Thursday 5 February 2015


Well, if Paul says it...
Jackie, it seems, doesn't count too well...
You'd have thought that if they
were going to tackle poverty,
they would have achieved something by now?
It's engine oil!
Maybe they don't read too well either?
We get what England decides to vote for.
It's only right...out of 650 MPs
we return only 59.
If you are better together
then stay together. We shan't miss you.


  1. Tris these pictures are magic.

    bang on the money for getting the message out.

    Polls looking good and all the bull from the BBC and the record only strengthen the determination to get labour out of Scotland for good.

    happy dayz . ...... Aye we lost the referendum but that was a practice run.

    Cheers my friend , away to post off copies to the gang.

    1. Hi Buddy...

      Thanks again for the kid words... and for onward distribution.

      I'm cheered by the polls, but NEVER put it past the Establishment to do something evil to protect their comfy status quo, so I'll only believe them for real when the votes are counted and the MPs are elected.

      We were winning in the weeks up to the referendum when they came out with the FEDERAL lie.

      A Labour wipe out in Scotland is a disaster for labour, but it is worrying for the Tories too. it means the end of the status quo, and above all the London establishment like the status quo.

      A special life for the rich and the well born, money, status, privilege and pretty much immunity from prosecution.

      They won;t give that up without trying to stab these pesky pleb separatists in the heart.

      But this time Labour will have to be careful not to be seen to be collaborating with the Tories.

      That didn't go too well for them...

  2. The last picture.
    The "no thanks" poster takes on a whole new meaning.

    1. I love it way it reads...Better Together...No Thanks.

      I wonder no one saw that when they were setting it up.

  3. Well well well looks like the chickens ducks turkey pheasants geese are coming to roost with a vengeance. I am so looking forward to this when I cross the Tweed in April.

    Now it is up to SNP to deliver the final blow. We must aim from the Borders till Shetland. Now nothing is impossible. 59 seats is actually possible. ACTUALLY POSSIBLE!!!

    It cannot come any sooner. May the Northern Isles rid off of Carmichael.

    1. Yes AH. I'm usually very very cautious about opinion polls, but I have to say it's looking like roosting time.

      I think that no one is complacent. mainly perhaps because they can hardly believe it. Of course the Ashcroft poll would be taken before "The Vow ll: Return of the Clunking Fist", but I can;t see anyone being taken in by that a second time.

      Promise Vote NO and we'll give you Federal UK.

      Then put forward the weakest, most watered down, devolution to the Smith Commission.

      Then promise, if you vote Labour we'll give you Super Federal status...

      Nah, that's beyond belief.

      Gordon has to realise that his godlike status can only take so many about turns before it starts to fade...even in Fife!

  4. One photograph missing from your excellent selection it the photo of Murphy & Co reading the Ashcroft poll..

    1. I'd give a few bob to get my hands on a copy of that photo, Marcia. I wonder which football strip he was wearing at the time...

  5. I only hope the best of the photos you have here make it onto billboards across Scotland. They are brilliant and ought to make even the most die-hard labour voter think (though it is obvious from Murphy's plan of attack he is aiming for those who don't think at all - and there surel cannot be many of them).

    1. Hi Jim...

      I know that there are a few people in authority who glance at Munguin's Republic from time to time, so, maybe they will turn up on billboards.

      I'd say Murphy was working for those with short term memory issues. As I said to AH above, you really can't expect people to fall for the promises again.

      They now know what some of us already knew, which is you cannot give Scotland home rule without changing the whole British constitution (whatever that is).

      But simply, you can't expect the other countries to accept that we have full power in Edinburgh and still have power over English and Welsh and Irish affairs in the House of Commons.

      It's farcical. For federalism to work, all the states have to be equal and given the same powers.

      Not going to happen. No matter what Clunking Fist says.

  6. A cracking lot of pictures, I must send my new friend on Labour List here. Certainly opened at least one person's eyes in England as to the shenanigans here, I agree we need these posters to be seen, still too many lazy folk around who leave their politics to what their faither voted
    There will be welcome waiting Abu for you on your return. careful with the choice of airplane company,

    1. Fewer these days than before I suspect Helena. But yes, too many still trot out what they must have heard their grandfathers say... Labour is the party of the working man!

  7. Umm ! the snp promised Christmas every day............and then the price of Oil
    crashed downwards.

    The Labour party is the Party of the working person and those unable
    to work.
    Its just they need to have more workers and non workers in positions
    of leadership. being colonised by the the middle and upper class and
    their princelings is what has brought the Labour party to its present

    But me mum and dad were Labour till they died and i will be too
    its tradition

    Tradition is a burden imposed by the dead on the living.'

    1. Well you could be right there, Niko... (right as in correct, rather than right as in Jim Murphy!)

      Although it is sad that when working class people get some power and position, they so often forget their roots... The noble Mr Martin...comes immediately to mind, not to mention Their Noblenesses, the Kinnocks.

      I know what Mandelson said was the reason for the move to the right... I'm not sure of course, that Mandelson told the truth (he's not renowned for truthfulness). But Id say the Islington set are largely to blame for the current situation... Blair, Mandelson and Brown, the Milibands, and their camp Murphy.

      Some of them may have been well intentioned ...although I doubt Blair ever was... maybe even Brown was well intentioned at one point. The trouble as you so rightly point out is that a party of the working man and woman should have at least some people at the top who have a clue about what life is like for workers and people who are unemployed.

      It's excusable, for example, for Tories not to have a clue about what it's like to be laid off and only have £70 a week to live on. It's what they spend on the bottle of wine that goes with lunch, and have done since they were 18.

      You'd have hoped that Labour leaders would have actually been aware of how hard life can be if you dont have an old school tie to wave when you are made redundant and the only job you can get is plucking dead chickens, even though you are a vegetarian!

      I'd say that their main problem in Scotland is having cosied in with the Tories in the referendum campaign, and then choosing Murphy as their leader when Neil Findlay was infinitely more what Scottish labour folk were looking for.


    3. Thanks for that link Anon. It seems likely that the current oil price is temporary and that recovery in prices will almost undoubtedly follow.

      The head of OPEC has indicated that he sees the possibility of $200 a barrel...


    5. I expect on the 9th May 2015 we will be backing paying full price for Oil.

    6. Nae brains of your own then Niko, not that I am surprised.

    7. Helena

      well we know where your brains are you sit on them everyday

    8. Well what I sit on is definitely getting smaller but my brain isn't, Niko, my Dad was a Labour man until one time in the 70's he voted Liberal, but one thing he taught me was think for yourself perhaps that is the difference. No I do not vote with my Parents but then the Labour Party is not the Party they voted for.

  8. tris and anon

    You told and the snp me and others the price of Oil dont matter thats just after
    you told me it did matter and know once again its important.......
    whatll it be ??

    1. No Niko. You are misinterpreting what I said. What we have always said was...

      Without oil, for either the UK or Scotland, the two economies are more or less equal per capita.

      Therefore oil was not a necessity as some people tried to make it out to be.

      Some BT people said that it was silly to have an economy which was based entirely on oil. Well by and large I agree, but Scotland wasn't dependent upon oil. (That said Saudi Arabia has done rather nicely out of being dependent on oil, and if you put away an oil fund, as they did, you soon don’t have to worry how much oil is coming out of the ground and at what price, because the investment is making so much.). As you know, Norway now has an embarrassment of money which is starting to harm its economy, because the currency is so hard.

      It would be silly to say that having a massive income on the door step wouldn't make a difference to our way of life.

      It has to the UK.

      It allowed Mrs Thatcher to finance the closure of much of the industry that she shut. It has allowed the UK fight endless wars against Middle Eastern, or North African countries and to afford the 4th largest military spend in the world.

      It would mean for independent Scotland that we could do a lot of extra stuff... I suspect we wouldn’t want to spend it on wars, but we could set up an oil fund *(Mr Gray take note).

      Even at 50+$ a barrel it is still a valuable resource.

      Clearly at $150 it would mean a lot more.

      No one says that it wouldn't be good for us. It's just not essential.

  9. For people employed in the industry it is important to them to earn their money, for the UK Government with a bigger Debt than Greece it is important. For us personally it is either a curse which I see it as, or a wee bonus or it would be if we got our mitts on it Niko.
    You shouldn't care your future is else where. Isn't it?

    1. Helena

      Far far away from old crones and malevolent witches my dear .

    2. Niko! Do I have to tell Brownlie?

  10. tris

    Brownlie.....Smownlie..who is afraid of Brownlie anyways he is to busy
    out there worrying sheep with his bottle of mint sauce.

    The Death Nell for North sea Oil
    Shell’s announcement that it plans to remove the platform was just one of many symbolic retreats staged by the oil industry last week. A day after the Brent proposals, Shell’s rival BP said it was taking a $4.5bn (£3bn) hit in its quarterly accounts to pay for the cost of bringing forward the closure of some unprofitable UK fields, partly due to lower oil prices.


    BP has cut 300 jobs in Aberdeen. It set aside $4.5bn in the last quarter to pay for North Sea costs, including the bringing forward of field closures.

    Shell has axed 250 North Sea-related jobs.

    ConocoPhillips plans to cut 230 Aberdeen jobs and has slashed its global spending budget by 20%.

    BG Group has written off $6bn, slimmed down its spending plans and has already axed 15% of its global workforce over the last 12 months.

    Chevron insists it is committed to its operations in the North Sea despite unveiling plans to axe 225 positions, almost a fifth of its Aberdeen workforce.

    Schlumberger, the exploration service group, plans to cut 9,000 jobs, including 100 in the UK.

    Weatherford, the service company, is planning to cut 8,000 jobs globally, with Aberdeen expected to shoulder 100 of the redundancies.

    tris and the nats

    You swines promised it would rain diamonds and Gold
    flow like mighty streams if we voted for a YES.
    and now all that is left is dross.
    How very dare you lot mention the ' I ' word shame
    on you all .. The Scots have spoken loud and clear
    they are not not not gonna put all there eggs in the snp
    All this devo max talk says one thing loud and clear
    we are in the Union now and are staying within the Union.
    The Scots are never gonna follow the snp into an economic
    catastrophe ever..

    we are 55% then and you are 45% now . thats not going to change
    not now not ever all your lies and distortions have been exposed
    and stand revealed .

    Oh ! but the Oil price dont matter what a laff you lot are

    Oil Oil wot Oil not me guv nah never seen Oil dont know
    nuffing about it

    1. You might notice that we were told that it would be happily ever after if we voted NO...

      Hmmmm.... How did that go then?

    2. You do know this is all for the Green Party don't you, we are just a wee speck on the lenses of the Conservatives.

  11. tris and others

    snp lead in the Observer poll down
    snp 38% Labour 27%
    snp lead of 11% and not 21% anymore

    con 3 seats
    Lab 17 seats
    Lib 0 seats
    snp 39 seats

    More work for Labour to do

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

    hurrah !

    not good for Labour but in the right direction

    1. The wrong direction for Scotland to get anything meaningful.

    2. Well, firstly, Niko, I wonder how many times you have told me that a single poll doesn't mean anything. And I agreed with you then and remind you of it now.

      I've never really thought that the SNP will get 40 -50 seats adn I've said so.

      Despite Mr Ashcroft's polls I still don't believe it.

      I think some previously safe seats will go to SNP and some where there are particularly useless MPs (Dundee West, where it seems no one is satisfied with McGovern), but I think it's quite possible that some of the bigwigs will keep their seats, one way or another.

      I don't think that Mr Carmichael or Mr Kennedy will lose their seats either. Kennedy is apparently a good constituency MP, and the North Islands have been Liberal since my granddad was a lad.

      I do think it is quite possible that Border seats will go to the Tories thanks to tactical voting to keep the SNP out.

      I'd not be surprised at all if Labour kept 25+ seats.

      But let's be honest, it is a fascinating time to live through.

      When is it you head for the sun?

    3. Have you finished your colouring in book pt2 yet Niko and don't forget to put your name on it this time?

  12. A court managed what the complicit UK press couldn't: force GCHQ to tell the truth

    It remains to be seen how the court will react, if at all, to future cases. But this should be a warning for both the UK government and the media: the law and even the most obsequious of courts are not on your side. Your citizens aren’t either.

    Pity the Guardian couldn't of put those same thoughts into the Indy Ref, hypocrites.

    1. Good article...

      They somewhat ridiculously claim that b;lowing a hole in secrecy helps terrorists and paedophiles?

      Like the government doesn't do that every day by going to war in the Middle East at every opportunity, supplying arms and losing files.


      Israeli Army Brigadier General Elkabetz told an audience of potential customers for Israel’s surveillance technology: “We have learned lots from Gaza. It’s a great laboratory.”

      What lovely caring people!

    3. Unbelievable.

      They truly are an unlovely nation.

  13. Tris, another good thread spoiled by your tolerance of this Niko clown. Not suggesting that we don't need to absorb other points of view just that interference - and personal insults - from some brain dead moron doesn't constitute "other points of view".

    He or she has nothing of the slightest value or interest to say. End of.

    1. cowardly cur .
      The problem is we in the republic do not know if you are a
      snp plant going round trying censor or restrict any or all
      opinions on nat blogs which do not conform to the snp
      doctrine of total control.

      But unlike you anonymous coward I in the spirit
      of true Greek demos.will put myself up for ostracizing
      if the citizens of the republic vote

      yay more than nay

      I will take my leave of the Republic and never
      darken its door again .

      I place my future into the citzens of the republic.

      We do not say that a man who takes no interest in politics is a man who minds his own business; we say that he has no business here at all.


    2. Your late handing in your homework Niko.

    3. ch

      is the cowardly cur anon really you ?

    4. Listen Pericles. Stop your nonsense or Munguin will come round and see to you. And you won't like that.

      Anon. Just ignore him. He won't go away but if you don't read him, he won't upset you. He's utterly harmless, and his bite isn't poisonous. :)