to so many people now, Helena. Impossible targets made by managers who've never actually done the job.

      Note to politicians of all colours. We are sick to the bloody back teeth of hearing about "hard working families".

      And we're even more sick of them "up and down the country".

      Stop it. We would;t mind so much if you used the trite old phrases over and over again, but most of you don;t give a 2p damn for hard working families, of your bring in some laws that stopped them being paid less than the living wage.

      Now stop talking in sound bites invented by a think tank and start talking from the heart.

      If you can't, then shut the hell up.

  3. Tris

    Whatever happened to Charles Kennedy. He had so much promise to do good things then he was stabbed in the back when his party should have supported him, why he stayed is beyond me it really is. He has been a huge disappointment, esp during the referendum when he rolled out the same lies. A man who I believe did believe in federalism but will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Sad.


    1. I've got a problem with Charlie Kennedy. I used to think he was a great guy

      When he had his drinking problems as anyone can was just the time when we started to need a decent opposition party. The Red Tories, under son of Thatcher were in power and the Blue Tories were going through leaders faster than I change my socks, but in any case there was no difference between them.

      We needed an opposition party. We needed the Liberals, and where were they?

      He needed help, but everyone just tried to cover it up.

      To his credit he seemed to be anti the coalition and, although presumably, given his position in the party, he could have been a minister, he was not.

      But this sounds like he is trying to get money out of people to support his re-election ... on false pretences.

      I thought better of him.

  4. As usual Tris exellent post.

    In response to the bottom *ahem* drawing.

    I'm raising BOTH hands and BOTH feet ( only cause I don't have four arms ... yet! LOL )

    One arm is raised to see I.D.S. , the sleekit wee runt, on a park bench lying under a couple of old newspaers.

    The second arm is raised to see the sllekit one doing this in Winter with 12 inches of snow on the ground.

    The first foot is raised to see him doing all this 25 miles from the nearest foodbank to his *cough* new home.

    The second foot is raised to see him do this 100 miles from the job centre where he has to be in 6 hours time for a job interview and there is no public transport within 50 miles of his *ahem* new home!


    Glad I got that off my chest now I can return to normality, or at least what passes as normality for me at ahy roads. LOL

    1. LOL...

      Can I reasonably draw the conclusion from your wish list that you and Mr Duncan-Smith are likely to be at odds on some of his policies?

      Very funny though. Oh yes, I'd like that too!!!

  5. Sadly so true. No party can wave the magic wand and make the economic problems disappear. However the Tories seem to be lacking in common sense. For example, the "bedroom tax" is sound in principle, but a disaster in practice (that's the printable version). Before you apply the policy you ensure there are enough suitable properties to rehouse people, so that the homeless families can move in. What IDS has achieved is even more misery. He's a pompous idiot who, if a certain publication is right, allegedly lives rent free in a £2million home.

    As to Charles Kennedy, he should go quietly. He is one of the very few Lib Dems I have any respect for, but he is a shadow of his former self.

    1. Exactly.

      In the end people had no where to go. Over the years the number of people living alone as grown hugely, but because they haven't been building the housing hasn't caught up with the demographics. But to Tories rented public sector housing is as much of a mystery as Quantum Physics is to me.

      Agree about Kennedy. I expected more from him.