Saturday 7 September 2013

So...which one is it?

Ed Miliband was asked on Wednesday if Labour would repeal the Bedroom Tax (which, we should remember, even if they don't, that they introduced for tenants of privately rented housing, in the days of Gordon Brown.

He managed to avoid giving a reply

Now, you'd think that if he intended to repeal the law, he would have shouted about it from the rooftops. This is David Cameron's Poll Tax. It is hated. In the end it will probably have to go. It's a real no brainer to oppose it bitterly.

Miliband could win himself a few Brownie points by saying so now. (He doesn't actually have to do it. I mean, think about all the things they promised last, repeal of trades union laws... And like any government, once it's got its feet under the table it can always find a reason... "Events, dear boy, events".)

Even Anas Sarwar saw the benefit of saying that it should be repealed, and crikey, he's hardly the sharpest knife in their drawer...well, in any drawer really. 

In a debate on welfare with the Deputy First Minister, he said that it was a terrible tax (agreed) and that they would not have introduced it (erm, sorry... as I said, you did, matey) and that they would repeal it whenever they got into government in Westminster.

So, like I said. Which one is it?

Anyone from Labour tell us? And no, THIS is not enough.

As the Stuart Campbell points out: Especially alert readers may have noticed the absence of the words “We will abolish the bedroom tax if elected in 2015″, despite the letter containing 450 words of platitudinous waffle about how awful it is.


  1. I now use archive on all of the MSM links tris as I will not add to their revenue stream anymore.
    He managed to avoid giving a reply.

    No doubt radio Scotland have been hounding Anas every hour for days just to show the impartiality that they have!

    1. Altered so that the archived version comes up CH.


      I'll have to work out how that works... and use it.

  2. That was some hour of TV. I'd heard about Anas but seeing was believing. He was fine with his memorised/autocue speech - very televisual but after that, my God.

    Shouting pish doesn't make it any less pish. Asking for answers then talking over any attempt to answer makes you look like a bully. And insulting someone by referring to their age deserves a good kicking. Nicola had Hobson's choice - try to defend herself and descend into a stairheid rammy or let him dominate and look weak.

    And FFS the referendum is about Scotland's constitional future, not a SNP/Labour policy fight. And Anas, even if you had the authority to make Labour policy and you don't, Labour aren't going to be in government tomorrow so it's immaterial whether you'd abolish it tomorrow or not.

  3. Pathetic PP.

    I have no idea why they chose Sarwar...except the alternatives were, I suppose, even less appealing.

    1. "Pathetic PP."

      Err I thought I was nae bad actually. Hopefully you mean Anas!

    2. Ha ha ha ha... Never occurred to me you cold misunderstand it. :)

    3. or even COULD