Sunday 15 September 2013



  1. How can anyone argue with the common sense argument of the top three pictures Tris......they can't!

    Surly pic 4 is the only reason anyone needs to vote YES in 2014. The thought that we would NEVER have to listen to any of the half baked millionaire driven dingbat ideas from this lot is also a no brainer in my view!

  2. tris and 1320

    The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present. ~Niccolo Machiavelli

    Do not ever believe the lying snp scum or friends thereof
    still 1320 has a meeting with pals and votes to take my hard earned cash
    to give to their layabout pals thats snp democracy for ya

    Tell me someone works all there life retires another spends most of it
    out of work and on benefits Should they both be treated the same in
    retirement .............

    Well what do you say then.

    1. Complex question, Niko. But I will try to answer it.

      First, I believe that there should be work for people, and there isn’t.

      When there is work for everyone, most people do work.

      I think it's the state's responsibility to ensure that there is work that is suitable for the people who live in the country. Mrs Thatcher's mistake was that she thought we should all be bankers or insurance people, or at least call centre workers dealing with these things.

      But I know from my experience that there are people who want to, need to, work with their hands, or use vast amounts of physical energy during a day's work. They want to get dirty; they want to be tired and sore. I know because that is the kind of job they want me to find them. If it's excusable to be politically incorrect in front of you Niko, it's what the lads call a "man's job".

      There are however, people no one will employ… ex criminals with offences involving sex or violence; people who have drug problems; people who have drink problems; people who have heath problems; and sometimes just people who have the bad luck to live in a particularly nasty area, and their cv goes in the bin before anyone looks at it… he lives in **** He must be a druggie/drunk

      To my mind of course if you are taking risks and making difficult decisions you are worth more to the company or the country than someone who is not. So I believe that we should pay our brain surgeons a good deal more than we pay the porters who wheel their patients around and the CEO a lot more than the receptionist...but not 1000 times more.

      When they retire people who have been doing highly paid jobs will always have better pensions than those who did not.

      For those who didn't work all or most their lives... well, the first question is why. Were they sick, in body or mind? Or were they just lazy? Or did they come into one of the categories above which means no one will touch them?

      If they were sick we should have been looking after them. It's what decent people do.

      If they were lazy we should have been making it hard, if not impossible, for them to indulge themselves. We should have at least tried to provide them with jobs that they could do. Not ones that they couldn't, and at wages that would keep them alive.

      You can rehabilitate people, although our system really doesn’t bother, but there is no way that most women will work with an ex rapist, or a person with convictions of violence.

      Even if people never worked, they would still be, in my book, entitled to a decent pension which would keep them alive. The alternative is that they die of cold or starvation or make themselves criminals trying not to die, and keeping them at HM pleasure is a lot more expensive than the miserable pension.

      We've not done enough to bring suitable jobs to the country; we've not done enough to encourage people to get work; we've been far too busy with Peter Lily's little list of dozens of different categories of people whom he, and those who followed him, have been determined to call scroungers.

      Maybe some of them are.

      But instead of really dealing with the problems government after government have done their best to encourage the rest of us to see the unemployed as scroungers, freeloaders.

      As I said, some of them are. Most of them are not.

    2. Do not ever believe the lying snp scum or friends thereof

      I think you might be better retracting that Niko as you have no evidence whatsoever to back up that slur.

      Just because you and your past friends are renowned for sinking into the gutter for political gain don't assert we are the same as yourselves.

    3. Ch

      Retract the truth

      Never ! Never ! Never !

      Said in the stylile. Of. The reverend Ian Paisley ,
      With the same amount of passion

    4. We know what happened to him....

  3. TRUST

    Yeah like the sheep who sits down with the wolves and then takes part
    in the vote of what is for dinner...

    1. Is this another piece of deep philosophy that have gone over my head?

  4. I'll use that CH ...Thanks