Monday 23 September 2013

Cruel, arbitrary and ridiculous reasons why people have their benefits stopped

It's not my fault. I'm too dim to do this job properly
Your gran dies during the night. The next morning your partner calls the jobcentre and asks if you can come in the following day instead. The centre agrees, and you sign in the next day. Then you get a letter stating that you failed to sign in and would be sanctioned if you don’t reply within seven days. You reply, explaining the situation. The job centre gives you a six-week sanction for not replying.

You get a job interview. It’s at the same time as your jobcentre appointment, so you reschedule the job centre. You attend your rearranged appointment and then get a letter saying your benefits will be stopped because going to a job interview isn't a good enough reason to miss an appointment.
Source: Daily Mail

You've signed in on time, been to interviews and applied for work. Your job centre advisor suggests you make a two-line change to your CV, which you do, but fail to give the updated CV to the job centre (you weren’t told you had to). You are sanctioned for four weeks.

You work for 20 years and then miss a jobcentre appointment because you haven't had the process clearly explained. You are sanctioned for 3 weeks. Source: Councillor John O’Shea
That's where you belong, you scroungers,
and that's where you are going
You get a job that starts in two weeks time. You don’t look for work while you are waiting for the job to start. You're sanctioned.
Source: The Guardian

You are forced to retire due to a heart condition, and you claim Employment and Support Allowance. During your assessment you have a heart attack. You are sanctioned for not completing your assessment.

It’s Christmas Day and you don’t fill in your job search evidence form to show that you've looked for all the new jobs that are advertised on Christmas Day. You are sanctioned. Merry Christmas. 
And that's how much I care...on a good day
You are given a training appointment that clashes with your job centre appointment. The jobcentre is unwilling to rearrange its appointment and tells you to get a letter from the training organisation. The training organisation says it does not provide letters.

You apply for three jobs one week and three jobs the following Sunday and Monday. Because the jobcentre week starts on a Tuesday it treats this as applying for six jobs in one week and none the following week. You are sanctioned for 13 weeks for failing to apply for three jobs each week.

You miss your job centre appointment due to the funeral of a close family relative. You are sanctioned.
Source: Derek Twigg MP

You've been unemployed for seven months and are forced onto a workfare scheme in a shop miles away, but can't afford to travel. You offer to work in a nearby branch but are refused and get sanctioned for not attending your placement.

You have a job interview which overruns so you arrive at your job centre appointment 9 minutes late. You get sanctioned for a month.
Ah darling, did you get your salary for not doing my diary?
Any news of your dear rich papa? Quite well I trust?
You can’t afford to travel to look for work so you get sanctioned.

Your job centre advisor suggests a job. When you go online to apply it says the job has “expired” so you don’t apply. You are sanctioned for 13 weeks.

You miss your jobcentre appointment as it clashes with your work programme interview. You get sanctioned.


  1. Well everyone deserves what they get because they are too lazy or too stupid to see that everything that the government is doing is ILLEGAL. It does not matter what party is in power because they ALL operate under this ILLEGAL system and they ALL condone it because ALL the political parties are CONTROLLED.

    It is against the law - the REAL law - Common Law - for the Government to sanction you by taking away YOUR money. It is against the same law for them to threaten you with sanctions or force you to do anything that you do not wish to, or cannot do. It is a breach of trust.

    Anyone who read the post over at my blog Paisley Expressions that includes my letter to Appeal the LIES of ATOS - because that is what it is they are LYING on behalf of the government who are making the rules up as they go along ILLEGALLY - I won my appeal even though I refused to attend the appeal because they are acting ILLEGALLY and they were not going to let me go through the court system all the way up to the Court of Human Rights where I was intending to take it because everything I put on that letter was FACT. I am already advising someone else who has got their form in to attend ATOS and I am advising them to not even fill in the form just to put that they already have all of this persons history and thus do not need any more and advising them not to even attend ATOS itself - you do not have to as there is NO law that says that you have to.

    The government works for YOU and the same goes for government employees - they have NO right to threaten you with sanctions or to take any money away from you that you are entitled to. The government and ALL of the political parties are committing fraud by stating that the Statutes they enact in Parliament are laws when they are nothing of the kind - only government employees have to conform to Statutes - YOU do not!

    Unless you ALL wake up and stop being divided and arguing amongst yourselves and following political parties that know that this system is ILLEGAL and CORRUPT then nothing will change and you will continue to get the piss taken out of you. The videos on the last post I did on Paisley Expressions show you how they are taking the piss out of you and if you do not want to watch them and follow them up then do not complain about what is going on and do not expect ANY political party to change any of this anytime soon.

    I have an update nearly ready to be posted about me reporting Tony Blair and Bush etc to the International Criminal Court at the Hague at the same site.

    1. Yes it may be illegal, Billy. It certainly should be illegal, but not much we can do when all the parties are in agreement that it is fair enough to do it.

  2. Tris

    I saw this earlier and it just makes me sick. I can understand the employees feeling and being forced into it, I wouldn't do it no matter what but I am not in their shoes, but why aren't unions doing something about it, that is what bothers me. The unions appear to be as useless as the Labour party now and the only one who appears to speak his mind is Bob Crow. What a sad country we live in now, how much more do people have to take to either get on the streets or really scare the three tory parties by actually voting in high numbers. Now that would see a political change happening as the three tory parties started to see UKIP, the Greens, SSP sitting next to them. As I have said before we are to fault in many ways by our lack of interest and desire for change in our politics, there are just too few of us who are interested.


    1. The red or blue Tories don't want us interested as either or win by default allowing them to carry on destroying society. The sooner all trade unions remove any trace of funding to Labour so that they completely collapse is the only way change will happen.

      Derek has another bog site Tris.Broadcaste2

    2. It certainly is our fault Bruce. Billy is right. We are too lazy, always have been. We moan about how crap they are and then we go to the pub or switch on Corry. I've always though that Brits got what they deserved.

      They don't even bother voting, never mind marching or taking to the streets most of the time, and at least sometimes that works.

      They are destroying society as we know it, particularly in England. Elaine C Smith pointed out that we've only seen 1/10 of the cuts so far. Heaven knows what we will be left with when they have finished. it's not likely to be much!

      I'll get that put on the blog CH

  3. Very shocking indeed.

    1. They will do anything to m,eet the targets of saving money Marcia. They seem incapable of getting anyone into work, so they have to save by sanctioning.

      I'm glad I left the Job Centre's employ some time ago. I couldn't do that kind of thing no matter if it meant me losing my job.

      IDS should be strung up.

    2. But if you lost your job because you refused to follow your manager's instructions, you would be sanctioned Tris! ;-)

    3. Oh... damn, yeah, Don. That's true.

      Damn, what's a decent guy to do? :)

  4. A vote for Labour means an end to the bedroom tax.
    A vote for Labour will mean a pledge to build 200,000 new homes.
    A vote for Labour will keep the east coast line NATIONALISED
    A vote for Labour will see further Scottish devolution.

    So why vote for separatism?

    1. A vote for Labour will see further Scottish devolution.

      Lies peddled by a BritNat as there will be a rollback of powers if we vote no.

      Attorney General blocks release of devolution papers

      Dr. James Wilkie
      10:02 AM on 09/02/2012
      I was involved in the diplomatic negotiations over devolution right from the beginning in 1979. #4 and #20 are correct. The issue was forced by the Scotland-UN Committee at the United Nations and the Council of Europe, and ended with the UK Government having to implement devolution in Scotland and Wales as well as other constitutional changes under threat of international sanctions. John Major's Conservative Government dragged its feet to the last, and was no doubt thankful that this hot potato landed on Tony Blair's lap after the 1997 election. Labour, even in the years before attaining government office, had used the foulest methods to try to kill the Strasbourg action, but without success. For broader diplomatic reasons related to the situation in Eastern Europe the international authorities could not condone the flagrant breach of the international rules on pluralist democracy that the previous system of governing Scotland and Wales represented. For obvious reasons, London has very good grounds for suppressing the story in the midst of the present referendum discussion, but it can be read in outline in the Scotland-UN Committee papers at . I may add that the diplomatic expertise of the Scotland-UN group is now vested in the Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA), as yesterday's publication of its action in the OSCE and Council of Europe demonstrates.

    2. Thanks for that CH.

      Labour are saying that Dean. But this s conference. They (in common with every other party) do tend to say things that may not even be in their manifesto.

      Even if it is tin their manifest, and supposing they might be elected, there is no guarantee that they would abide by these.

      Didn't Margaret Curren very recently say it would be very foolish to make promises two years ahead of a general election?

    3. You say why vote for "separatism"?

      I say:

      *so that we can pay better pensions;
      *so that we can get rid of the huge expense of bribing the US to keep us on the security council (nuclear weapons and 4th largest military spend in world);
      *so that we can avoid paying for stuff that doesn't aid Scots (HS2, London sewers, London Olympics);
      *so that we can set up a national oil fund for the future;
      *so that we can put away a social security fund to pay for pensions in the future;
      *so that we can stop being in a major way involved in wars which don't affect us;
      *so that we can control our own tax;
      *so that we can develop our own international relations with other small countries;
      *so that we will have a voice at the UN saying what Scots think, rather than what America dictates;
      *so that we will have a voice in the EU instead of relying on English ministers who have sacrificed Scottish interests in favour of their own departments'.
      *so that we won't be taken out of the EU;
      *so that we can be a functioning part of the Nordic Council;
      *so that we can have the majority of decisions that affect the people of Scotland, taken in Scotland;
      * so that we will not have another government that we didn't vote for thrust upon us.

      There are more reasons, but surely that's enough to be going on with.

  5. Replies
    1. Same parties with the same policies wearing different coloured rosettes.

    2. It's certainly true, Dean, that only Labour can be an alternative to the Tories.

      The most seats that the SNP could muster would be 59.

      The Liberals in theory could get a majority, but in reality are likely to get under 20 MPs.

      So Labour can do it. it will only do it however, by persuading the South East that it can be trusted with the economy.

      I'm not sure that it can do this.

      But supposing it did and it got in, would we notice a difference.

      Yews. I have no doubt that the bedroom tax will go. I do doubt that they will have the nerve to do anything to the super rich to get the money back. I suspect that they will probably take the money back in some other way, that will hurt poorer people. They Are safe. They are not about to vote Tory, and now, there's nothing else.

      I'm thinking that labour's best hope is that UKIP will split the Tory vote.

  6. Having been told by an SNP friend of mine that "Scottish MPs have no influence at Westminster elections" I decided to run a test of this... and found, unfortunately, he is factually accurate:

    The 67 years since the end of World War 2 have seen 18 General Elections to the Westminster Parliament, with the following outcomes (sources below):

    1945 Labour govt (Attlee)
    Labour majority: 146
    Labour majority without any Scottish MPs in Parliament: 143

    1950 Labour govt (Attlee)
    Labour majority: 5
    Without Scottish MPs: 2

    1951 Conservative govt (Churchill/Eden)
    Conservative majority: 17
    Without Scottish MPs: 16

    1955 Conservative govt (Eden/Macmillan)
    Conservative majority: 60
    Without Scottish MPs: 61

    1959 Conservative govt (Macmillan/Douglas-Home)
    Conservative majority: 100
    Without Scottish MPs: 91

    1964 Labour govt (Wilson)
    Labour majority: 4
    Without Scottish MPs: -9

    1966 Labour govt (Wilson)
    Labour majority: 98
    Without Scottish MPs: 77

    1970 Conservative govt (Heath)
    Conservative majority: 30
    Without Scottish MPs: 5

    1974 Minority Labour govt (Wilson)
    Labour majority: -33
    Without Scottish MPs: -50

    1974b Labour govt (Wilson/Callaghan)
    Labour majority: 3
    Without Scottish MPs: -8

    1979 Conservative govt (Thatcher)
    Conservative majority: 43
    Without Scottish MPs: 70

    1983 Conservative govt (Thatcher)
    Conservative majority: 144
    Without Scottish MPs: 174

    1987 Conservative govt (Thatcher/Major)
    Conservative majority: 102
    Without Scottish MPs: 154

    1992 Conservative govt (Major)
    Conservative majority: 21
    Without Scottish MPs: 71

    1997 Labour govt (Blair)
    Labour majority: 179
    Without Scottish MPs: 139

    2001 Labour govt (Blair)
    Labour majority: 167
    Without Scottish MPs: 129

    2005 Labour govt (Blair/Brown)
    Labour majority: 66
    Without Scottish MPs: 43

    2010 Coalition govt (Cameron)
    Conservative majority: -38
    Without Scottish MPs: 19
    All UK general election results
    General election results in Scotland 1945-2001 (Table 1e, p.13)
    General election results in Scotland 2005 and 2010
    So in summary we can see the following:
    - Scottish MPs have NEVER turned what would have been a Conservative government into a Labour one, or indeed vice versa.
    - on only TWO occasions, the most recent of them being 38 years ago, (1964 and the second of the two 1974 elections), have Scottish MPs given Labour a majority they wouldn’t have had from England/Wales/NI alone. The majorities in question were incredibly fragile ones of four and three MPs respectively – the 1964 Labour government lasted barely 18 months, and the 1974 one had to be propped up by the Lib-Lab Pact through 1977-78 so in practice barely qualified as a majority. Without Scottish MPs but with Liberal support, Wilson would have had a majority of 12.
    - and on ONE occasion (2010) the presence of Scottish MPs has deprived the Conservatives of an outright majority, although the Conservatives ended up in control of the government anyway in coalition with the Lib Dems.
    - which means that for 62 of the last 67 years, Scottish MPs as an entity have had no practical influence over the composition of the UK government. From a high of 72 MPs in 1983, Scotland’s representation will by 2015 have decreased to 52, substantially reducing any future possibility of affecting a change.

    1. Interesting figures Dean. Thanks.

      We are indeed, not particularly important to what goes on in the UK.

    2. Thanks for that Dean.

      Can I just say, I am really aware that I seem to always be jumping on you and niko, every time I post on here at Munguin's Republic.

      Well it is true.

      All I can say in my defense, is that you two are taking the brunt of the frustrations that I feel, from constantly hearing the stuff that you pair usually come out with, but instead from faceless media sources that somehow surround without standing to fight and answer for themselves.

      You two do (sometimes) and for that you do have my respect.

      Tris and Munguin, yous have my respect for creating a great blog! Probably one of the only places, that I know of, where I can actually try to converse happily (too rarely) with folk that I know there is very little chance of changing their view.

      This is normal.

      What isn't normal in today's world, is to consistently and vocally disagree with each other, but then still remain together and strong as a wee community. It's always refreshing (and usually annoying) to sneak a sly listen in, every now and again!



    3. Thanks for that Dean.

      Can I just say, I am really aware that I seem to always be jumping on you and niko, every time I post on here at Munguin's Republic.

      Well it is true.

      All I can say in my defense, is that you two are taking the brunt of the frustrations that I feel, from constantly hearing the stuff that you pair usually come out with, but instead from faceless media sources that somehow surround without standing to fight and answer for themselves.

      You two do (sometimes) and for that you do have my respect.

      Tris and Munguin, yous have my respect for creating a great blog! Probably one of the only places, that I know of, where I can actually try to converse happily (too rarely) with folk that I know there is very little chance of changing their view.

      This is normal.

      What isn't normal in today's world, is to consistently and vocally disagree with each other, but then still remain together and strong as a wee community. It's always refreshing (and usually annoying) to sneak a sly listen in, every now and again!



  7. Things will only change when the people are told they are being conned by the political parties, the government and the people who control all of them and shown the proof - which is easy since we are operating under an ILLEGAL system - Admiralty Law - The Law of the Sea instead of Common Law and how ALL of these political parties are giving away OUR money to these PRIVATE BANKERS for free and giving US the debt when we should NOT have ANY debt. WE print the money so there should be NO debt - it is amazing the amount of people who understand that but do NOT know the reason why we are in debt and how the political parties are involved in this SCAM.

    That is what I have been doing as you have seen all the time exposing the CROOKS posing as our saviours - the political parties as being the puppets of these Elite Bankers, Royalty and the Vatican etc. People ARE fed up with what is going on and that is why most do not vote now or vote for political parties. They need people who will tell them the truth and expose all of this - these politicians CANNOT argue with the TRUTH - They just run away.

    The joke is these politicians are working towards their own extinction anyway as the plan is to break up Britain in the EU - With Scotland, Wales and Ireland being regions of the EU and England being broken up into 9 regions within the EU and when the World Government comes in there will be NO voting for ANYONE as these Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican will be moving out of the shadows and taking over blaming their puppet political parties for the mess they got these parties to create. They have got everyone arguing about things that are NOT going to happen whilst SNEAKILY bringing in their own AGENDA - There is Not going to be ANY independent Scotland, UK or EU.

    The good thing is more people are waking up to what they are up to as was witnessed by the lying politicians in the UK and US being slapped down in their attempt to add Syria to this New World Order all against the tide of their lying puppet media as well. This system is going down and we all have got to get together so that they do not use it as an excuse to bring in their World Government AGENDA at OUR expense.

    Tony Blair etc has been reported to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for their involvement in the 7/7 London Bombings as per the letter over at my site Paisley Expressions.