Wednesday 11 February 2015


As you may remember, I replied to an email from the Tories using a false name (Peregrin Fotherington Smythe). It has proved to be most entertaining!

There is a debate going on in British politics which I never thought I'd see, Peregrin.

Because whatever else I disagreed with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown about, we always agreed that businesses are the backbone of Britain's economy, creating jobs and giving people the security of a pay packet.

But now Ed Miliband's Labour Party have decided that business is the enemy.

They want to hit Britain's businesses by raising their taxes and fixing prices. They've opposed our measures to cut red tape and help businesses grow and create more jobs.

Even worse, Ed Miliband's plans for more borrowing and more debt would lead to higher interest rates and instability for businesses.

Everyone who works in a business or runs a business has reason to fear a Labour Government.

While Labour attack businesses, the Conservatives back them.

We've cut their taxes, cut red tape, and invested in the roads, rail and infrastructure they need.
More than that though, we've taken the difficult, long-term decisions necessary to give businesses stability and build an economy that is once again attracting investment from around the world.

Because it's no accident that last year Britain was the fastest growing of any major economy. It's no accident that there are more people in work than ever before in our country.

So we'll continue to back Britain's businesses and build a country full of opportunities for young people and security for families.

Yours sincerely,
David Cameron

£20? On yer bike Cammy! You want £20, you go ask some of your dodgy millionaire friends, like the HSBC bloke you made a Lord then a government minister!


  1. Cheeky sods, a party full of millionaires begging for cash, so they can prevent another party full of millionaires, getting a shot at screwing the population.

    1. Well summed up.

      I asked Munguin what we should do and he threw me a Euro cent and said I could give them that along with an ancient Bulgarian Lek from communist time which I found down the back of the settee.

  2. I am sure we could find something similar like the Ghana shilling we got in change somewhere. It is kind of like I feel when some Actor who is rolling in it is constantly asking for £3 a week for some or other African Charity. Now don't get me wrong I give to Charity, in fact we both do, but what most of Africa could do with is a chance to trade in goods rather than commodities. Lets leave giving money to the Unionist to the Unionists, they seem to like them.
    Naughty naughty Peregrine, mind the Labour Party think I support them, or they did.