Tuesday, 7 April 2015


“[Alistair] Carmichael confirmed the memo was written at the Scotland Office.

” … Mr Carmichael replied: ‘No. Look, this is the middle of an election campaign; these things happen’.”

Oh well, that’s alright then. I suppose unsubstantiated smears from
apparently reputable sources are simply to be expected during elections when people most need accurate information in order to make serious choices. That’s just democracy, is it?

Should a man in a position of responsibility take such a casual view of a breach of confidentiality in his own office? A breach of confidentiality, moreover, which draws foreign allies into our domestic election and which might bring those allies – or their diplomats – into disrepute, and which certainly indicates to the world that UK government offices cannot be trusted to maintain diplomatic confidentiality? But, you know, “these things happen”.

No. They don’t “happen”, Alistair. Somebody makes them happen. Somebody makes a conscious choice to take action. This was not a passive event or an Act of God. And you are ultimately responsible for what happens in your own office, in your own sphere of authority. That you don’t accept your responsibility suggests that you were never competent to hold that position.

I absolutely give up on this man, his cynicism and his complete refusal to take responsibility for the things that he himself (let alone his party) have done over the last five years.

When I wrote to him on an unrelated matter a couple of years ago, rather than addressing the issue I raised, he replied that if the Lib Dems were in government things would be different.

Newsflash, Alistair: the Lib Dems are in government. You’re the Scottish Secretary, for Pete’s sake! Just how stupid do you think I am? How stupid do you think your constituents are?

I voted for Alistair Carmichael at the last General Election, and I sincerely regret it. If my only options this time were to vote for him or eat my polling card, I’d reach for the marmalade.
His track record in this parliament has clearly demonstrated that he does not have the interests of his constituents at heart. (Voting to privatise the Royal Mail? Really, Alistair?  On what planet could this be construed as representing your constituents?).

This time, I hope we vote him out by a landslide. Whatever his performance before this coalition government, it has become abundantly clear that the man now has only his own interests at heart – anything to secure his personal advancement. As for his constituents, we’re merely a vehicle for him.

Well, he can step off my back and find himself another lift. I’m not carrying him a millimetre further.

Judith Dumont
Setters Hill Estate,


  1. Well said Judith all of the LibDems have been suckered into the establishment and no longer speak for the voters but the City of London, just another Tory party. Real democracy is scaring the sh*t out of them.

  2. Nick Clegg has a lot to answer for.

  3. With regards to the Secretary of State for Portsmouth Tris I'd like to put up a letter I read recently in a certain newspaper. ;-)

    " I have in my possession a memo of a meeting between Alistair Carmichael and the Australian ambassador in which Carmichael admits to being the love child of Benny Hill and Dame Edna Everage. The Daily Torygraph are thinking of publishing it. If they do, will Alistair Carmichael consider that 'just soemthing that happens during election'? "

    Many thanks to James Mills for sending in this letter to a well known newspaper. LOL

  4. What gets on my goat is their casual disdain for our democracy, both Bruce and especially Carmichael.

  5. What are the odds Carmichael did it himself?

  6. Read this yesterday and applaud the lady writing this. Too many of our representatives forget as soon as they reach the heady reaches of Westminster what they are there for. Many are actually not fit for the job and by attaching a label think that is all they need to do.
    I have disliked the Liberal Party and now the Lib Dems, seems to me that anyone with Democrat attached are like those countries like the Peoples Socialist Republic of China where the people are the last to get Socialism and should actually read Dictatorship of the People. Same with Democracy.

  7. Never mind the Fat Fool, after that debacle last night who with half a brain cell between their ears could possibly even think about voting lib dem as represented by Rennie. Even just as a professional waffler he is total utter rubbish.

    Any sane, unbiased audience with normally functioning brains would have just laughed him off the set.