Wednesday 18 February 2015


Jenny Marra, at parliament, swearing something, in a party frock.
She must have been going on somewhere, dancing maybe?
With Harriet, maybe?
Labour’s position on the NHS became even more ridiculous this afternoon.

The party actually voted against a motion welcoming the publication of A&E performance figures which they themselves had been calling for.

Labour voted against a Scottish Government amendment praising the work of NHS staff and welcoming the announcement of the publication of the very performance figures they had been calling for.

This is following their being caught out fiddling NHS figures earlier this week and deleting tweets and a Youtube video – before repeatedly refusing to apologise.
My   granny's cat could have understood the figures.
They simply couldn't have been plainer.

I mean, they did try to fiddle the figures, didn't they?

It couldn't reasonably have been an error.

No one would be too daft to understand the simple layout of the figures.

So they chanced their mitt and tried to make it look as if NHSS staff, and the government, were responsible for operations that were cancelled due to patients changing their minds, or dying, deteriorating or getting better before the operation could take place, or weather conditions being such that the patient couldnt be transferred to a hospital with suitable operating facilities. 

I mean the layout would have seemed simple and obvious to a 5 year old with limited reading skills.

And today, having called for the figures to be released on a regular basis, they then voted against the figures being released on a regular basis. They also voted against praising the hard work of the NHS staff.

I know that the organ grinder isn't in the parliament and it's just his assistant that's running the show, but really... 
Here he is ... outside a hospital that Labour was going to close
And the SNP kept open.
Murphy's Law: If it CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong

(I'm not sure where Murphy is, but I'd lay a guess on, in a football strip somewhere near a football ground, telling people that it's a scandal that they can't get drunk at the match. Advice to Murphy: Glasgow man doesn't just care about football and getting drunk, you know.)


  1. Tris

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. This batch of Labour MSPS are so useless you would fear for democracy. They have no spine and I include Findlay who talks of the left and votes with the right. They are a disgrace and an insult to us all. I really have had enough of all of them esp people like Marra and McGovern who mis represent Dundee so badly.


    1. You're right about Findlay Bruce. I had hopes for him, but he's like the rest.

      It's how incompetent and silly they are. Did they not think they would be seen through?

      Still I suppose then the record and the LBC are on your side, you're never going to be hauled up.

  2. The Labour crowd just come over as moaners all the time and after a while you just stop listening or reading anything with them in it. For the first couple of years Jenny Marra got the benefit of doubt from a lot of my friends. Now they cannot thole her. Sad as she could have done better but then again she has not had much life experience outwith the Labour Party.

    1. I got annoyed with her when she did her youtube campaigns on school buses and stuff like that.

      Her stuff was so obviously populist and not a second's thought went into it.

      It's all about bash the SNP no matter what they are doing.

      I hope I'm big enough to admit and praise when someone from the other parties does something good.

      No, you're right ... no experience at all.

  3. Labour will never learn as they think they own Scotland and destined to rule for ever and ever.

    1. Well it's up to us to make sure that is a dream!

  4. EH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Willie Bain will be proud!

    1. Yes, he sure will. Who thought that a wee nomark like him would have such influence in such an historic organisation.

  5. They really are a bunch of headless chickens. No brains and running around blindly screeching bollocks. Why raise a "problem", then vote against your own solution?
    It's just the old SNP bad schtick, all because their right to rule has been usurped by the democracy, they thought, they rigged to prevent the SNP ever gaining power in Scotland.

    1. There are only three possible explanations.

      1. They are really thick.
      2. They think the public (Glasgow man in particular) is really thick.
      3. A combination of the above.

  6. Having just watched FMQ's and watching Nicola in action, there she is articulate obviously up on her brief and then we have the three, sorry four Muppets, we had a "question" from the previous but one incumbent Ian Gray who had to be reminded to ask a question.
    I have to say do none of these muppets who are variously criticising Police, NHS or the Teaching Profession realise that these are all potential voters, who may be just a little aggrieved at having their professionalism talked down.