Friday 20 February 2015


Painstakingly made by reader, Arthur and sent to Munguin.
Which one would you trust?
Better get him a bigger tin then...
Here's yer choices.
What colour is his hair today?
Kind of explains some of the legislation.
Tony Blair admitted a drink problem, and Maggie was
rumoured to be a drunken old lush.
No wonder they made it illegal to die in the Lords
It's like an old folks home without the telly
All the time banging on about transparency  and deleting their past.
It's far from perfect. But it's improving,
 and it's better than the rest of the UK.
We have a first rate, utterly committed Cabinet Secretary and she'll
continue to make it better.
I wonder what the Tories get in return?
We're ordering him some Brasso for his neck, Stewart.
Nobody thinks it's a good idea.
The military top brass would rather the money was spent on troops.
Blair even admitted it was just an entrance ticket to the top table.
Not surprised he's got a thing for IDS.
They have a lot in common.
Jim's past is somewhat unclear too.
Some of what he says doesn't add up;
most of what McTernan says makes no sense.
Jackie, bless her, thinks that £383 million is less than £100 million.
She's nearly as good with numbers as her mate Gideon.
Two car crashes in the same picture.
Well, you really can't tell the difference any more.


  1. Just seen this at UK Polling Report (see BlogRoll)


    The latest forecasts from Election Forecast, May 2015 and Elections Etc are below.

    Elections Etc and Election Forecast both have Labour and the Conservatives pretty much equal in predicted seat numbers, May 2015 are projecting Labour to have more seats, but not by very many.

    Elections Etc – Hung Parliament, CON 281(nc), LAB 282(+1), LD 23(nc), SNP 40(-1), UKIP 3 (nc)

    Election Forecast – Hung Parliament, CON 282(+2), LAB 280(-3), LD 25(-2), SNP 40(+3), UKIP 2(nc)

    May 2015 – Hung Parliament, CON 266(-3), LAB 275(+1), LD 26(+2), SNP 56(nc), UKIP 4(nc)

    1. What happened to the Ulster Unionists and Sinn Fein?

    2. I guess they didn't bother counting them. The totals don't add up to 650. Quite probably they don't poll in NI. What is more concerning is...where are the Greens and Plaid?

  2. The SNP haven't banned fracking, mind; they've stopped it (not sure how permanently) through planning law.


    1. Planning consent in Scotland, the final decision is made by the secretary of state for Scotland. So eventually permission will be granted, unless an SNP MP becomes the secretary, which isn't likely.
      It may prove too expensive a process, for the fracking companies, as they would have to seek permission for each and every well.

    2. No, Derek, As you say they have managed to put a moratorium on it through planning, but at least it does mean that you won't have your house undermined by George Osborne's father in law next week.

      Jim: I thought that planning consents could go to the Scottish government if they were in contention at the local authority level.

    3. I think you're right Tris, I have just read through planning appeals regs. Appeals may go to Scottish ministers, I was remembering outmoded stuff from university; to be fair I don't keep up with it any more and I graduated in 2000 , as a mature student.

  3. There's a wheen of Labour worthies in need of the neck polish, I'm sure Jim will share his.
    The difference between the Greek Chancellor and the numpty we are stuck with, is astounding.
    The pigeon analogy, so true.

    1. It looks like the wishes of the Greek people may be thwarted by the big business interests in Europe.

      It would have been nice to have someone in the UK treasury who could at least count.

    2. I used to be always pointing out that both our estimable Financial Secretary and our First minister were both literate in matters financial unlike the UK's three previous Chancellors. You know I still like doing it it.
      How can a country be run by a bunch of idiots like we have to tolerate.
      I have had an excellent chortle at the remarks on Wings about the Tory party half day conference, I doubt they could have had a whole one, they would have needed to carry more incontinence pads and colostomy bags. Sorry I should not laugh at the afflicted but they are so nasty these people it sometimes does you good.
      Love the whole page, congrats to Arthur, and excellent post.

  4. Just looking at that photo of Murphy.

    Doesn't he look like one of these snake oil-redemption preachers from the US mid West?

  5. Dear! Dear! You lot still kidding yourselves on that things are going to be different under the SNP :

    1. Scotland tried Labour for the best part of a century, and what have we got to show for all their efforts?
      Foodbanks, child poverty, low life expectancy, oh lest I forget, a Tory government, even though we've a bus load of labour MPs.
      So yes we'll give the SNP a go, they're doing fine at Holyrood.

    2. Yes and SNP is going to change things...NOT! Are they going to change the corrupt banking system that is causing all of this...No way! Are they going to change the corrupt legal system that protects this system...No Way! Funny how they are so eager to take Scotland into the equally corrupt United States of Europe as a REGION not a country and are setting up a police state etc as per the link you obviously never bothered to read. SNP just as controlled as ALL of the other political parties. SNP will be bringing in EXACTLY the same policies as ALL of the other parties have been bringing in once they have suckered enough mugs into getting "independence" in the EU and running the country to the Elites agenda just like what is happening in all of the other countries.

    3. One might ask what Labour is going to do?

      And then we could ask, which parties will do anything?

      Clearly the Tories don;t care that people are poor and hungry and cold and live in disgusting squalor. Clearly Labour don;t either. In the past you could say they never had much of a chance to do anything about it, being out after 5 years. But this time they had 13 years to do something... and they did.... what?

      The Liberals... Oh sorry, I nearly choked. Nothing to say about them, except maybe "bye".

      Nah, the SNP isn't perfect, but it's the best bet we have.

      I'll stick with them.

  6. "Yes and SNP is going to change things...NOT! Are they going to change the corrupt banking system that is causing all of this...No way! Are they going to change the corrupt legal system that protects this system...No Way! "

    Im sure you will be keen to present us all with incontrovertible evidence to support this assertion Billy since up to the point we gain independence the SNP can do precisely nothing about Banking Laws.

    Whenever your ready Billy.....
    we're waiting