Tuesday 24 September 2013


It is amazing that not one of them knew it was going on. Not Balls, not Miliband, not Brown. There was no control over what their staff were doing.

I never occurred to them to investigate when bad stories about Blair's people got into the press?

Tight and effective management style then, huh?

Mr Brown's attitude reminds me of when he was asked what he thought of the 2007 SNP victory, and he walked away without giving an answer.

Plus ca change...


  1. Brown couldn't remember where he lost his moral compass and has been looking worldwide for it.

    1. Methinks he sat on it.

    2. Probably buried under all that money he's been making recently. The duplicitous troughing git that he is.

  2. Off topic....
    Stewart Hosie @StewartHosieMP

    Abertay Uni debate vs George Robertson. Before Yes 21% No 59 D/K 20. After debate #Yes 51% No 38 D/K 11. 250 students attended. #VoteYES
    7:39 AM Sep 23rd

    Good work...well done!

    1. Any debate outwith the stage managed media ones are far better and informative for the recipients.

  3. Labour will:

    freeze energy prices for 20 months
    build 200,000 new affordable homes
    launch a massive UK wide apprenticeships scheme
    give 16 & 17 y/o the right to vote

    And the SNP? They don't have any answers, they just keep banging on about separation...

    1. freeze energy prices for 20 months

      The ONLY way he can do that is to renationalise the energy sector and he isn't proposing to do that.

      Have you heard the Curran, Lamont and Milliband speeches and are you in total agreement with what they said Dean?

    2. I fear that's true, Dean. if you maintain a hold over the power company (like 51% of the shares), you can dictate the prices. if you do not, you can only do so by introducing a prices and incomes policy.

      That would go down like a lead balloon with business.

      Labour say they will build 200,000 affordable houses.

      Where? They will have to be houses for sale. But people can't afford to buy even affordable houses. The SNP is building council houses for rent having abolished the right to buy.

      There is already a very successful apprenticeship scheme in Scotland.

      And the SNOP has long said that as the age of majortiy was always 16 in Scotland, that the natural thing to do was to offer 16 yo the vote. They have done it with the referendum, where England has handed over responsibility to them, however, as the age of majority in England is 18, and electoral policy is normally decided at Westminster, clearly England's law is used. it goes without saying that voting age would be 16 in Scotland if we were allowed to decide such things

      The SNP has indicated that pensions would be higher and retirement age kept at 65 if it were in power. There will be enough money. Alex Salmond has also said that any government led by him would nationalise the postal service.

      Ms Lamont on the other hand appears to think that we are a virus. Is that woman for real? Or does she just have foot in mouth virus herself?

    3. Labour would also have to seize control over international futures markets, a freeze is not going to happen - its just impossible.

    4. Dean

      You left out :

      Discover aliens on Mars.
      A Winning Lottery Ticket for all Labour Party members.
      Free kit kats for breaksfast for everyone on minumum wage.
      £7.50 prescriptions
      £10.00 a week on the council tax.
      A wee nuclear warhead for all who want one.
      A virus to all non-labour voters.
      1000% interest on PFI contracts to the owners of compaines who support Labour to build the houses.
      A real question a FMQs.
      Oh and the Dees will win the Champions League.


    5. I think that's a fair question, Dean.

      Do you agree with the speeches about viruses and foreigners from Ms Lamont and Mrs Curren. Is this decent politics. Pease answer that.

      As Pa said, if they freeze the fuel prices for 20 months, which will be very welcome, it will cost them a fortune to recompense the companies who buy on futures.

      Or they will have to crash the futures markets, leaving the City an untrustable place? Will they really do that?

    6. Shares in power companies fell... Management advising to take investment out of UK. Lights will go out.


  4. Since Johann Lamont thinks we supporters of self determination have a virus, it's only fair to state that not only am I

    Yes positive but

    "Unionism is more like smallpox. People just don't get it any more."

    1. Ohhhhhhh very smart there PP...

      I'm impressed.

    2. Snp malcontents

      lets be honest you are a virus

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      European nations, they argue, are modern – and mostly artificial – constructions, in whose name millions have been murdered. If they had not already been created, they would not be invented today: they are unsuited to our era. Nationalism is a “virus” that needs to be contained rather than celebrated.


      And the cure is the Union of nations to eliminate the pestilence of vile vile vile nationalism.
      The nation state is dead god fecking riddance may it never ever come back ever again

    3. There is nationalism and nationalism Niko...

      Some types, the ones that involve hatred of other nations because of the notion that yours is superior are repulsive.

      One that reckons that your nation is just as good as others, equal to, isn't bad, as long as it stays that way.

      Supranationalism is less likely to work, although it can eliminate war.

    4. Absolute pish niko! - millions have been murdered by corrupt politicians starting wars on behalf of their Elite Banker etc masters to make a fortune out of these wars and to carry out their AGENDA. I could mention any war but since people in wee party political cults like yourself do not have a clue as to what is really going on and who is behind things it will be a waste of time. In the latest wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan our troops were fighting against and getting killed by fighters who were being paid by the US and UK governments and your wee party political cults were involved in this.

      Here is a wee hint as to what is really going on in Africa in the Mall attack where the US AND UK governments are funding these people as usual in Syria, in this case and everywhere else -


      It has always been the case the same people funding all sides and the political parties being part of it.

    5. Nationalism is yesterdays concept, with nothing to offer a globalised and transnational world.

      In order to preserve our sovereignty, as power shifts south and east as we march into the Asian century... we must share and pull our European (and British) sovereignty together.

      Niko is right in so far as he points out that nationalism is an outdated concept with nothing to offer in this scope.

    6. Well why is Ed expounding One Nation = British Nationalism?

    7. Why are you talking rubbish again? cynicalhighlander=SNP mouthpiece

    8. But Dean, he is not. What CH says is right.

      The British state is not about supranationalism, except in situations where it is clearly the lead partner: The Empire and Commonwealth.

      The British state may very well leave the EU, or at best become a part partner in it.

      The British state proudly stated that it did best in the Olympics after the huge nations. Much flag waving including from the prime minister.

      The British state has been saying that Scots wouldn't be able to train for sports in Scotland. Only with British (English) facilities can Scots be world leaders in sport. (Actually they miss out the fact that many of them train in Spain or Portugal, but hey, what the hell?)

      Cameron was on about 'this scepter'd isle, this England', when someone said that Britain was a small unimportant broke country off the coast of Europe. All that Cameron said was British nationalism writ large. All good things were invented in English speaking countries. Mrs Thatcher said the same. The kind too that puts down every other nation, unlike the kind that Scotland has which does not. At least the SNP (National Party, not nationalist) has said that anyone who comes to Scotland to work and contribute is Scottish. That’s not the Virus that Ms Lamont was talking about that hated Jews, hated homosexuals, hated people with dark hair and skin, hated people with disability. (She should get out more; that was a disgusting concept from a brit Nat.)

      Ed is busy promoting one-nation policies. Why not one Europe policies, or one-world policies? They are also talking about giving far more power to local councils, taken from the Scottish government, now that they realise that with Ms Virus as a leader they have almost no chance of taking parliament particularly with everybody's partners, the Liberals, reduced to rump of 5.

      I don't see any great cross borders policies. Yes, they want to stay in the EU, like Cameron, because they know that the Uk economy without the EU will disappear as all the Asian companies which run factories here for access to EU markets withdraw and relocate in Hungary or Poland.

      But will Miliband pledge to work with, rather than against the EU to bring Europe closer together?


  5. Its a unionist conceit that Scottish independence is only about nationalism - it isn't. Its a pragmatic decision being made by many people from all over the world who have happened to settle within the borders of the geographic entity known as Scotland.

    The second part of the same conceit is that unionists somehow aren't also engaged in a nationalist cause. Since there is no positive case for the union (I think we can accept that now,) it must be an emotional 'one nation Britain' driven campaign fueled not by positive argument but by fear-of-change.

    1. Queen and country… Only in Britain could you have the best Olympics in the history of the world, and the great Jubilee and could people all come together to worship Kate Middleton and Mrs Parker Bowles and wee George.

      Only Britain could do that. The red while and bleu with clout in the UN, clout in the EU (snigger), clout in the G8 (as long as they are doing what Obama wants… look how distant they were in Russia when Mr Obama was meeting with Monsieur Hollande and Cameron was left meeting with erm… no one.) What was it he said? All over the world our enemies freer us and our allies admire us (snigger again).

      I dunno what that is if it’s not narrow nationalism.

  6. Funny thing, how many more independent nations there are in the word than there were 100 years ago. And none of them wanting to re-join with their former Big Brother either.

    Not only is the nation state not dead, it's thriving and breeding rapidly.

    There are two basic ways to a global world. One is conquest of the entire planet by the biggest bully. That involves gradual reduction in nation states as they're swallowed up by the big fish. Anybody fancy that model?

    The other is when all the states in the world are small enough to look after their own populations effectively, and too small to be a credible threat to others. Then co-operation, mutual self-interest and foreign aid do the rest. This way requires more nation-states as the big bullies are turned into cuddly friendly-sized chunks.

    Which one do you fancy?

    1. Well said there Rolfe. We tried the first one, and people didn't like it. The French, Spanish, Brits, Belgians, before them the turks and the Austro Hungarians, and the Romans... Just about everyone has had a go, but it never works.

      The second one, where we have groups like the EU, EFTA, NATO, G8, UN etc, are the way forward, although we need these organisations to be drastically altered to make them work in the 21s century.

  7. Tris

    Nationalism is yesterdays concept, with nothing to offer a globalised and transnational world.

    Above is a wee quote from Dean, oh my he believes the virus thing and what the hell does he cal UK-OK, VCool Brittania, Celebrate the deat of millions in WW1, the Jubilee, the Olympics blah blah blah. Oh Dean I really feel for you but in an Independent Scotland help will be available, in your Bri-Tan ATOS awaits.

    1. I just don't think anyone is seeing what this government is doing, and how little Labour will change if it gets in, which looks increasingly unlikely.