Saturday 28 September 2013


Too busy, too posh, too thick? Nah, just too hated
Send Flipper instead.
Never mind the fact that we have a Secretary of State
who is supposed to be Scotland's man in the Cabinet.
Get the bloke who is an opposition backbencher in to do it.
That way when if all goes belly up, it's not our fault.
Chicken Dave: What was it he said, something about doing
everything that was in his power to keep 
Scotland in the union?
Did he mention any exceptions?
Absolutely, you don't. Not a bloody word you big posh girls' blouse.

Yellow Dave. Apparently Tories are to get free transport in Manchester this week.
Welfare state for rich Tories
Have you caught it yet?
Brilliant wee lad at the rally
The Ugly Face of Westminster
The Uglier Face of Westminster
Bloody Hell. Apologies in advance to John Brownlie
Free Transport for Brown too
This one is for Deano
Welfare state when it's not about Tories getting free transport

And then, just for a laugh:

No wifi here, speak to each other! (For the Urchin)
Such an important part of the democracy...yeah right
There had to be one attractive image in the photos
And last, and absolutely least, here's Mr Pointless.
(Even if it should be North British Governors General)


  1. Full transcript | David Cameron | Speech on Scottish independence | Edinburgh | 16 February 2012

    If anything's worth fighting for that surely is; which is why I'm ready for the fight for our country's life.

    The missing bit there is:

    But only if the US and France help.

    1. ...and give their permission!

  2. I'm just thinking here Tris but perhaps Cameron refused to debate with Alex Salmond because there is a killer virus spreading about Scotland. I know cause I've got it. Unfortunately my Dr tells me there is no cure for this virus, well at least until the next Independent country joins the UN, oh that'll be Scotland then!

    1. Ha ha, he's' frit' he gets the 'smit',

  3. Merci Tris et on a 30C dans le Gers depuis quelques jours.

    1. Ah bon?

      Nous étions hier encore à Edimbourg, en aidant mon frère déménager. Nous n'avions que 20C ... mais, c’est pas mal pour la fin septembre, et beaucoup mieux le la semaine dernière de la manifestation.

    2. Have we got independence and become foreigners already?

    3. :)

      The Snotty Urchin and I share a few words from time to time in French. He's lucky enough to live in the warmth of the South of France... 30 C, I ask you. Is it fair?

      I wonder if we could tow an independent Scotland down to the Mediterranean?

    4. Oh, please! Some of us like it like this.

    5. OK OK> I was only joking.

      I hate the cold and the dark and the wet, but, hey, I'll put up with it for you guys.

      I guess i can always have my holidays someplace warm :)