Monday, 6 April 2015

The Lovely Lovely Labour Party

The strain of making a bit of an arse of it is showing
They are slow on the uptake.
They still say that the biggest party forms the government.
I find it quite insulting.
Friends in the ridiculous Tory press?
As Kez's dad said. Find out facts before you speak.
It saves a lot of time deleting tweets.
Now the Labour Party is actively campaigning for the Tories?
That's gonna go down well with "Glasgow man"
Strange. I thought they were public servants our disposal.
Silly me. 
Nice Poster! Remember when Labour folk sported them
and could be found at Ban the Bomb meetings?
Ah, now they vote for £100 billion of new bombs.
Yes, but she's got form on telling lies. You know she's doing it because
her ;lips are moving. No one believes a word she says.
Ignore her.
He used to be an ex-politician when he was only earning £66,000 from that job.
Well as his mate Rifkind said, you couldn't be expected to live on that!
Now he's an ex-ex politician millionaire who makes promises he can't keep,
and is duped into making them by a man as stupid as Cameron.
Yes, if only you Labour MPs hadn't defied the party
and lost Labour support in Scotland.
A man of principle... or something.
Don't you wish we were a bit more like Belgium?
Not having nukes they can afford a health service and pensions,
oh and conventional forces that can protect them when
Russian subs are in their waters.
Havering old Nokia thrower.
Aye Jim. Before the Barclay Nutter Weirdo Evil Twins took it over
I used to like it for Foreign Affairs reportage and the superb crossword.
Now it's a bulky version of the Daily Star.
I'm waiting for a page three girl. Bound to happen.

Late addition....

Boss?  Sorry... I thought  there was Nicola, Stewart, John, the Cabinet
the ministers, the MSPs, MEPs and MSPs, the councillors and members.

I'd not heard of him until tonight, but apparently he's a boss. So I stand corrected. Somewhere in that hierarchy above he fits the top end.

Secondly, I understand he put himself forward as a candidate for the election and was rejected (strangely for a boss). I wonder if that has anything to do with this huff?

Thirdly, you should read what he thought of Labour a very short time ago, and how much he dislikes Mr Murphy. (See below.)

I wonder how quickly he'll be a boss in the Labour party. (Mind, the way they go through leaders....)

I know a lot of SNP people and I cannot seriously think of one that wants a Tory government. I don't say there aren't any. SNP members have come from all  political backgrounds, but I've yet to meet one that has a good word to say about Conservative policies.

As you can see, this one doesn't have much good to say about Labour policies either or the right-wing Labour leader. This is taken from his hastily-deleted Facebook page.

Fresh Start of Jim Murphy MP and Scottish Societal attitude after Referendum

After Referendum Scottish polity has changed for good. It has brought together many layers of politics from the Scottish Labour to the Green and liberal working for Yes movement with great enthusiasm and Vigour to achieve goal of Independence. Nobody would ever dream of imagining that Scottish Labour’s overwhelming voters, supporters would support for Independence. They are now determined to continue to support Nationalists for more powers for the Scottish Government.

This is first time happened that the Scottish Labour voters now turning to the SNP with faith that nationalists can and will deliver social justice. They also believe that the SNP government will address issue of inequalities and take ample measures to eradicate poverty. These phenomena are prevalent. We must have home rule with powers to deal these issues. The Labour Party from the London hoped that surge for Yes campaign will die down after Referendum and Scottish people will come home to the labour party?

They were so naive to think that the yes movement will die its death after Referendum. After Referendum the Opinion polls show major surge of support for Yes movement and the SNP. They were still hoping that next opinion poll will show dwindling support for the SNP. That never happened and lost space by the Labour Party in this process will never be regained for long time to come.
After resignation of the Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, the Labour bosses fielded Mr Jim Murphy PM classed as a front runner for leadership contender to recover its lost grounds in Scotland. This was ill-thought strategy. Mr. Murphy a Blairite who supported illegal War in Iraq, he is against free tuition fee and free prescription charges. He is also in favour of council tax rises and supports Labour councils those advocated for such rises especially the Glasgow City Council run by the Scottish Labour party. 

This is the face of new leader of the Scottish Labour Party Mr. Jim Murphy who wants fresh start with lots of unwanted old baggage. They think that the Scottish people have short memory and they will not remember his politics and his right wing agenda?

There is no place for the Conservative Party in Scotland and those who were sleeping with them for last two years in NO campaign will face the anger of the Scottish People. The New slogan of the Scottish Labour Party run and dictated by the London bosses saying that Vote for the SNP will bring Cameron’s Conservative party in power in next May Westminster’s election. This is absurd argument and it is contemptuous to the Scottish People who have never voted for conservative party since Thatcher‘s government. Even those who voted for NO campaign, they also wanted more powers to Holyrood Parliament. They have been misled by Unionist Parties and that is why they now support the SNP and Yes movement.

Bearing in mind the Federal Governments such as the United States of America has more delegated taxation and legislative powers than proposed by the Smith Commission’s proposals. Even Germany has given more powers to the regional Governments compare to what has been suggested for the Scottish Government. 

The London based parties are thinking that by giving little powers to the Scottish Parliament will solve the problem and independence movement will lose its urge for independence. That will not happen and London base parties must realise that any functioning democracies people aspirations must be recognised and acknowledged with respect. There is famous quote from Mikhail Gorbachev;
No country had any right to impose its model on any other. “Every Nation is a great Nation and capable of choosing. Let us not impose another model on them”. Let every nation chose its path towards its destiny.
Muhammad Shoaib
Organiser of Scots Asians for Independence


  1. i think Jims new job didn't leave him enough time to continue with the hair dyeing Never knew anyone who turned grey as quickly as he did, in fact when I first noticed I thought it was my eyesight or the way the light was hitting him Like his policies it was an overnight conversion

  2. Murphy is absolutely entitled to do what he wants with his hair. I only mention it because I wondered what people would say if a female politician went grey overnight.

    I am intrigued though, as to why he stopped. If it was to give him gravitas, it failed. I suspect he would need a lot more than grey hair to achieve that!

  3. There is something inherently "wrong" with the Labour Party in Wales too. They are ideologically redundant since the removal of Clause 4 and yet attack their rivals as if they were class warriors willing to justifiably use any methods to achieve their societal/political aims. This includes downright, serial lying. Who now joins the Labour Party for reasons other than personal gain? It is simply a career choice. I grew up in a household of Labour activists. My parents and sister joined the Party out of a deep rooted belief that Britain should be run on socialist principles. Those days are long gone. Labour is now a negative force in the lives of working class people in Wales; it benefits from their want, their ongoing disadvantage and chronic need. Its representatives are blatantly hypocritical, voting for one thing at Westminster and yet campaigning for quite the opposite in the presence of their constituents(Post Office and schools closures for eg). Take Chris Bryant for example. How on earth is this man representing the Rhondda as a Westminster MP? He is a former Conservative activist; he has no links with the constituency and he publically advertised himself as being available for random, casual sexual encounters. He has also been caught dubiously making vast sums of money from his Westminster expenses.Their policies on a UK scale bear no resemblance to even a generation ago; renewal of Trident, privatization, paying for education etc etc. In Wales, despite the Assembly having significant powers, the Labour Government have simply sat on their hands and blamed London. This Party needs to be confronted at each and every juncture. They simply do not have a leg to stand on. Plaid should, with some ease, be wiping the floor with them. I, personally, now intend to become active for Plaid. In any open debate we simply cannot lose against a Labour Party which is now not only redundant but downright bad.
    Elwyn Jenkins

    1. Interesting post Elwyn.

      I've lost count of the people who have said that they didn't leave Labour; Labour left them.

      I was speaking to a neighbour today. A man in his 60s, a Labour supporter all his life. He said to me he would never change. I asked him about what he thought about Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy and Ed Miliband. He had not one good word to say about any of them. I wonder if one day he will see how they have let people like him down and taken them from granted.

      I'm always surprised that Plaid doesn't do much better in Wales. As you say, the people that labour put up are totally unrepresentative of the people they are supposed to represent, and yet a proper socialist party like plaid ends up with few seats at Westminster.

      Here's hoping for a much better result this time round.

    2. I think, taking my experience in Wales circa early seventies to go by, so not current you could say that the nearer you get to the Borders, kind of like us, the more likely you are to think and vote UK. My cousin's Welsh Grandparents both were Welsh Speakers and were much more Welsh than their children and grandchildren. I was a bit of a strange one with my Nationalist views in South Wales in those days. It seems that Plaid has ways to go to catch up with here. They did not have the Welsh backing to fight for a Parliament and got an assembly instead.

  4. "Labour is now a negative force in the lives of working class people in Wales; it benefits from their want, their ongoing disadvantage and chronic need."
    I have always thought along these lines, Labour have a vested interest in keeping the poor, poor and undereducated, they have long since abandoned any attachments to the working class people of all parts of Britain.

    1. Agreed ...although I'd say that there are some of their MPs and MSPs who retain their commitment to the poor, and their fundamental decency upon which the Labour movement was originally based.

      It's the public schoolboy, Oxford educated leadership that has let the movement down.

  5. Scare and smear, seems a funny way to get elected. Used to be they promised you the earth and then they forgot what they said, now they tell you what your opponents are doing and that by mind reading.
    I reckon he is a disgruntled wee man who lost out on what he saw as his position. I despair of some who get into politics, their egos are bigger than their abilities.

    1. Not much point in them bragging about what they are going to do Helena.

      In the words of Ed Balls... There's nothing in George Osborne's budget I would change...

      That's quite a sales pitch to Glasgow man. Although I can see how it would calm the nerves of the stockbrokers of Surrey.

  6. Jim one of your posts has gone missing...

    Content of which was this!

    Excellent article. Record appears not to have done any research... what does that remind me of?

    Record, economical with the truth, again.

    1. Unfortunately Mr Shoaib has declared on his facebook page that he will vote for Labour GE2015, have to say I thought that was against the rules, but then I am just an ordinary member. I think he has maybe made a mistake with his use of English, we all do it.

    2. So has another one, stating Mr Shoaib was once a member of the Labour party and Yes activist.

    3. I'm sorry Jim: Can't find that one.

      Yeah, I thought that you weren't really allowed to vote against your party if you were a member; no matter which party.

      Not sure though Helena.

  7. Tris

    There really is not that much any of us can say about Labour anymore in any part of the country. When you read reports of Labour activists campaigning for the Conservatives in Perth as part of their Better Together Tactical Voting thing you know that Labour have truly died and might as well just merge with the Tories. Murphy is a dead man walking, he thought he was Gordon Brown riding in to save the day, and when he gets hammered he will do the good traditional Labour thing, if he remains an MP, and that will be to milk the system for as much as he can for as long as he can at our exspense because his career is well and truly over. It really is amazing but Murphy makes Lamont look like Ghandi he is so poor, Dugdale also, but hey lets hope the red tories keep them.

    McGovern going in Dundee West is again too little too late. I had a few dealings with him and found him to be a difficult man and pretty much hopeless if you did not agree with his opinion. Dundee West will be better off without him, Chris Law has it to lose now in my opinion as I just can't see Marra doing anything. Chris will have to work hard though and do better than the non existent two SNP councillors in my area. I have seen neither of them since they were elected, both still live outwith the area in the Ferry, and both will not be getting my vote in future if they don't up their game big time. So Chris will need to work very hard to get the trust of the local people but I wish him all the best and I hope that complacency does not creep into the SNP but I suspect in some people it already has.

    The story of the defection might not be all that it seems, not that I am that bothered to be honest, but it looks like the record might just be doing a telegraph which just demonstrates that the unionist media, like the red and blue tories, are working together to suppress democracy in Scotland in any way they can. What a horrible and disgusting country sadly represented by horrible and disgusting people in certain quarters.


    1. I was talking to a fellow SNP member at work and we both agree the ponytail must go. A minor detail to most folk, but some older folk might not like their MP to have a ponytail.

    2. Juteman

      I'm not sure that the ponytail is an issue to be honest but he will need to work very hard. For all McGoverns faults, of which there were many, he did press the flesh when he had to. I also do think the non-existance of the local SNP councillors is not good. Everyone in my we bit voted for the SNP in the last council elections but are seriously considering their vote again due to the fact that they hear from the Lib Dems but nothing from the councillor they voted for and that is not a good thing. I may ba an SNP member but my local vote will change if I suspect for n eminute that my vote is being taken for granted, I also think that you shuld live the constituency you represent and Chris does that so that will help. I wish him all the best, and I hope that the SNP can deliver given the raised expectations now.


    3. First of all it's good McGovern has gone, although if health problems is the reason, then clearly that's not good for him.

      Dundee West has been poorly served for a long time by its MPs. Again it's been health problems that were cited as the reasons, as the last bloke seemed always to be ill. Again that is very sad, but I have to say that if sickness means you can;t do the job, you should do what McGovern did and stand down.

      You should name and shame your councillors, Bruce, if they are not doing their jobs. Despite the meltdown of the Liberals, they held on to a seat in Dundee because McPherson is a damned good councillor.

      Let's kick useless councillors in the backside if they are getting their money for nothing...and let that be a lesson to them.

      I see Jutie's point about the ponytail. It's nothing to me. Indeed I watched some programme on the iPlayer about Westminster and some Labour member was told her hair wasn't parliamentary. I was outraged. What the hell does your hair have to do with it, I though.

      But I accept that some old people may still be of the opinion that men should have a short back and sides and women a perm.

      It would, I suppose, be a shame to lose a seat over a hairstyle!

      I met Chris during the indy campaign and he's a bang on bloke. He'll make a fantastic MP. Dundee West won't know what's hit it.

      Don;t know anything about Marra. I suspect he's related to Ms Marra?

  8. Ha ha.. just saw this quote from someone in Dundee west Labour:

    “I can see many Tories and possibly Lib Dems who never in a million years would’ve voted for Jim McGovern but they might think now we’ve got a decent chap who might be an MP, and we will vote tactically to get rid of this nationalist who drives about in a fire engine and has a goatee.” ...

    Soooo, they are depending on the Tories and a few Liberals. And they think he's a "decent chap".

    "I say Carruthers, a "decent chap" what what!"

    "And you know, the Nationalist fellow has a goatie"

    "A goatie, you say. Oh dear no, that will never do. Hardly our kind of chappy is he?"

    "No no, we'll go for this Marra fellow, decent sort. One of us, doncha know, what"

    "Let's get him in the Daily Mail."

    "What's that you say about Tony Blair liking Jim Murphy? Jolly good show. We'll maybe get another war out of the chap. Damned good for business, what?"