Friday 9 April 2010


Even before the Labour party launched their campaign in Stirling today, the SNP were quick out the stalls with a mock-up of the poster Labour were unveiling.

Highlighting how only by voting for SNP Champions could people beat the cuts proposed by Labour and the Tories the SNP’s election campaign co-ordinator Stewart Hosie said:

“Labour’s poster is a desperate attempt to mislead voters who know they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the ‘deeper and tougher’ cuts. The fact that the SNP can pre-empt their poster shows how tired and out of touch Labour has become. They are literally flogging a dead horse.

“The real issue in this election is how Scotland can stop the cuts planned by both the Labour and Tory parties. Only by voting for SNP Champions can we have fewer cuts. More votes for the SNP means More Nats, and More Nats means Less Cuts.”

Pics: SNP poster, Labour's poster, Stewart Hosie.


  1. Good one. Nobody has swallowed that 2 horse baloney. Not even their own! Just go over to Kezia Dugdale's blog (supposedly the best Labour blog in Scotland) and see how many posts in the last month (and there have not been many) attacked the other supposed horse in this "two horse" race, and how many attacked the so called "irrelevant" SNP.

    But despite me repeatedly asking her why she continues to view the SNP as a threat and not the Tories, as her leader with the big nose in Dover House has told her to, there was no answer. What a way to run the best Labour blog in Scotland eh? Easy to see why it only actually got 5 votes. (I think that is all that read it and can you blame them with a post rate of one every eleven days?)

  2. Maybe they want it to look as if it's the Tories they are up against in Scotland so that when the Tories only get 2 or 3 seats, they will be able to crow.

    On the other hand, they are bound to get more seats than the SNP, with their slavish followers in the west central belt, so I don't know why they are scared to think of the SNP as their main opponents in Scotland.

    Perhaps they just don't want to tackle Alex Salmond face to face.

    I can see what they mean of course. The next yUK government will be Tory or it will be Labour. But they really should try to face the reality that in Scotland their real opponents are not the people with one seat. It shows some sort of escape from reality if they seriously think that in Scotland they must persuade people NOT to vote Tory.

    As for Dugdale, and her "best Labour blog in Scotland" nonsense... well, as you say, she got 5 votes from the public. The public being the whole blogosphere in the whole world....and 5 votes.... Surely that says all that needs to be said on the subject.

  3. Guys come on now..

    you can't say that the SNP are forced to make tough decisions like cutting the Glasgow-Airport rail link...but a vote for them will mean no cuts at Westminster...

    cake and eat it comes to mind guys...not that I wish to be a new 'Peter' type!

  4. Phew Dean, I'm relieved you included your last sentence. For a minute there I thought you had been on a Mandelson course!

    Is this the SNP finally waking up to start countering labour dirty tricks? At long last and long may it continue.

    Good to see them getting off the blocks quickly on this one. We need more of the same.

  5. Well, it's a fair point Dean... But wehat our slogan says is More Nats, LESS (although some would argue that FEWER is preferred grammacitally speaking)Cuts.

    Not NO cuts.

    Eck knows there will be cuts. His cuts so far have been in ministerial travel and pay, and administration costs of the government. Yep they said no to something which would have been relatively handy to some people, but not vital (GARL)... but we really can't have everything and Glasgow seems to be in constant road building status, so they do get their money's worth out of us.

    The things we want to see cut are things like the £100,000, 000 cost of Trident!

  6. PS Dean... you could never be the dark lord type mate. You need a thousand years' training in nastiness for that. You're far too nice!

  7. SR. I agree, sometime the SNP are just too nice.

    When you're playing with the likes of Mandlebum you have to at least do a brief course in unpleasantness.

    I thought it was a really clever slogan... I bet Labour is hopping mad we launched it before they did.... eejits!