Wednesday 14 April 2010

Never mind the Cillit Bang: Vote for Champion Clean on a 5 year free trial

Alex Salmond yesterday joined John Mason, SNP candidate for Glasgow East on the much needed campaign to clean up Glasgow. And they launched the SNP's latest brilliant campaign poster "Champion Clean".

I don’t know who is responsible for these posters but I wish I did. He or she (or they) is/are brilliant and I’d love to do some back patting.

Alex rightly pointed out that John was a real local champion as the working example for the SNP’s “Champion’s Charter”, a Community Commitment that all SNP candidates will sign up to.

The SNP leader gave his full backing to John Mason’s campaign to clean up Glasgow and hit out at the Labour party for brushing the issue under the carpet.

The First Minister said in his speech: “As both a councillor and then an MP, John Mason is proving he is a true local champion for Glasgow. His stunning by-election win sent shockwaves all the way to Westminster: the people of Glasgow will not be taken for granted.

“This coming election is a chance for local people to send that message again – but this time to the City Chambers and to Labour across this city – it is time to clean up Glasgow. John Mason has set the standard people want their local MP to meet and he has put the actions of typical Westminster politicians to shame. His commitment to his constituents will be replicated across the country by a strong team of SNP candidates working to be true local champions for their community and national champions for Scotland.”

How right Alex is. If we could only have a majority of Scottish MPs who cared first about the people that they were there to serve, and ab
out Scotland, and cared less about doing what their masters in London whip them to do
, and of course about self aggrandisement and in many cases self enrichment, then just imagine what we could achieve for our country.

Scotland needs local champions to fight for them in London. Vote SNP for your local champion.

Photographs: Champion Clean and its wielder John Mason.


  1. Bit gaudy for me Tris, but eye-catching and certainly gets the message across. I've pinched it. ;)

  2. What? You cleaning your kitchen out SR? Oh, you mean your pinched the picture... gotcha

    I think it's great. Of course I wouldn't do my lobby press out in colours like that, but on a billboard it will do well...

    And it's amusing enough to stay in people's memories. It shows a sense of humour, which is no bad thing to be associated with the party.

    Seriously pinch it all you like. The more it's seen the better.

    I think they need money for the camplaign too, so we can have more posters like that.

    All donations welcome! (to the SNP, not me!)