Monday, 21 July 2014


I was just asking the other day what on earth had happened to the Tory nonentity that is the Secretary for Scotland.

Since being pulverised on live television by Nicola Sturgeon, and then losing a debate in his own constituency on the referendum, the BIG BEAST we were promised would make Alex Salmond turn homeward tae think again seemed to have disappeared. 

Probably catching up on moving the furniture round in Dover House, I suspected as that is more or less what his job consists of.

But no. Big Alistair, the prime minister's man in Scotland has been out there warning Alex Salmond not to use the Commonwealth Games to big up Scotland. 

But, you have to ask yourself, why on earth does anyone have these kind of events if not to sell their own country. 

Why, did not Mr Carmichael's own government, at the time of their Olympics, which we helped to pay for, wave its union flag all over the place extolling the virtues of Britain and all it had to offer (billionaire) businessmen and bankers? Were London's docks not filled with the most expensive ocean going yachts as oligarch after sheik parked up to be VIP'd down the  "rich people only" lanes to the stadia, served champagne and given access to ministers?

And as the illustration (click to enlarge) shows, did not Mr Carmichael's boss lecture us Scots from the Olympic park, not that long ago, urging that the Olympic spirit of the Coca Cola/McDonald Games should keep us all together as one happy family, and keep the income flowing into London from our oil fields so that the bankers could play with it for their own advantage?

Really, why are we governed by such a set of clods, that imagine us to be stupid enough not to be able to remember as far back as last February? Best thing you can do Alistair, ya muppet, is keep a low profile till it's all over.
In other news, the Middle East Peace Envoy, having done such a splendid job of keeping the peace in the Middle East, decided that, job done, he could give us his opinion on Scottish independence. He believes that we will reject the right to self determination, and say NO he told the press.

But then, he also believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, didn't he? No, that's not fair. On reflection, he didn't believe that at all. Mr Bush told him to say it, so he said it.

Still it's great news for us. No one much likes money grubbing war criminals. That should bag us a good few thousand more YES votes.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh deary deary deary tut! "The BBC is committed to ensuring balance in all aspects of the Referendum debate programmes..." What a set of lying cheating BBCs they are.
An attempt to commit Labour to abandoning coalition spending plans for 2015-16 was heavily defeated on Sunday at the end of a policy conference described as a "radical rethink" of what the party stands for.
So, no end to this... And you are still in the Labour Party?

Balls, the shadow chancellor, said the vote showed there was widespread support in the party for a manifesto based on "big reform, not big spending" and that members endorsed the tough fiscal position adopted by the leadership.

So, there you have it folks. Even if you get a Labour government next time round, you will get Tory policies. Don't be poor or sick or old or unemployed now, will you?


  1. There is no way the BBC can be sanctioned for that. The E C has no powers and the BBC is only responsible to the BBC Trust.

    Oh, I forgot, it is responsible to the electorate, if we stop paying their TV tax. Just watch catch up, until they put that on pay per view, after the Yes vote.

    1. Pay to view will suit me, as I'd not watch them if you paid me.

      But I was in Eire last weekend and of course the BBC, Channel Four, etc were available on the tv set in my room along with RTE channels and Sky.

      I seem to recall the BBC being an option (that I never chose) in my rented apartment in Grenoble.

      (Not that French TV is any good either... Michel Drucker!! argh!)

  2. Labour are the new conservatives, they have proven that throughout the bitter together campaign, the only way for labour in Scotland to survive is to vote yes and then change their leadership.
    That way they might stand a chance at the next Scottish election.

    1. If they stop pandering to the warmongering for the rich and austerity for the poor agenda that is set in London they might stand a chance in Scotland. It goes without saying that no one remotely sane would ever vote for Lamont or Sarwar to be running the country.

      But with some reasonable leadership and a return to reasonably social democratic principles, they would be acceptable again in Scotland.

      I doubt if they will win next election in the UK. They have virtually Tory policies. Why would you vote for the imitation when you can have the real thing?

  3. It should not be forgotten that it was common knowledge in the Westminster bars that the dossier was based on false information and yet the sycophants, including Darling, Brown, Murphy, Reid etc etc with a few honourable exceptions, all voted for the invasion.

  4. The Secretary of state for anywhere but Scotland should keep his mouth shut, along with Cameron,neither contributed a single penny towards the Glasgow Commonwealth games,it was the Scottish government and Glasgow city council who footed the bill, yet we paid an absolute fortune towards the London Olympics, and I don't recall either Scotland Wales or NI playing a big role in the opening ceremony.

    As for Tony Blair, he still has the look of a man who thinks he's innocent, as sure sign he's a sociopath, and for him to be made Middle East ambassador, proves they're plenty more here he came from.

    As for that Lubyanka, aka the BBC, whats left to be said about the biased lying unionist propaganda machine.