Monday 16 February 2015



  1. tris

    Love it ! just love it ! no wonder he hasnt been seen or heard off
    since all this HSBC debacle became common knowledge .

    if ed cant decapitate Cameron at PMQs this week ????
    well he just better !!!!!

    1. My god... I've pleased Niko!

      Pass the Smelling Salts someone!

    2. It's even better Niko as saviour Jim has been funded by them also, he he.

      Call for investigation into Murphy donations

      It was reported in The Times on Thursday 12 February that Sir David intends to donate “tens of thousands” of pounds to the Scottish Labour Party, stating leader Jim Murphy “needs any assistance he can obtain”

      Allin it together right enough.

    3. Well here's hoping that he doesn't end up in the same mess Niko, his Party is down 6 points in the polls in England after a very bad week for the Tories, Payback is a bitch ain't it.

    4. The trouble is that THEY are all in THAT together.

      Now Ed Balls tells everyone that he always gets receipts for anything he pays in cash. Always has. (We'll not mention, for the moment, the nice wee scam that he and Yvette had of claiming double allowances on their homes.)

      The trouble is that, from what I heard on the radio this morning, the Times unearthed his window cleaner of many years and , guess what?

      It seems Mr Balls may have been economical with the truth!

    5. What Liebore lying, well never heard that before. Kind of like Jim Murphy travelling all the way from South Africa, aged 12 to attend a football match.

    6. Did he, Helena?

    7. helena

      Just an outlier the real evidence is much more rosier
      for Labour

  2. Tris

    He thought he was talking to a bankers lunch, what a plank. How can he be in a position of looking after my taxes, the dick is giving them away to his pals and people wonder why I am pissed off all the time.


    1. indeed Bruce, just got my coding for this year, still paying tax, forty four years in the workplace, not exactly a huge pension but obviously enough for tax purposes but obviously not wealthy enough for George and the fiddlers.

    2. Bruce: The hallmark of a government of privileged upper class planks is that they are there because of who they know, rather than what they know.

      They have a tendency to open their thick gobs without thinking too much of the consequences...

      Helena: You should probably try to contact George and ask his to give you more details about these schemes he knows...

  3. Oil industry cutsBP is halving exploration activity and reducing overall spending by 20% after suffering a $1bn loss in the final quarter of the year as a result of low oil prices.
    Shell is cutting spending by $15bn over three years and has warned the government that North sea operations are at risk without tax cuts.
    Tullow Oil is slashing operating expenses by $500m over three years and has suspended its dividend after suffering a $2bn annual pre-tax loss.
    BG Group plans to cut investment spending by almost a third this year after being forced to write down the value of its assets by £6bn.

    ops The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, 
    Gang aft agley, and the snp

    1. And we don't have the power to deal with it.

      Oh well, I'm sure Mother England will look after her colonial serfs.

    2. Anon.

      For the umpteenth time, Scotland would not be independent for a little over a year. What would the oil price be then? No one knows, do you? No don't think so.
      Now behave and say something nice about your OWN country, or are so downtrodden and brainwashed, self serving or servile that you care not for your country's wellbeing?

    3. It taking them some time to work this out.

      That old Foulkes is still sure we would have been independent by now. it's probably his age... or the drink

  4. Gidiot, The man's a fool, a greedy Selfservative one at that.