Tuesday 3 February 2015


Still, his haircut couldn't have cost much, surely?
I mean it's a two minute job!
He must really like us.
No wonder their legislation is so terrible.
They are permanently pissed.
But the BBC LOVE him.
Don't hold your breath.
It has something in common with Chilcot.
Important people are being judged.
80... and still working?
Not as Firemen we hope?
Seriously this is a reminder to people to check up
 whether or not they are registered to vote
and to check who else may be registered at their address.
Put NOTHING past them.
Why don't we all learn from Iceland?
Not in a country where the ruler's family live in 5 palaces
and where the government has the money to spend on WMDs
Would I lie to you?
No surprise there.
And that's from one of their own.
If only his stupid posh head was on fire....
Principled lot, these Labour MPs.
The Scotsman?
Jim Murphy's fan club letter?
Actually it's a tad insulting to salesmen of snake oil.
But obviously only for you plebs.
Nice work there Iain, you odious creep.
You sure are helping disabled people to take pride in
themselves and work hard for their living.
Fan club secretaries Jackie Burd and Sarah Smith.
Very unpleasant cheeks too.
Sometimes I have the impression that Murphy missed his vocation.
Clearly he was not destined for academe because for all the years he tried
he never graduated. Clearly he wasn't supposed to be in London Labour because
his leader demoted him. And clearly being leader of the Scottish branch office
isn't going too well (given the polls).  Perchance he was destined to be a footballer!


  1. The beeb on should be engraved on a plinth at the entrance door of Labour media office at Pacific Quay.

  2. I thought that's where the photo was taken!

  3. So I've to lay bricks till I'm 70, I think I'll go into politics instead, if dim Jim can do it, so can I. Though I do have a conscience, that could be a drawback.

    1. We have some MPs with a conscience Jim, so you might make it.

  4. Tris

    A person can get really sick of these photos but they are very important in hammering home the injustice, inequality, inhumane, unjustified crap that we put up with on a daily basis. Chilcot-if this was a report on obese, work shy, housing estate poor people as alleged by the daily mail it would have been out before it was even written. If the pedos were from housing estates in the north then they would be in jail after a quick trial after there families had been driven from their homes and UKip blaming immigrants before their feet hit the ground, with of course Jim Murphy claiming he forced action on these important issues and the daily rangers blaming the snp for the ills of northern england.

    Nope there is one rule for the poor, one rule for the ignorant and several million rules for the wealthy. May- may as well appoint Gary Glitter to lead the enquirey into the Westminster child molestors, it won't tell us anything, most of the accused will be allowed to die before the report is out and like Chilcott, those that are allowed to live will get to re-write the bits they don't like. We live in a joke of a country for 99% of us and some windsor park infested disney movie for the other 1%.

    I hate BRITAN.


    1. They are sickening, Bruce, but they are a simple way of catching, and actually, laughing at a dying empire.

      Things that have gone on forever have started to become unstuck... the old order is falling down. The sex scandals and money scandals that used to be kept secret are being exposed. The corruption of politicians is open for discussion on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc...

      It's not here yet, but today's Ashcroft figures suggest that it's starting to fall apart. And the fact that Theresa May has been forced to appoint a NZ judge to look into child abuse in the Establishment, suggests that she has reluctantly decided at long last that there is no point in trying to fob us off with yet another soiled English judge.

  5. Well Munguin you were on fire yesterday, every picture tells a story and I just love the one on Gordon Brown, not one lie there.
    Bruce and I are always on the same page and we still are. I hate Britain with a passion which might even possibly surpass him. Democracy, we look like we need the Greeks to show us how it is done again.
    Time to empty the HoC, dissolve the HoL and make a new country.

    1. I doubt they can put the stopper back in the bottle now, Helena.

      Change is inevitable.

      Greece and Iceland have shown the way... from opposing corners of the continent.

  6. Under Iain Duncan Smith, the welfare state has grown at its slowest since it's first conception.

    I call that progress.

    1. It would be "progress" if were not for the many thousands of people that need the safety net of the "welfare state".
      This government, aided and abetted by your pet party, have reduced the population to serfdom, through zero hours contracts, the rise of food banks and the desire to appease bankers and the rich, to the detriment of society and the less well off.
      That in any way shape or form, is not progress, it is in fact a retrograde mindset, which will be as destructive to communities, as Thatcher (spit) ever was.

    2. I am as anxious as the next man that people who don;t need social security should not get it.

      I've worked for many years with people who were looking for work (or not as the case may be). Some projects I've worked on have been for sick people returning to the world of work after serious illness or disability, some for young people starting out and some for the over 50s.

      It's my experience that the bulk of the people claiming benefits are doing so becasue they genuinely need them.

      Under the UK governments of both colours life has got harder for people claiming benefits, for those claiming fraudulently, of course this is a good thing, but I know (absolutely know) that the people that are hurt the most by people like Iain Duncan Smith are the ones who need the help most.

      The job centre staff don;t have the balls to hurt the people who are really screwing the benefits system. The pick little people and hurt them.

      You need to read some of the stories given to MPs in hearings, about the way that the staff have targets to sanction, and they have to meet them, or they get a bad review.

      We all know that the ill have been treated appallingly by this and the last government, and that Atos is at least implicated in thousands of deaths.

      It's all the more disgusting that Iain Duncan Smith is himself a benefits cheat. His history of helping himself, and his wife to taxpayers money is despicable. He is a lair and a cheat, and one day I trust he will get what he deserves.

  7. Replies
    1. Kind of thing a Blairite Warmonger would enjoy, plus I dare say it will be on her expenses... we'd hardly notice a for more hundred pounds for her dinner.

      I expect she was looking for a job seeing as how she's likely to be off the cushie number at Wastemonger very shortly.

      She could surely get herself a position with one of these people. She the kind they need.

      As fort the woman who had the courage to get up and challenge them... bravo. Awesome. And itr does put them in a rather difficult position. If that had been a man he would have been manhandled off stage; even a woman might have been, but even arms manufacturers have to be a little careful with pregnant women... at least white English ones in posh English hotels. (It's fair to assume that if they were Palestinian or African, then no one would give a toss.)

  8. Tris, you'll be interested in this.....


    1. Thanks Jim.

      That should have the UK out of Europe in no time.

      Of course compared to other countries the dole payments here are very low. It seems that most are in some way related to previous income, at least for the first 3 months. Long term benefits are not very good in Europe, but I suspect that what the Council of Europe was saying was that the initial payments are pathetic.

      It's interesting that they want to withdraw from the Convention on Human Rights because it is too strict. They bang on about human rights in other countries (well, some... obviously not those with royal dictators in the Middle East that buy a lot of weaponry from the UK) and then they withdraw from the ECHR. That's going to make them look smart!

      Out of ECHR and therefore out of the EU...

      Oh well, hell mend them.

      BTW, it wouldn't cost them as much as they think because passported benefits could be reduced... Housing Benefit, Council Tax benefits, etc.