Thursday 15 April 2010

Getting My Way, But Nicely, with Alex Salmond

With grateful thanks to Dubbieside who pointed me in the direction of this video on Key Board Warrior’s site.

Alex Salmond, who is always polite and respectful to everyone does the business and does it nicely...

Thanks Dubbieside. This is one I wouldn’t have wanted to miss.


  1. Always a pleasure, and we can now see the real reason the London lot don't want Alex on the stage with them. It wouldn't be a debate at all, it would be like cruelty to dumb animals. Alex would have made all three look like the pompous half wits they are.

  2. Can't add anything to that Munguin. Ain't he just someone you can look up to, be proud of instead of the greedy self serving rubbish we are used to in London?

  3. Tris

    As I said on KBW blog,

    Thats the reason why Alex Salmond is excluded from the "leaders debates.

    None of the three stooges could compete with him.

    This video deserves a wider audience.

    Thank you for giving this a wider audience. Now does anyone know how to get this on Blether with Brian?

  4. Pleasure Dubbieside. Yep Alex is Prime/First/Premier Minister quality, the rest are not.

  5. Teeheehee....when he's good, he's pretty damn good, eh?

    Still no convinced Eck and his party ars as left wing as i'd want them though. Come independence, i want real wealth redistribution and i cannae see the SNP deliverin that.

  6. Naldo: Take it a step at a time.

    After independence we will elect the governmnet the people of Scotland want.

  7. Excellent interview with the First Minister and as always he comes out on top. Easily the most formidable political opponent in the UK.

  8. He's bloody smooth you have to admit. Love watching Alex perform although, like Naldo, I have my reservations.

  9. Naldo & Scunnert. Being to far to the left and big government's employing the masses is what is draining and holding Scotland back from a slick enterprising economy that benefits us all.

    I think the SNP are fine where they are although I would like to see more done for local authority housing and control being put back in the hands of councils.

  10. Allan. He always does it nicely. He is always polite. It comes naturally. Good manners costs nothing, but the lack of them always makes his opponents look smaller.

    I remember that Kirty Wark interview where she treated him like rubbish because he had taken her friend jack's job, (and with it all the perks that as his mate she may have shared).

    He remained polite all the way through. When other people would have lost the rag with her becasue she was so biased, he kept smiling and said please and thank you.

    The dopey old dear had to make an official apology in the end. If the BBC had been less of a Labour Party mach9ine whe wold ahve been removed from top line political journalism for that (and a few other mistakes). She should be presenting CBBC. She thinks she's Paxman or Sue McGregor. She's not and she never will be.

    Eck's not perfect but he's more than head and shoulders above any other politician of rank in the UK.

  11. Kirsty looked and sounded like a haggered old witch on Newsnight last night. I thought the BBC had a policy of getting rid of washed out old crocks like her.

  12. Naldo Scunnert.... I think he does a job of steering us through this transitional phase.

    I’m not sure anyone else could do it.
    I think he’s a left of centre politician himself, but he has to take everyone with him if we are going to have independence.

    On important matters like making sure that poor people have enough money to eat and heat; to live reasonable lives, he’s a man to rally behind; on matters of relative unimportance like whether or not we have the queen and honours and titles, he’s harder to read.

    But Scotland must go into independence with all the people (or most of the people behind it). We have to have a functioning economy. Oil won’t last for ever and we have to create the means by which the next industrial revolution can flourish, providing work for our people. At the same time we need to ensure that folk live decent lives out of the riches that Scotland will always be able to produce because that’s the sort of folk we are.

    It’s a hard game to keep all these balls in the air when the London lot are telling us we’d all be poor and starving if we didn’t have the mother country to support us. Some said we’d be living like Albanians, didn’t they?

    Overall, I’m happy that he’s leading us through this.

    Perfect? Nah, but good? Oh yes. Imagine having Iain Gray replace him......

  13. She's a Labour person Munguin, and she's the token woman on these things. She is useless and she's got a voice that would sour milk.

    But she thinks she's Erchie!

  14. Allan: They've just started builing local authoriy housing for the first time in many years... and these idiots in the Labour Party call us Tartan Tories.... geeeeeeez. Them the Red Tories. I know real Tories that are to the left of them (Dean).

    We must look after our population. They need decent housing, not the fetted piles of decay that some people live in. Some of these estates would shame the third world.

    But it has to be done on pocket money at the moment.


  15. I’m sorry that wasn’t very nice or polite of me to criticise Kirst in that way. Let me rephrase my criticism of the 55 year old presenter (yes really 55!). She was great friend of the Great Helmsman, Donald Dewar, who appointed her to the Scottish Parliament Building Design Selection Panel, which chose Enric Miralles' design for the new parliament. Curious in light of the fact that she studied History at Edinburgh University before joining the BBC in 1976. So why did TGH think she would be in any way suitable for such a role? Questioned by the Fraser Inquiry, set up to investigate the building's massive cost overruns, she said: "There was no way that we were making a decision on economically the most advantageous tender; you would have ended up with a shed . . . it was [about] getting a building which was the most exciting, innovative building . . .”. So thanks for that incisive design critique Kirst. Easy to see it wasn’t your money you were wasting, maybe you should stick to being rude to people that’s what you are good at, or not as the case may be!

  16. Now then Munguin... did the great Helmsman ever get himself interviewed on Ms Wark's programme?

    Just wondered.

    I just think that if you are going into the studio to be hauled over the coals for some idiotic mistake in government (sorry executivement in his case) it's always handy to have an interviewer to whom you've given a nice wee prestigeous sideline.

    It sometimes helps to ease out some of the bumps in your career....

    Just a thought.

  17. Not that I'm suggesting ..... erm....anything at all.... I want to make that chrystal clear...

  18. Tris I remember that infamous Wark interview and the woman was a disgrace and her standards only let herself down,so bad in fact that she had to apologise as you rightly pointed out.

    I think some in the media have to act OTT when interviewing Salmond because they know it wont be a walk in the park like as if it were with some Labour Jessy!

  19. I agree Tris! We need to build more affordable homes to rent so people who work for vital public services can live within a decent distance of where they work and families can move out of temporary accommodation and into a proper secure home. The very people Labour have ignored.

  20. Allan: That's a good point. They are scared of him, so they bully rather than ask. He's scarily bright!

    Yes...all the people that Labour have ignored.... are the people that Labour was supposed be about, and in the rush to court the bankers and the Cities of Edinburgh and London financial people, forgot all about.