Thursday 29 April 2010


What is it with people who get promoted into “self important” positions and suddenly think that we couldn’t do without them; that they are so special they can’t travel like the rest of us?

We’ve had all the MPs who thought that, in the spirit of the Green Book, it was absolutely necessary for them to have duck houses, manure, hanging baskets, Tudor beams and first class rail travel, etc, etc in older for them to carry out their duties. Then we had aristocrats’ house with its nonsenses.

Now we have this knob Alan Yentob, the BBC Creative Director darling (what on earth is that?), who couldn’t possibly do his job if he didn’t travel business class.

He was defending his claim for a return to New York which cost licence fee payers £3,381.

He pointed out that he had been with the BBC for 40 years and that he was quite a senior figure at the organization. On arriving in New York he gave a talk to an organization (he didn’t say which), then he was filming in the afternoon, then he returned within about 24 hours to London to work straight away.

“Now do you think I should have travelled economy to do that? Because I wouldn’t have been capable of doing the job. I am not quite capable of doing all those things at once.” he said.

What? I know people on a tenth of what you earn who could do that easily.

OK Alan, you poor old thing. Here’s a wee tip, just between you and me. You need to learn to plan your time a little bit more effectively and delegate more.

Why did YOU have to give that talk? Was it an ego thing? Could you have recorded it and sent the video across the internet?

Why were you filming? You are the Creative Director? Why does the Creative Director film? Is that not the job of your vast raft of underlings? If you want to keep your hand in did you need to go all the way to New York? Nothing for the BBC to film in London?

If you HAVE to go to New York, because nothing else will do, arrange for a day off when you come back. You must realize that you are not indispensible. The BBC managed the day you were in New York, it'll manage the next day too. So get over yourself and your big head.

You are so lucky to have a job you clearly like and which pays you £183,000 a year. There are cuts being made all over the country, and bigger ones, between 4 and 8 times the size of the ones promised, just waiting to appear in the next year, if we don’t want to be in the same boat as Greece.

The BBC and your soft feather bed ass are going to have to join the real world. In your case it may be that you have to travel cattle class like the rest of us. Thank your lucky stars. In some people’s cases, it’s the help they need to get out of bed in the morning that is being removed.

Put that in your creative pipe and smoke it, you self important muppet.

Pics: Alan Yentob and Alan Yentob’s living room. Very creative. But when is he going to get that door fitted, the pictures hung and the books put away?


  1. Those chairs don't look comfy either. If you lean back on them you'll impale the back of your head on the pointy bit.

  2. He he Loon. Nice to see you here....

    How's Forfar today? Sunny but cold down in Dundee.

    You're right about the chairs, but Yentob is too important and busy to have time to sit on his chairs. He's flying off to Timbuktu to give a talk on something that MUST be talked about....darling.

    It certainly doesn't look a comfortable living room, does it?

  3. I know army officers who do that kind of thing regularly get are forced to travel cattle class. They go to international conferences which discuss international military matters and speak on behalf of the UK.

    Then of course, once they've done their bit, they come back to the UK where they are responsible for the lives of many.

    Wouldn't it be interesting to see if Mr Yentob could manage such a trip to the US without all his pampering.

  4. Mr Yentobs isn't able to do all that, but he is worth £183,000 year.

    Perchance if you are a creative director your butt comes in another shape from the one that most of us have, that fit into aircraft seats so cramped that we require to get up and walk about teh plane from time to time to stop blood clots.

    I don't know. I've never really been that incredibly creative.

    It's a pity though that with Mr Yentob at the helm, the BBC pumps out a load of uncreative tat most of the time.

    We live in a very strange country, with very strange priorities. But we all sit here and take all the garbage that people throw at us.

    Weird lot Brits.

  5. My job often sees me traveling through to Glasgow and I often use the train. The company I work for do reimburse my fares and would be happy if I traveled first class! So long that I made up the difference from my own pocket.

    Alan Yentob can also travel first class but don't expect the rest of us to pay for the spoilt brats luxury travel.

  6. Great I see Salmond is on Question time!

  7. I'll go switch on now Allan... I'd forgotten....



  8. Yes, I agree Allan. Most of us are this position. It's the sense of self importance that we have to pay for him to go business class becasue otherwise he would miss a day's work at teh BBC catchingup on sleep (not sure why).

    Why does he think the BBC wouldn't operate without him, and that on top of his salary we need to pay an extra £3,000 thereby, so that he can be at his desk the next day.

    No one would bloody well notice you tosser. And when you pop your clogs, no doubt it will not be necessary to close down the BBC for good!

    In any case if the knob is that indispensible he should send an underling to NY!

  9. GRRRRRRRRRRR The awful Ed Balls is on the programme too, and the old bigot Fox too.

  10. Tris I agree and I doubt anyone would miss the guy if he snuffed it. If someone asked me who Mr Yentobs was before I read your article then I would had been struggling.

    Lol I had the same thoughts as well when I saw they had Ed Balls and Fox on question time. Both guys were minced by the big red head which I thought was hilarious.

  11. Totally. Janet was good. So was Alex, but the star was that girl who got angry with Fox in particular but all of them for not answering questions, and treating the public with disrespect.


  12. Its great when members of the public challenge the politicians because the questions tend to be quite raw in nature and leave very little room for the politicians to wriggle.

  13. Yeah. She told him the way it was. You work for us, we pay you. Don't lie. Tell us the truth.

    The truth of course would be political suiside for any part to tell.

    It is horrific.

    As I said last week, enjoy the last few weeks of living the way we do.

    What's the betting VAT is going up... big time.