Wednesday 28 April 2010

BIGOTGATE- (Gordon Brown thinks voters are bigots.)

Oh Dear! Does anything this man does, turn out right? He asked for the microphone so that he could be heard mixing with ordinary people, talking to them just as if they were equals. And it worked well, until it all went wrong.

It’s up there with the best: Bastardgate when John Major described his uppity Eurosceptic cabinet members with little affection as “bastards”; Ronald Regan said to an aid that bombing of Russia (he meant the USSR) began in 5 minutes or worst of all Bloody People Gate when The Duke of Rothsay smiling and through gritted teeth whispered to Wills and Harry that Nicholas Witchell was a awful man whom he couldn’t stand.

You’d think that these people would have a bit more nous.

Remember that’s what they REALLY think of us.


  1. Ah've actually had tae put ma rubber blanket doon on ma settee, ah'm laughing sae hard.

    As ye say tris, it wis aw gaun sae weel fer auld Mr Broon. He wis oot an' aboot, lookin' like an ordinary person, gaun up tae auld wumen in the street, smilin' at them an' patronisin' them like he had been daein' it fer years.

    Then he jumps intae his car an' keichs hissel'.

    Just like an auld man.

    An' then he makes it worse by comin' oot o' her hoose, sayin' he's a 'penitent sinner' like he's just met the Pope, while smilin' that wierd smile o' his like he's a priest comin' oot o' a weans birthday pairty.

    The man's gein' me the dry boak.

  2. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

    the snp lost again shut your mouth Alex Salmond
    the Westminster election is nothing to do with you.

    Good day for democracy we wont be forced to listen to a lower league politico like wee Alex Salmond.....

    Bias any normal person will be biased against Alex Salmond haranguing them from their TVs..........when he isnt even in the election

  3. Have ye been watchin' the telly Mr Myxamitosis?

  4. The main point about this is Browns reaction to the woman.

    She was (past tense I hope) a Labour voter with what to her were genuine concerns about the effect eastern European immigration was having on employment in her area. It is obvious that Brown has no time for any other view but his own, which explains why virtually all of his "meet the public" photo ops are stage managed with only Labour party members.

    What was truly vomit inducing was the "nice to meet you, how are the grandchildren" then in the car the mask slipped and the real Brown showed up. First it was who can I blame, then she is a bigot.

    Brown all phony spin and no substance.

    You only need to look at the second post to see the damage that this will cause. Full panic mode I think.

  5. Broon is a glaikit eejit whose time is up. He'll now be off to get a job with the Carlyle Group.

  6. It's always illuminating when politicians speak "off mike"
    The lack of respect and contempt for ordinary people is often quite astonishing.

  7. Even though the words were muttered in private it still shows the two faced nature of Brown. Smile and say nice things on camera then say what you really think away from the camera.

    Lol @ dear Sophia Pangloss. Such a subtle way with words.

  8. Mr Mxyzptlk

    Such a well thought out and pertinent contribution to the discussion. NOT!

  9. He insisted on having the microphone so that we could all enjoy his ordinariness meeting the hard working people of Britain and glad handing them big time. Then he jumps into chauffer driven car and lets out what he really thinks of us.

  10. Like ah said, he thinks we're aw keich.

  11. Apparently it was all a misunderstanding. Who does he think he is kidding? Nobody is going to believe his crocodile tears.

  12. Right enough he is two faced and can't brook any opinion other than his own. Anyone who does not agree is a bigot.

  13. My opinion of Prince Charles shot up with that clip! He was dead on!

    As for Brown, he is such a foolish man, even if the woman was percievably anti-immigrant, does that really justify calling a LIFE LONG Labour supporter "Just some bigoted old woman"?

    Nah, of course it doesn't!

  14. Mr MixedPickle feel free to comment but can you please try to make your comments make sense. We are not psychic. Or did you post on this by mistake. There are a lot of them about today! Do feel free to start weeping at any time.

  15. Dubbie: The Cyclops is always vomit inducing. I normally turn him off in order not to nake an emergency visit to the toilet. You pretty much sum it up there.

  16. All his posts are by mistake Munguin.

  17. Dean I see so you approve of our unelected head of state making disparaging and rude comments. You must absolutely love Prince Philip. There is never a bigot around when you need one is there?

  18. Dean that should be head of state to be.

  19. I have just seen a guy on TV (I did't get his name)who has done an unofficial biography and he said that Gordon Brown does not understand the English working class who are essentially bigots. And that explains the rise of the BNP in England but not Scotland. I think that is a bit of a simplification but has an element of truth about it having actually now heard what Mrs Duffy said.

  20. Huv ye clocked the Coffee Hoose (spit) oan 10 reasons why auld Mr Broon jist marked his cairds?

    Pit them th'gither an' it looks awfy awfy bad fer the puir auld man.

  21. Munguin

    Do apologise old chap in a bit of a rush(had to take Mrs M for a MRI scan ) just saw the title BIGOTGATE- and naturally assumed it was concerning Alex Salmond as one would.........


    and this is just for you

  22. Naturally Mr MixedPickle another easy mistake to make, there have been so many clangers today. But of course Alex has not gone around today calling people bigots though has he? Whereas gordon Brown er has!

  23. Thanks Mr Myxini, raither look at a colliflooer than ony o' your semantically-challenged ootpourins o' guff.

    Ah really dinnae ken why ye bother.

  24. Dean: Prince Charles was talking about the BBC Royal Correspondent who’s always been a loyal royalist. Charles, it appears, looks down on him.

    According to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, without the publicity from people like Mr Witchell, the royals would fade and wither on the vine.

    Regardless of your view of them Dean... if no one reported on them, people would forget they existed and would start to question whether they were worth spending money on.

    People like Witchell are their life’s blood.

    I’m not sure why it was good for Charlie to be rude about an ordinary man doing his job, and Gordon was an ass for doing the same about that woman.

  25. Niko. Hope Mrs M's OK.

  26. Tris: Big Ears looks down on everyone, except perhaps for mummy when she is handing him the latest bauble from the British Empire or from the Royal Horticultural Society. And that is only because he wishes she would hurry up and go away so he can get on with his birthright.

  27. Scunnert: I think he just doewn't understand people and he's a bad tempered old git...

    But I think it's curtains.

  28. Tris/Munguin,

    Prince Charles is entitled to say rude things about such people- it is the Nicholas Witchell type of person who lower the royal family into the mire of 'celebie culture'. Whatever happened to the good old days when people respected the privacy of Her Majesties family?

    It is not his place to ask questions uless invited to do so, this is traditional protocol when dealing with any HRH or indeed someone of the blood royal.

    So naturally I approve of Prince Charles defending his right to be treated in a mannor more suitable to his position.

    Oh, and Munguin, is it any better to call the Duke of Rothsay a bigot? Or indeed imply that I am?

  29. Dean: First of all what happened was that Prince Philip came along.

    He was responsible in the 50s and 60s for modernising the royal family. He saw, perhaps because he came from royal families that had moved into the 20th century, that you couldn’t keep up the kind of lifestyles that they royals had.

    He invited the press in; he did away with the debutantes coming out; he made royals accessible; he made films about the royals; he arranged for the queen to give her first ever interview.

    He knew that royalty depends for its survival on being seen, and understood. ‘The day that they stop being interested in us’, said Philip, ‘is the day they will wonder why the keep us’. (More of less.)

    Charles wasn’t hijacked in that film. He and his sons were giving a press conference. He had absolutely no right to be rude to a person who, as I said, is a devoted royalist. You can’t give a press conference and wait expect people to wait till you answer questions that haven’t been asked.

    The day that he gives a press conference and no one turns up because none of the working class press is going to print the story over pages 1-8 is the day that the royals better start packing tier bags.

    That’s not a republican view, it’s a practical one.

    Dean. I have never implied that you are a bigot. And you know me well enough to know that I would not do so.

    Brown wasn’t being a bigot. He was being two faced, not to mention trying to blame it all on one of his staff. One minute it was how this woman was the salt of the earth and the next minute she was a bigot.

    Rothsay wasn’t being a bigot. He was just being rude to a man who disseminates information about him, good and bad alike.

  30. Dean: I implied that Prince Philip was a bigot and I think most people would agree that he is (and he is the Duke of Edinburgh not Rothsay). Are you going to say that Philip is not a bigot?

    I did not imply anything about you. As you say yourself you think that Prince Charles has a God given right to be rude to whoever he likes and ought to be treated with respect at all times because he is royal. What you ought to say is that you approve of Prince Charles being treated better than everyone else. In fact what you are saying is that he is better than everyone else. Well I’m sorry he is just a man like me and millions of others no accident of birth is going to change that.

    Let’s all go back to the good old days when the King/Queen could have you murdered even if you were the Archbishop of Canterbury or could defy the established religion because he wanted a divorce. In fact why not go back to the King actually ruling by royal decree, we won’t get any stronger government than that will we?

  31. Tris

    Your reply to Scunnert, is that big Chic or Brown you are talking about. Could fit either.

    Big Chic the only person ever to get into university with "O" levels in basket weaving and plasticine molding.

    Great video from Guido on Browns great day at the ranch.

  32. Am I showing my age when I say the word 'bigot' is far worse than swearing? I have always believed it was a label you gave to someone who was extremely racist.

    Some in the media say it could be worse if he'd f'd and blinded. I think not. Being called a bigot is perhaps one of the worst insults anyone could throw at me.

    And to think he came out of her house with that fixed grimace saying his apology had been accepted. Just can't express what I felt.

    Gawd, I really do detest the man.

  33. Well, it was Brown, but now you come to mention it, it's Charles too. To be given everything in life, and to eventually get to marry the woman you wanted all along, and...all on £16,000,000 year, and he still has a face like someone stole his scone.

    What some of the people I work with would give for the tinyest fraction of what he's got and been given as of right. Never had to a real day's work for it either.

    As for Brown. He just should have known better than to try to meet ordinary English working class people. He's so far away from them in every wasy, it is silly.

    He'd have been far better to stick to meeting the primed and ready people that he usually comes up against, who have a script and don't ask anything controversial.

    A large section of the English working classes can't stand anything that is any different from them. They don't like toffs, Jews, Southerners/Northerners, Muslims, French, Foreigners, West Ham supporters, Wolves' supporters....whatever....

    Brown should have known that and avoided them. He's sjust no idea.

    Of course the idiot Cameron is straying into territory where he can be embarrassed too. Better to stick to the ladies' circle morning coffee Dave

  34. Oh and DS... thanks for the heads up... Great wee video.

  35. Well, I'm not sure SR. I hadn't really thought about that. A bigot to me is someone who has a fixed idea about what ever. It's not necessarily about race. It could be youth, or poofs or jews or race or ... I suppose, anything.

    I truly don't know... duh, I'm non line, I can look it up... hold on, I'll be back (talk among yourself).

    Right... you still here?

    According to Wiki, the definition is as follows:

    "A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

    "The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing devotion.

    So it is a horrible insult, because it implies an inability to think beyond one's own narrow parameters.

    It could have been worse for him ... he could have called here the "C" word. I think that’s worse, but I’m not a 66 year old woman!!!!!***!!!

    I agree; the smiles after he came out of her house were really quite stomach churning.

    Whatever, this bloke is dead meat. The Labour Party will chop him up and feed him to the cat at No 10. Can you just imagine how incandescent Pete Mandleson is tonight....?

  36. No one has seen Mrs Duffy since the gorgons visit this afternoon. I hope she hasn't been David Kelly'd with her body hidden until after the election. The curse of jonah visiting your house is a dangerous thing indeed.

  37. Tris/Munguin,

    Ah thats fine then, for a moment I had thought you were both calling me Prince Charles [the DoR I know] and Prince Phillip bigots! Sorry for that, just my paranoia it seems :)

    But onto the more substantive point about the monarchy; surely it is vital that people are in awe of monarchs, and do not see them as just any old family! They should feel a sense of utter duty to serve the Head of State in all things- it is good for the stability of the nation.

  38. Ha ha. Anon, surely Mr Brown isn't quite that mad, or is he........?

    I think I heard Mrs Duffy had employed a PR firm.... Maybe Max Clifford smelled a few bob to be made and contacted her tout de suite....

  39. Dean: Speak to the Duke of Edinburgh. From where he stood in the 1950s he saw the royal family becoming less and less relevant in the post war years.

    They had been the heart and soul of the country during the war, but post war was a very different Britain. Men returning from war to the promise of a green and pleasant land for which they had fought were somewhat disgruntled to see a brown and broken land.

    Women who had spent the war doing all the things that they would have never been considered capable of doing were shirty about being put back to the kitchen.

    People had had enough of towing the line and tipping their caps. The Duke saw that. He’d been with ordinary people during the war despite his royal status. She was totally unaware of anything of course, because that’s the way they are kept. School in the palace with a governess. People bowing and scraping since they were toddlers.

    The Queen trusted Philip to help her through, in what after all was a man’s world of politics, war, and governance. He warned her that the old court was so out of line with the second half opf the century, post war Britain that it was dangerous.

    People who had fought for them in the war were hopelessly badly housed, and they were throwing balls for the daughters of the rich during “the season” in London. It had to change. He said that if they carried on like that, only ever being of relevance to the upper classes, the working people would wonder what on earth they were paying for. It had happened before in the reign of Victoria after all.

    It was he who modernised them, as I’ve been saying all the way through the post. Read a biography of Philip if you have the time. It’s a good read, because he’s had an interesting life.

    But that is who you have to thank for the modernised royal family.

    Yeah, I knew you didn’t think either of us would call you a bigot.

  40. SR: The etymology is actually fascinating, and in part rather funny: I quote from Wiki.

    The exact origin of the word is unknown, but it may have come from the German bei and gott, or the English by God. William Camden wrote that the Normans were first called bigots, when their Duke Rollo, who when receiving Gisla, daughter of King Charles, in marriage, and with her the investiture of the dukedom, refused to kiss the king's foot in token of subjection - unless the king would hold it out for that specific purpose. When being urged to do it by those present, Rollo answered hastily "No, by God", whereupon the King, turning about, called him bigot, which then passed from him to his people. This is quite probably fictional, as Gisla is unknown in Frankish sources.

    The 12th century Charlotte B J Anglo-Norman author Wace claimed that bigot was an insult which the French used against the Normans, but it is unclear whether or not this is how it entered the English language.

    According to Egon Friedell, "bigot" is of the same root as "visigoth". In Vulgar Latin, the initial v transformed into b (a phenomenon today encountered in Iberian languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese; visi had truncated into bi in Vulgar Latin (a phenomenon common in French and Portuguese).

    Sorry linguistics is my PG subject, so I'm an anorak about it.

  41. The Queen hardly le a sheltered existance during the war! She worked as a driver, a machanic during the war and the blitz! She toured the bombed out ruins, Tris- don't paint Elizabeth II & I as some isolated darling.

    As for Philips 'modernising', it led to Diana, and look what damage she did to the Royal institution! I shall not say any of that celebie nonsense helps the monarchy.

  42. Pickin' up Subrosa's point, ah have tae say it might have been better if Mr Broon had called Mrs Duffy a sweerie word, even the C yin. No for her obviously, ah'm sure she wid've been black-affronted, an' it widnae have been great for him either.

    But by callin' her a bigot he managed tae spread the dirt tae a great part o' the electorate. Sadly, ah think there are mair bigots oot there, many o' them Labour voters, than there are C***s.

    There are certainly plenty o' folk worryin' aboot immigration, misguided tho they may be, an' they feel that the Prime Meenister jist insulted them.

  43. Well Dean, I can;'t argue, because I wasn't there, but I suspect that Elizabeth was not treated just like anyone else. She really wouldn't have been subjected to hearing ordinary people talk ordinarily. Not the way royalty was treated in these days.

    Philip on the other hand was just a sailor.

    But read up on Philip's modernisation, I beg you

  44. I take your well made point Sophia.

    I hadn't thought of it like that.

    What'd I do without you? :-)

  45. Dean, dinnae let twa pictures o' Elizabeth sittin' oan a tractor fool ye intae thinkin' she wis Dockyaird Doris.

    "She toured the bombed-out ruins" Eh?

    She visited somebody's gairden hut that had blawn ower, an' got her photie ta'en.

  46. Sophia, I wish you wouldn't make me laugh so loud at this time of night. Cheap houses have thin walls and I'm getting complaints.

  47. Her mother, the auld Queen, made great play o' visitin' the bombsites "So that ah kin look the EastEnders in the een"

    Whit she didnae let oan wis that she took her man an' the weans back tae Windsor Castle every night, so they wid be safe as, well safe as castles actually.

  48. I am in awe of the monarchy. I’m in awe of their bare faced cheek and in awe the fact that in this day and age they are still getting away with it.