Friday 13 February 2015


See... It worked!
We can throw in knitting patterns too...
Just going to the shops like only women do that!
Here's our Employment spokesWOMAN.
She wants to put a time limit on the dole.
Exterminate, Obliterate, Annihilate...
 in a nice warm feminine way, of course. 
Yeah, I'm having a slight problem with the geography here.
English Defence League, South Wales Division.
(Back to boy stuff here so we ditched the pink captions)
You could never accuse Irvine Welsh
 of failing to make his point.

Labour wants to sell off the NHS to save £20 billion.
Don;t forget that when you vote.
This dude is Murphy's right hand...whatever.
It's a mad world that the same state seems to think that
the Vile creature needs more  food money (on top of her massive salary)
than this woman needs to help her manage her disability.
Poor Murphy... easily confused.
By the way... what happened to the "Murphy's Law" sound bite?
You and thousands of other Mr Reid.
Another thing Labour is confused about...
Erm, and you were whining about someone calling you a cowbag on Twitter? Away you bloody daft woman and grow a spine.
Whit's gaed tae gie's no ill tae tak.
(Pink again because Margaret wouldn't understand
big butch blue writing.)
Perfectly put!
Well said Sir or Madam!
It's not just oil we do better in!


  1. tris

    We know you hate the Labour party as per snp instructions but
    there has to be more than that.............

    1. Nico

      We know you hate the SNP as per Labour party instructions but
      there has to be more than that.............

    2. I don't need instructions from the SNP. I don't take instructions from the SNP.

      I used to like the Labour Party, indeed voted for it.

      I'd like the Labour party if it put working people first, if it could see that all this austerity may be making the figures look better, but it isn't making life any better. I'd like the labour Party if it was kicking off HUGE time about that fact that people are being sanctioned by the Job Centre for being 2 minutes late for an appointment despite the fact that they are reliant on unreliable public transport, and end up having to beg for food. I'd like the Labour Party if they would stop going to war every time they were instructed to by Washington.... I could go on.

      Labour itself is a wonderful creation. A part of the working person for the working person, speaking up for ordinary people's rights. In practice it is nothing except a bunch of self serving lowlife.

      Mainly here I'm poking fun at the idiotic Harriet Harman for her ridiculous patronising of women. But Curran gets it too for whining about people being unpleasnat about her, when she herself is happy to joke about the ex-first minister being run over by a bus. A comment which in any case makes her look very stupid and out of touch, given that it was mainly about there being no one in the SNP who could replace him. I expect she never thought about Nicola, because she's only a woman.

    3. Jimminy

      indeed there is in this 70th year of remembrance of the holocaust
      created by the cause of blind nationalism I affirm my belief in the
      love of all peoples. And which does not stop at imaginary national
      borders or in the claims of special and unique traits of the inhabitants
      within that national border.

      Our citizenship is of the world and all the peoples who dwell
      upon her............

      Obviously a belief and hope all you nationalists hate and despise
      with every fibre of your beings

    4. The Lie We Live

      While you are watching it Niko go and get a nice Big Bullshitting Cone from that man in the pink van.

    5. Again with the Nationalists are Nazis, come on Nico you're better than that.

      I have nothing against any, race, creed, colour, religion or sexual orientation.
      I just want Scotland to take her place, among the peoples of the world.

    6. I'm genuinely hurt that you think of me in the same way you think of Hitler Niko.

      I'm not in the least like that.

  2. Those boyos don't have a problem with geography. It wasn't only Scotland that was incorporated into a larger, albeit renamed, England. However for Wales they didn't even bother renaming it.

    The only things pink in my house are a pencil case and a glasses case. I'm so letting the girlies down.

    1. So it seems... PP. I just thought it was hilarious... EDL (South Wales)!!

      I think you should go out and buy a lot of pink stuff today. You mustn't let the side down.

      Poor old Harriet. Clearly she's still living in the 1950s.

    2. When I was a sprog there was a song called "Lily the Pink - the saviour of the human race.." so maybe there is a subliminal message here? Anyway, if my memory serves, a pink garter is very atractive as part of the Highland dress.

    3. tris

      Given whats happening today the 1950s and the welfare state and
      the peoples social security upheld by the majority of the united kingdom
      peoples ....a better place i would suggest in the round of things to come

    4. Surely dearest it should be THE UNITED KINGDOM. We could so well have been on our road to a better place but for you and your ilk.
      I thought about this and I have one item of clothing which is pink, and one which has a bit of pink in it. I am not a lover of pink, I like red and green though. Having a bit of red hair I always felt it was an insipid colour, but it has it's place. Some one has commented on Wings that they felt Harman was a patronising besom (my word) they used a stronger one. She was on the same programme as Alex Salmond and wasn't answering the questions put, but then it is a bit beneath a member of the Aristocracy to do so.

    5. The saviour of the human race, John? I thought that was Clunky Fist the Punk!

      Niko. I'm sure that there are bad things in life now, but I'm pretty sure most of us wouldn't want to go back to the 50s. Maybe the dole was better, but with Churchill and Douglas Home I can't imagine that it was fun being poor.

      Certainly I doubt Mrs Niko would want to be tied to the kitchen sink and not allowed to earn the same money as you...

    6. Yes,Helena, I'd forgotten Mrs Harman is related to a duchess.... and went to a very posh school.

  3. Niko, apparently your "citizen of the world" and "blind nationalism" does not exend to what is left of the citizens of Iraq? Do you think that British nationalism as supported by your party is uniqely benevolent whilst any other nationalism is evil? The suggestion, popular with the better together hyprocrites, that Scottish nationalism can be compared to those responsible for the holocaust is too stupid, even for you, for words.

    1. brownlie

      Nationalism is nationalism is nationalism wherever and should
      always be fought against ....

    2. Niko, give me your definition of naionalism? My definition of nationalism is the desire for a country, in this case Scotland, to be an independent nation and responsible for all decisions affecting that country. It is not based on being better or superior to any other nation on earth..

    3. So Niko we can expect there to be no more of how great Britain is, but in fact how wonderful the world is. Narrow British Nationalism is like Hitlarian Nazism, is it?

  4. Niko you are a Brit Nat, you believe in Countries you believe in Nations. Bet you would vote to get out of the EU.

    1. Well let's see what Niko makes of that.

      Belief in your country and it's way of doing things is always wrong Niko?

    2. When he moves to Greece, he may well find himself out of the EU, if things go against their new inspiring government.

    3. helena

      No way never ever would i vote to leave the eu.........

    4. Now Niko that surprises me, isn't that a group of Nations ( independent ones).

  5. I'm giving up on this site, unless it's renamed nikosblog. Then I'll know in advance that it's going to be a waste of time and so not to bother anyway

    1. If you look, to the right hand side of your screen, you will find Nico's blog.
      We are all allowed our opinions, some we may agree with; others not so much. Don't throw the baby out, along with the bath water. You find a lot of useful information here, and Nico is harmless, so don't let him win and stay.
      Tris deserves as much, for his blog and the work he puts in.

    2. Jimminy

      did offer to walk the plank...commit Seppuku and
      put meself up for ostracism from the republic
      i mean what more can i do ??

    3. Grow up would be a big improvement Niko!

    4. Anon. I hope you don't leave... The blog is done for readers, regardless of their political views.

      Jim and CH ... Thanks. I really appreciate your support.

      Niko...behave, or I'll send Brownlie round, and if that doesn't work Conan too!

    5. Niko is entitled to his opinion and this is not a unionist site, they bar people, the Yes people are much more democratic, So like him or not we are stuck with him.

  6. Mr Mixedupletters took the honourable way out... of course no-one really believes you cut your todger off, even if you did swear to do so Niko....

    1. Would that make him pink, Conan?

      If so he could join Harry Harman.

  7. Replies
    1. All they need is to change it to Harry the Pink.

      I wonder if they will close with "We'll keep the pink flag flying here".

  8. Tris,

    Must say in my usual sycophantic manner that I agree with your comments regarding the Labour party and would add that if the Yes campaign had won that quite a few of those who voted yes would have voted for a Scottish Labour party which was formed with the original Labour party's values and aspiration. However, the appointment of the lickspittle and expenses and Irn Bru fuelled Blairite Murphy has put any chance of that happening into the long grass.

    I think the SNP should make it quite clear that they would only back Labour on any issues that would benefit Scotland and, failing that, the Labour party would be on their own.

    Interesting to see Niko's claim of loving everyone whilst previous comments on here and his own blog make it quite clear that such is not the case.

    1. I really think that a Labour party of the sort that Allan Grogan was proposing, with policies that met the needs and aspirations of the REAL hard working Scots, not the sort that the Tories and New Labour talk about, but the REAL ones, then they could easily have formed the next Scottish government.

      It is the biggest mystery to me that they went for exactly the kind of person that Scotland doesn't want or need, as leader. I suspect they thought that he, having been a big boy politician in the grown up parliament in London, would be up to tackling the SNP, on an even basis, where Neil or Sarah would have been in the same, rather pathetic category as Lamont, Gray, Baillie, etc... bumped up councillors.

      I'm very dubious about the SNP promising anything to any of them. My feeling is they should refuse to be involved in English/Welsh/NI politics. They should be involved in UK politics... but always with the interests of Scotland to the fore. I can understand them voting on matters which are subject to a Barnett consequential. Nothing else.

      That said, I have great respect for Nicola Sturgeon.

      I think Niko's been on the meths again. I'm thinking you might have to go round and see him... Put him straight on a few things!

      Erm "sycophantic"? Uh huh!

    2. "They should be involved in UK politics... but always with the interests of Scotland to the fore. I can understand them voting on matters which are subject to a Barnett consequential. Nothing else."

      As I understand it that's, exactly, want the SNP have said they will do. But for some reason that is seen to be undemocratic, it's OK for MPs, of any shade, to vote on things directly effecting Scotland, but freely elected SNP MPs may not vote on things that the rUK see as their domain, now that's undemocratic. So much for better together.

    3. brownlie

      Loving everyone is not possible.....hitler stalin jimmy saville alex salmond
      etc etc you get wot i mean. but hating someone because of their nationality
      ie not being a special Scottish person is not me either.

    4. Nikp, you seem to be the only person who talks about HATING people. So stop throwing that particular thing into the ring.
      There is much to dislike about some politicians but hate is a very strong word and one which emanates from the mouth of Unionists as soon as they feel they are losing.
      I dislike some politicians for their politics as I do not know them I am unable to say where as a person I would like or dislike them. YOu can say you dislike the politics of Alex Salmond but not that you dislike him, I can say I dislike Jim Murphy's politics but I do not know him to dislike him as a person.
      I think others have said it here, it is time Niko for you to grow up and stop the nonsense, you are surely better than this. You have a loyal friend in Tris, stop being an idiot.

    5. Aye Jim. They seemed to be desperate to keep Scotland, but not for it to ahve anything to do with running the UK.

    6. Niko. Stop it!

    7. As a general rule, Helena, I agree it's the politics not the person you dislike.

      I have met quite a few politicians that I disagreed with, but found them engaging company and I could honestly say I liked them.

      But there are a few exceptions. Starting with Iain Duncan Smith.

    8. Yes there has to be THAT exception, he is not a nice man, well not to the rest of us, I am sure his wife and family like him, maybe or maybe not.

    9. I'm wondering that if someone liked a man like Iain Duncan Smith that they wouldn't be a very nice person themselves. Mrs Duncan Smith is such a person. I seem to remember some story that she accepted a salary as his diary assistant, but never actually turned up to do any work. His other staff were understandably put out that they had to do the work that she was being paid for but not doing.

  9. Just had a thought, those Welsh EDL; Stockholm syndrome, perhaps?

    1. You mean they are Swedish English Defence League?

    2. Maybe I got the wrong city. You know the syndrome where the hostage falls for their captors.

  10. Niko,

    You do yourself no credit and appear to be totally silly by listing Salmond with these despicable characters. I do not know Salmond but have heard that he does not suffer fools gladly. If that is the case you should not take it personally.