Monday 26 April 2010

Downing Street may be a two horse race, but Labour fell at the first fence

IN England it’s a two-horse race. And let’s be honest, that’s where UK elections are lost and won.

According to another Yougov poll, this time for the Sun, the Tories are on 34% and the Liberals are on 30%.

Of course, there are issues with Yougov and the way that they weight their responses, and of course the questions might be those that would suit the management and editorial policy of the Sun. However, they are broadly in line with the figures of other polls over the last week and a half.

Race to No 10 latest:

Conservatives 34% (no change)
Lib Dems 30% (up 1%)
Others 36% (down 1%)

Following on from the first two election debates, the poll also shows 80% say they are interested in the campaign:

How interested are you in the election?
Very interested - 36%
Fairly interested - 46%

Not very interested - 14%
Not at all interested - 4%

*1,466 adults were polled on 24th and 25th April

Of course The Sun interests itself only in England.

I just watched the debate on BBC 1 of Scottish MPs. David Mundell accused the Liberals (who, in the form of Malcolm Bruce had just proposed that a win for the Tories was the worst thing that could happen) of wanting a Labour Government. Malcolm Bruce replied that he wanted a Liberal Democrat win, Mr Mundell obviously now having awakened to the new politics, and pointed out that it was possible.

Overall trying hard not to be biased, I’d say Stuart Hosie won the day. I’m proud to be stuffing envelopes for the man. I had no idea he was such a competent performer.

Without a doubt the next man was Malcolm Bruce. He proved to be a very competent performer and I’d have to say he spoke a lot of sense.

Jim Murphy comes over as a soundbite man. I’ve heard him over and over again saying the same things in the same way. “It gives me no pleasure as a Murphy to say....” when he's pulling Ireland to pieces. And he has no answer when Stuart puts to him the question...."So Britain's massive deficit is OK Jim?.......Grrrrrr.

Last and absolutely least was David Mundell. If Cameron is the next Prime Minster he MUST get someone better than Mundell for Scotland’s man in London. I don’t care if it is a Lord. Just get us someone more competent than Mundell. He's scary.

In Scotland it’s a three horse race. No one could deny Labour has the lead here, but the Tories are nowhere. In England, quite reasonably it is the reverse. A two horse race between the Tories and the Liberals who have everything to play for.

If I were English I would be very angry if Scotland forced a Labour government with a Scottish PM on me.

Pics: Stuart Hosie, Yellow seems to be a lucky colour; Malcolm Bruce


  1. Stewart was calm and measured and did not indulge in the bickering that Murphy and Mundell engaged in. Murphy, however, quickly picked up on the fact that the audience did not like such petty behaviour whereas Mundell did not. Mundell just seemed out of his depth, but at least he tried and he is after all, all that they have got.

    Bet they wish they had never mentioned that two horse race rubbish now.

  2. Yes Munguin. It's another example of Brown in action. It's been a 2-horse race for 90 years and more, and the minute that Brown's Labour Party say that it is, it becomes wide open.

    Can he do ANYTHING right?

    I agree with your analysis. Jim Murphy was better at reading that audience than David Mundell. Mundell was out of his depth in that company. I almost felt sorry for him. He would be OK as a town councillor but he just looks small next to the rest of them.

    I've never seen, or perhaps never noticed Malcolm Bruce perform before, but I was impressed by his delivery and, of course, I like many of the Liberals' policies.

    Stuart, I think, may be going places in the future. Hopefully that will be in Edinburgh rather than London.

  3. I agree tris, Hosie was composed, confidant an' impressive. Bruce was good, but I was surprised tae see him as ah thought he was takin' mair o' a back seat these days. Murphy was Murphy an' ye've got tae feel just a wee bit sorry for Mundell.

    He obviously didnae want tae be there.