Thursday 26 September 2013


Rangers and Celtic and Nicola
I remember seeing him. Impressive looking guy
Oh, damn. If that lot of lying gits said it, I begin to question it
Well, you paid for it, didn't you...even if they spent it on something else,
 but remember that the next time Flipper Darling tries to tell you otherwise.
Χαίρομαι που θυμηθήκατε να αναφέρω μας Winston.
Oh well, if they can't guarantee that, then I'm
sticking with Camergoon and Ozbum
There were some proper Labour guys there...
The First President? Much better looking that Charlie
Is all this referendum not causing uncertainty...? Oh, no, silly me.
It's only the Scottish one that does that
Won't it be nice to have a constitution that they
can't make up as they go along?
Like anyone would be mad enough to trust Westminster on anything
That's the way to do it when you start the day with a bowl of porridge 
Such a cuddly sort, dontcha think?
Aye, and him an' all.
We're no faird o a bit of cald in Scotland
Cheering thought.
There was Celtic....
And there was Eck
Alistair Flipper wasn't there. Must have malfunctioned, again
Yes, she is. Anyone who equates the independence movement in their own country
 to the virus of Nazism is a pathetic disgrace
I don't think anyone will forget that your lordship
Scotland unique in Europe amongst all the independent nations.
Why can't Bitter Together just use the word Independent.
It's the word everyone else uses from Bulgaria to Portugal.
It makes them sound like they're too thick to know a word with 11 letters.


  1. I asked the auld heilander "are you ma dad?"

    Some fouk hae nae sense o humour.

    1. Oh dear! :)

      I take it he wasn't!

    2. Good piece of writing there CH.

      Absolutely bang on too.

      Flashman strikes again.

  2. is it just me or were Johann Lamont and Ian Davidson separated at birth?

    1. Ewww. Sometimes you say the most horrible things PP...

  3. tris

    see Alex was unceremoniously debagged by Cameron the prime minister of the UK.

    which was only proper and correct Alex is only a jumped up leader of
    a devolved executive and unfit to kiss flashmand Ooops Camerons English erse.


    They was saying the other day at the Albanach your Dad was an Englishman ???

    Hmm on reflection I withdraw that remark even for me it was a insult to far......apologies

    1. Aye Miko. Cameron put him right in his place. Little upstart. A mere Scottish Academy boy thinking he had the right to debate with one of God's chosen people, silver spooned, Eton and Bullingdon educated with the best qualifications money can buy adn friends at the palace.

      Yes Mr Cameron fair showed him.

  4. Goodness sake, Tris, don't spring a photo of Johan like that at me first thing in the morning! After all the 'impartial' committees in the Commons and Lords, under Cameron, continue to pour scorn on Scottish independence how can he now claim that it is nothing to do with him? Is he worried that his appearance would be an asset to the Yes vote.

    Niko and Conan, go back to your blogs and prepare for independence - I might even join you!!

    1. Ah, right, sorry about that, John.

      It's about time someone else was blogging. I mean, come on lads, I can't do it all myself....Niko Conan, John....

  5. this should cheer brownlie up

    1. Cheered me anyway, Niko. Thank you. :)

  6. That guy without the top, with yes written across his muscles is enough to make any self respecting male just desperate to vote yes...

    he is easy on my eyes, should see more of him!

    1. I thought that was you, Dean...

  7. Deano

    there's me down the gym after a work out jump in communal
    showers stark bollock naked with all the good looking muscley
    young lads three four times a week.

    shame I am not gay although some of them, are good looking bods too.

    Many years ago i was in a bodybuilding show and to show definition
    you rub baby oil over your tan. anyway got one of our gay friends to rub
    the baby oil all over me tanned body he loved it was funny lovely bloke we all did laugh !!!!!

  8. Not sure you should tell that sort of thing when John B can read it Niko. You'll be upsetting his wee free Sabbath.

  9. I always thought you and Spook had something going on Niko...