Saturday 24 April 2010


All the way through the presidential election process which lasted over a year, my mate in the States kept me up to date with what was going on in the election. He sent me videos, reports and cuttings, and I was fascinated.... but of course I could turn on the radio or pick up a paper without having it rammed down my throat. Heaven help us, we can’t do that when it’s happening in our own country.... Even at the weekend, it’s business as usual.

So today the First Lord of the Treasury pretended he was a normal human and made an appearance with an Elvis impersonator. Right. Good idea. He then gave us a long story about what the Tories will do to the health service. Except the Tories won’t be running the health service; the SNP will be. So we are not interested. It was more relevant that he was seen, apparently smiling, with this singer blokey. (That is a smile, right?)

Dave pretended he was an ordinary person by going to his sister’s wedding. But he was only normal for half the day. The rest of the time he was telling us that Brown was “the prime minister nobody voted for”. He promised to change a system which allowed him to take over from Tony Blair in 2007, as indeed it had with John Major in 1990. Remember him Dave? That’s fair enough and it’s welcome but he added that a coalition government could also result in a prime minister who wasn’t voted for by the public.

“You should hold office because the people vote for you, not because your party has stitched up some deal”. Hoy Mr Cameron. No one votes for a Prime Minister in this union. We vote for the local MP, one of them will be the prime minister, the party decided who leads it, and technically the Queen decides whom she will send for. So you’re not going to be the president. You’ll be the prime minister (maybe). I hope you enjoyed the wedding.

Nick’s kids had been on holiday and got caught in Spain because of the flight problems, so he maybe was the one that came out closest to being a human being, by taking the day off to spend it with his family, thereby giving us a day free of his pronouncements as a bit of a bonus.

So, that’s what they were doing in England. In Scotland they were fighting about a wee tiny logo on a brilliant poster and Iain Gray saying that he didn’t know why Alex Salmond was “so desperate to get into an election where is not standing that he is willing to stoop to try and smear the Prime Minister of our country”.

Quite apart from the sickening sycophancy, wasn’t it Iain Gray who was standing on a platform only last week launching a manifesto for an election that HE’s not standing in? As so often when trying to work out the goings on in Labour’s hierarchy my only reaction is... DUH!

And then there’s the broadcast... I wonder why they didn’t ask me to be in it.


  1. I love this blog. It's one of the few I genuinely admire, politics be damned.

    Sorry - just felt like saying that.

  2. Well done for mentioning the fact the UK doesn't elect a PM Tris. Stupid Cameron.

    Nick Clegg spent the day with his children? I saw him on TV and he was walking somewhere with only his wife. Anyway his children have been enjoying luxury with their grandad I believe so they were fine. They weren't holed up in some airport.

    Naw, none of them impresses me.

    Don't forget Sky News 10.30am. Scottish Leaders Debate with Alex Salmond and erm... auch I've forgotten the rest.

  3. Hey Denverthen. I'm really glad you like the blog, wow, actually I'm knocked out by the compliment. Thank you very much. Actually, it's the second compliment I've had in the last 24 hours, it's not my birthday is it?


    Thanks mate... hey... your bog's none too shoddy either :-)

  4. SR... If it's Scottish leaders' names your looking for there's ...erm... there's erm... uh...damn... och, I know there's someone besides the big man... it'll come back to me, maybe. Just not in the middle of the night I hope.

  5. Politics be damned right enough denverthen. That could well be the theme o' this damned election.

    Ah thocht ah had owerdone the puff in ma sugarpuffs when ah saw auld Mr Broon dancin' wi' that man in fancy dress. He must be gaun' funny in the heid startin' that caper. Whit if he had startit singin' "Until it's time fer ye tae go" or "Wear ma ring aroon' yer neck"

    He can be an awfy embarassment Mr Broon.

    Yer right tae be no happy wi' the nature o' this election tho' tris. It's no good for the country, an' it cuts tae the heart o' oor scunnerment wi' politics. If this poll's aw tae dae wi' thae three men, if the debates atween them are so important, then why dae we hae tae pay for a hoose for oor MP tae stay in oor constituency? If aw they are is an electoral college for a president, an' tae their further shame rubber-stampin' lobby fodder for an autocratic executive, then tae London an' Hell wi' them.

  6. Another pile of common sense Sophia. I wonder how much parliament costs... Lords, Commons, Royalty et al...

    And if it's about these three men, well if it costs any more than £15.75 we've been diddled.
    (That's 15 guineas for posh folk)

  7. Ah'm never very taken wi' Party Political Broadcasts. They're why political parties dinnae make films. Can ye imagine standin' in a line in the rain, waitin' tae get intae the Regal, or mibbe the Gaeity, payin' a shillin' or mair, tae get in fer a programme o' that keich oan a Saturday night?

    Ah like the wans where it's jist wan face, talkin' serious tae the camera as it closes in oan his face. They're awfy dramatic, it's like watchin' Orson Wells, ah get scared nae matter whit they're talkin' aboot. Often ah dinnae even listen. Ah usually think they've declared war, or else the auld Queen's deid. Ah get ma hankie oot either way.

    Noo aw' ye get is happy smilin' folks gaun tae a pairty, lookin' like a bus trip fae the big hoose, like votin' was a legal high.

    Makes ye seek.

  8. Stop it... I don't want to be shaking with laughter at this time of night. It just wakes me up.... LOL

  9. Yer right, ah should behave masel'. Ah must've made ma cocoa too strong again.