Thursday 19 September 2013

Countdown to the referendum


  1. tris

    Thats the way i see it

    I don't think the unionist parties are inclined to give him that chance. They want Salmond to be crushed, as was the independence case in the Aberdeenshire schools referendum result yesterday. They want an electoral version of the Flodden defeat, complete with the king dead and his troops slaughtered all across the field. That was the subliminal message yesterday from the Scottish Secretary at least. Prepare for annihilation. Scorched earth. You have been warned

    1. Didn't you get the memo Niko, there is no such post as the Secretary of State for Scotland only the Secretary of State for Westminster!

      If you're going to look to school's voting don't forget to add these polling results into your mix either.

  2. LOL Niko.

    Thanks for the warning, but as Cameron found to his cost the other day, you don't always get what you want, even when you are a spoilt rich Eton boy.

    We all some of the literature that was put out by the schools . It was full of lies and half truths. If that's how the No campaign want to play it, I suppose there's nothing we can do. There is only the internet to correct the lies they tell.

    We don't live in a country with a free press. We all know the BBC is tied to the London government which decides how much money it gets to waste on massive bonuses, retirement packages, redundancies and first class air travel... onh and a few vacuous programmes too. (Shall we mention all the sex crimes that appear to have taken place on its... no OUR property funded by us?)

    The press are owned by big London proprietors, except of course that which is owned by Australian Americans.

    I can't get most of that article because I don't pay for the Herald's coverage, but it comes from the Liberal Democrats, ergo it is a lie.

    I mean can you seriously tell me one time in the last 3 years when this lot have told the truth? They have come to Scotland, the most unpopular party with the most unpopular leader whom no one trusts, because they think it will sway us... God, they take us for such fools.

    And Mr Pointless? Of all of them he really is the least.

    Still, I don't think all the negativity will work, but we shall see. If annihilation it is, then, annihilation it will be.

    It's for the people to decide, thankfully.

    Afterthought. I wonder if people like Alistair Darling and Mr Pointless actually have a voter? Alistair talks using the expression "down here", so I suppose he lives in London, and Pointless's office is in Dover House, London.

    If their main residence is in London I suspect they won't get a vote. I suppose they'll just do some flipping when the time comes, or maybe important people are allowed to have votes from England... After all there are bound to be many many postal votes, aren't there? Wink wink!

    1. Here's Niko link To the pointless party.

      SNP remains ‘most popular party’ - poll The smears must be obviously working even after 7 years in office, scratches head.

    2. ch

      shame the vote is as the snp keeps telling us not about
      voting for the snp but voting for an independent nation.

      Nah ch it aint yer head you been scratching is it.

      cant wait till till 19th sept and your annihilation
      boy will I laff at all yer tears as yer locked back into
      the unionist chains being forged in Westminster for you
      and like minded feckwits.

      here's to another 300 years within our glorious Union

      Lord grant that Marshal Wade
      May by thy mighty aid
      Victory bring.
      May he sedition hush,
      And like a torrent rush,
      Rebellious Snp to crush.
      God save the Queen!

    3. Wade built some sturdy bridges still in use today,God I don't do fiction sorry and as to the monarchy I will admit that I have more respect for Lizzie herself than what she stands for but that's not hard looking at the present day Labour party and their fellow unionist friends.

    4. Thanks.

      It just makes them sound even less relevant, which is a pity, because I kinda liked the policies they used to have. Even considered voting for them before they became Tories.

      I think it was a big mistake having Clegg as leader. He';s hard right wing...but on the other hand, as i recall it was jailbird huhne who stood against him, and although he was, at the time a bit more left wing, he still sold his soul for a mess of redbox, erm before he became even more closely associated with her majesty, staying for weeks and weeks at one of her residences.

      I see that Willie is inordinately popular, according to the other article. I've never met anyone who knows who he is.

  3. Thanks for video clip Tris and WARNING *SECURITY* ALERT is worth keeping an eye on.

    1. I've added Derek to the sidebar... CH.

    2. Cheers Tris I was hoping you would and he has now written a powerful piece on newsnet on another blog he has started if only a few more journalists would actual start speaking the truth rather than following their editors dictatorship.

    3. I should say that if anyone sees a blog that they think so be on the list, please let me know.

      I know some people use it as a handy way to navigate around the blogosphere.

  4. In the debate in Holyrood from a couple of days ago called 'Scotland's future' I was cheered up to see Johann Lamont getting back to the language and intellectual arguments used by Donald Dewar.

    A focus on a socialist democratic Scottish Labour tradition once more. An emphasis on a leftwing progressive alternative to independence being a vehicle for socialist democracy.

    Ah! It was refreshing! Especially after the mediocrities of Bendy Wendy and Grey whitisface

    Good on Johann, a grown up speech making the case for a vision with Labour.

    1. Has she agreed to abolish the 'Bedroom Tax' yet?

    2. Well I missed that Dean, but I'd welcome it too, if I thought she could actually pull it off.

      But I don't see it.

      Every time anyone here says anything in the least socialist, there is an embarrassed cough from London and we are told they rather overstretched their authority.

      They should be saying that they agree with Alex. They will renationalise the Post Office, although the Bain theory doesn't allow that. They are allowed to agree with the Tories but not the SNP.

      There should be a definite commitment to re'aligning increases in benefits with inflation, and the repeal of the bedroom tax no matter what it cost and a hard hitting no holds barred commitment to soaking up the money that at present is syphoned off by fat cats though evasion.

      Tax avoidance should mean prison. And evasion should be made pretty near impossible by new rules.

      I dunno what Johann said, but was any of that in it?

      I see that they have barred discussion of the Post office from their conference on the basis that there are too many ordinary members that want the railways renationalised as John Prescott promised us back in the 90s, but failed to achieve. Get discussing one and the other is bound to come up. And that would scare all the people in the SE who make vast amounts out of these companies.

    3. Actually, I thought Wendy was quite clever, Dean. She just had really bad Spads. She was surrounded by mediocrity.

      Grey on the other hand was...erm... yes, exactly... Oh dear.

    4. Truth Is, it doesn't much matter what she makes a speech on CH. It's what Ed says that counts.

      I did hear that what Labour want to do is to give more powers to councils, bypassing the Edinburgh government, which may, it seems, in the horrific event of a no vote, continue to be an SNP government (or heaven help us).

      London will redistribute power from Edinburgh to councils.

      Of course if they do that no one worth anything will want to be an MSP unless they are SNP.

      Labour will want to be either councillors or MPs. If you have a neutered Holyrood, then they will send their very worst there.

      Heaven help us.

  5. I watched FMQ's earlier tonight and have come to the conclusion that no one in the Labour ranks actually listens to what the F.M. says. Prime example being Jackie Baillie. Immediately after the F.M. had answered a question about the bedroom tax and the £20 million being put in by the S.G. to help alleviate the bedroom tax Baillie asked why the S.GH. were not putting more money in to the pot despite the F.M. having just said tat they were prohibited by Holyrood rules from putting any more in.

    I love the idea that a future S.G. will re-nationalise the Royal mail.

    It was also nice to find out that the Westminster government thought so highly of the fishermen of Scotland. Erm well no they didn't actually because according to a memo that has just been released under the 30 year year rule some wooden top civil servant had written to the government of the day and said that the they (Scots fishermen) were expendable when it came to negotiations with Brussels!

    EXPENDABLE is it?

    Let's show Westminster how 'expendable' we YES in 2014!

  6. Typical that Labour haven't done their sums, or bothereed to find out what the law is.

    I guess that London can't allow the "regions" to subvert their laws which punish the poor for not having been born with a silver spoon or sharp elbows and they restrict the amount of subsidy that can be put into social security which is after all a London preserve.

    I'm amazed that that particular piece of paper wasn't held back, Arbroath. One of the big problems for us with the EU i our voices have never been heard.

    As usual UK input to the EU is Londoncentric, or dictated by Washington.

    Scottish, Welsh and Irish government's agriculture and fisheries ministers are not allowed to negotiate. The English minister neither knows nor cares what our issues are and they are ignored. She/he is not going to win votes by doing things for the celtic fringe.

    Expendable, though, is a good description of what they have always thought of us.

  7. Tris

    See ed going to bin the bedroom tax
    At the Labour party conference.
    Well at least it will shut up yer
    Whinging and whining about it .

    Mind no doubt yer find some
    Other thing to moan over.
    All labours fault , just don't
    Let that massive chip on yer
    Shoulder give you too bad
    A back !!

    1. We'll be delighted if he does, and will give him credit for doing it when it happens, Niko.

      Seriously I can't imagine why they didn't do it immediately.

      By not doing so they allowed Baillie and Sarwar to make themselves look stupid and Byrn's comment about "we'll have to see what the cost implications are" showed how it's not about people; it's about money.

      Now will they undertake to renationalise the railways, which are the worst in Western Europe and the most expensive too, and will they overturn the privatization of the royal mail?

      Will we see you tomorrow at the march or is Taz coming on his own??