Sunday 29 September 2013


A RUSSIAN businessman,Alexander Temerko, donated £90,000 for a ­sculpture of David Cameron – months after his energy firm received £4.5million from taxpayers. What a coincidence!
Dear Mr Cameron,

In all this time of writing to you I have been at great pains to resist comparisons (with rare exceptions) between what you are doing and the atrocities of Nazi Germany even though the similarities are obvious, not least in your use of twisted lies and propaganda. However, the sign over the Tory conference in Manchester goes too far and fills me with anger and revulsion.

I cannot believe that the words 'FOR HARDWORKING PEOPLE' are either accidental or poorly considered. Far too much planning and far too many people are involved in the preparation for the conference to allow for any error in the message you have chosen to display. Your use of it is not new, Eric Pickles has promised new homes for 'hard working people', and the meaning is clear, the rest can go hang themselves, as so many have already.

The build up to this moment has been apparent from day-one in your war on the poor, people must be driven and coerced into work and all the systems you have put in place have that one aim in mind. There is only room in Britain for strivers and if people do not strive enough, well, that's what sanctions are for, regardless of sickness, disability or family responsibilities or anything else. You have systematically stripped away rights, protections and legal aid and imposed ever harsher measures to force people into work, including and especially, without pay, driving ordinary people to the bottom.

Over the gates of Auschwitz and other concentration camps there was a sign, - ARBEIT MACHT FREI - and millions died for that obscene, twisted, barbaric lie. It represents the mind of the tyrant and the slave master, the fascist and the Tories, and the number of our dead is rising daily.

Work no more sets us free than food or shelter does and, of course, that old expression 'hard work never killed anybody' is complete bullshit, history, as the present, is littered with the hard working, exploited, dead. In speaking to Red magazine, which I wrote about yesterday, you said, 'I believe that men and women should be treated equally'. No you do not and you certainly don't believe that all people should be treated equally! You are the party of despicable prejudice and the oppression of those you consider beneath you.

Joseph Goebbels said, 'If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.' That is exactly where we are under the repression and oppression of you and your party in Britain today.


  1. To be honest that letter will end up in the same bin as Alex Salmond's rather brilliant reply to Lord Snotty's refusal to debate him.

    Yes really has to win the referendum - the thought of living in the kind of society MiliCamClegg want for the 99% is horrifying

    1. Of course it will PP. The guy says on his website that he has written a letter ever day to Cameron and has had only 5 replies from peons, which actually said nothing much about anything.

      I can't imagine what life would be like for us if we said no. Much worse than today, I'd guess.

  2. I see Stu has an article on Alex's latest letter to "Call me Dave" Tris.

    Just in case "Call me Dave" doesn't get the letter due to the imminent postal strike in reaction to the privatisation of the Royal Mail I tweeted "Call me Dave" a link to Stu's page directly. Tee Hee Hee!

    1. LOL Well done, Arbroath... LOL. Sure to see it now ...

      Between bottles of champagne and the oysters...

  3. Must be the season for letter writing to the most fascist government ever in the history of Westminster, lets make it history for Scots vote YES in 2014.

    1. We'd better. Or heaven help us.

      Bit by bit they will manage to demonise everyone who isn't a banker.

      Lazy good for nothing doctors, dentists, bus drivers, etc...

      Wonderful wealth creating (for themselves) bankers....

  4. Under the first phase of the Help to Buy scheme, launched in April, the government will give homebuyers in England equity loans of up to 20% of the price of a new property worth up to £600,000.

    So just how many "affordable houses" for " hard working families" is Cameron aiming to create?

    Or is this yet another scam to help the already well off at taxpayers expense?

    1. Hi M.

      The idea is not to help the poor. It's to help the rich. I believe it can be used for second houses, etc, etc.

      Last time they made such a mess of the world, it took 80 odd years before they were stupid enough to do it again. It will be less than 8 years this time.


  5. When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.

    Chief Seattle, Duwamish (1780-1866)

    1. That's me Niko... well, it's Munguin really. I just do the typing!

  6. Cameron is making the same housing mistake that they all seem to make to ensure that London keeps growing and making money. This housing programme is about many things like lowering wages, putting the fear of God into people so they can't strike due to the mortgage. This is just Thatcher and Major all over again.


    1. Yes. I can't believe he is guaranteeing with our money, what may well not be able to be repaid.

      By 2008, everyone and their dog and cat could get a mortgage with little or no down payment. This didn't matter because by the time you'd signed the deal and gone home for your tea, they house had risen in value.

      When they stopped rising in value, and started dropping, then the trouble really started.

      But here's a question. I don't think anyone can seriously deny that at some point in the not too distant future the interest rates will have to go up, possibly rather steeply.

      The what?

      And what happens to the defaulters, or rather to the defaulted money? Our money?

      It's, as you say, all about London.

      Cameron is even madder than Milibean.

    2. Cameron is even madder than Milibean.

      Only a debate will confirm that sweeping statement.

    3. Debates is aff