Thursday 1 April 2010


This is not something I’ve used the blog for to date, but I’m so impressed with ASDA that I thought I’d like to mention it....

A few weeks ago I decided I needed some new spec, and someone had mentioned ASDA to me, so I went along and booked an eye test. I was a little dubious, I suppose because it’s not a store I’m overly fond of, however, I duly turned up, was tested and chose my glasses from a range of designer brands at what I thought was a very low price of £70 for Jeff Banks frames with ultra thin lenses.

The really nice woman who was doing the necessary suggested I might like another pair... and I said No thanks... I mean I was pleased to save the money (I had been expecting to pay maybe £150) but I wasn’t going to blow it on another pair. But when she pointed out that I could have them for just another £20, I was flabbergasted.

Yes.... I got two pairs of designer famed, ultra thin lenses glasses for just £90!

Looking into it a bit further, you can have these two pairs for £90 even if they are different prescriptions (reading/long distance/computer) and if you want bifocals it’s only a few quid more.

The glasses are great, and the after sales service was perfect. (I found that they weren’t sitting just right on my face and had to get them refitted and this was done with no fuss and a load of smiles and jokes all round.) And they gave me a further sight test free to make sure that they had got it right. Excellent!

So... just a thought if you are considering new specs and there’s an ASDA close by you... remember....That’s ADSA Price!!


  1. D'ye know tris if they dae lorgnettes? Ah wis tryin' tae read the blogs while ah wis haein' ma tea the other night, an' ah've went an' got mince aw' ower them. Ah'm no wantin' tae rub them ower hard cos some o' the diamonds oan the frame are comin' loose. Ah suppose ah should've worn ma pince-nez while ah wis eatin'.

  2. erm yes Sophia... Perhaps you could uhm ... ask them.....

  3. Pity the rest of the shop is crap.

  4. Aye Rab... you're right there....

    It's a shame, but this was such a good offer and the service was so good, I thought I'd share it.... ya know, as a service to Munguin's republicans!!

  5. ASDA

    How down market is that...........

  6. Aye Niko, but still too posh for socialists!

    I work for Morrisons by the way...

  7. Och Mrs Mixed Pickle's been seen by my spies in Asda on numerous occasions getting her messages Niko, so don't give me your nonsense....

    You'll be getting stuck into Asda Steak and Kidney pie with Asda spuds and Asda carrots....for your tea tonight matey! (Or so I heard!)

    As a treat Asda trifle for afters if your good Niko.....

  8. Oh Morrison's Rab.... that explains why you'll be busy this weekend selling eggs off cheap (or cheep) (Did you get that?)...

    Oh well... yeah, they not long opened up in Dundee and they are very very good.....

    I wish they had a loyalty card though. Even though I pay ten pense less for things than I would in Sainbusy or Tesco, I still miss that loyalty card thing......

  9. Mr MixedPickle: why can't we comment on your site any more? I was going to invite you to Bute Houes to join me an Alex for a weep over Alex donating that £60K to his charity. And what a crying shame it is that it will go to help kids in Scotland instead of staying in the coffers at whitehall to help the cyclops and his brother get in another philipino cleaner. Quick I'm off to Asda to get a job lot of tissues!!

  10. LOl@ Munguin. Well done Alex for taking the money and giving it to charity. At least it comes to Scotland that way.

  11. Crikey Naldo, Willie Low's ... that's a memory.....and my granny shopped at Massey's in Lochee....

    Niko, of course, being from Edinburgh, is a Waitrows man...

  12. Sophie, have ye still goat they awfy lorgnettes ye yust tae wear whan ye stoated aroon in Commerical Street? Goad, whit a braw deal ye goat!

    I've never tried anyone other than my local optician for glasses and he knows how to charge. Mind you I have mine tinted and variofocals with thin lenses and a stigmatism. Doesn't come cheap Ah tell ye!

    Well done tris for highlighting good service though. It's few and far between these days and supermarkets are a necessary evil as Rab knows. (I shop there Rab just because of you you know).

    I'm with Naldo though - bring back Willie Lows. I used to work in the Peebles shop on Saturdays when I was s schoolgirl. Did orders and cleaned down all the machines and surfaces for 10 hours.

  13. SR... I bet she didnae get them frae ADSA.

    Geez, no wonder you need a mortgage for your specs SR.... Still, I'd give ASDA a try next time if I were you... It doesn't hurt to look into it.

    10 hour days at 14 huh SR?.... they knew how to make a lassie work in these days....

    I worked in teh Co-op, but only for 4 hours. Lord, that was enough.

  14. Aye SR they've lasted me weel. Mind, it's cos o' them that ah wis stoatin' doon' Commercial Street in the first place, whit wi' pushin' a pram fu' o' washin' at the same time. Now ma stoatin's caused wi' sciatica an' shortened calves.

    Ah'm a martyr tae high fashion me.

  15. Tris

    wife works at sainsburys we are getting 15% off at the moment good eh!...what with that and her share save shame Justin gone and joined the Torys

    Had a good look at me Comments Oooer! they was unable to post for some reason which not being IT Minded i dont understand...anyway up and running but not embedded like munguins will sort out later

  16. Brilliant when you get that kind of discount... mind you'd need 15% off their prices ....

    I don't suppose Mrs Mixed Pickle would like to do my shopping would she...? Would make a change from Aldi!

    Joined the Tories, you say? Do you get a discount on that too?

    Right... glad you got the comments sorted out. I was going to post last night and couldn't and then Munguin mentioned it to me today that he couldn't

    I understand you were going to have some sort of a bubble together.... Funny way to spend the day if you ask me....

  17. Sophia, you keep it up girl. High fashion is what makes China rich!

  18. Mr MixedPickle thats good I'll be over for that weep just as soon as you have it sorted out. Get out the Sainsbury tissues wont you?