Saturday, 21 February 2015


Dignified and smart too. The comments
from the Mosque when they received
hate mail after being fire-bombed.
Or, maybe we'll just abstain?
Awww...Nice of Britain to give Scotland money
What a weird man he is.
Unless this is a spoof account
 Smarty is getting, er less smart...
I don't know why they spin this rubbish.
It's be disproved over and over.
Remind me, how did that work out, Gordon?
Yes, I think you're probably right Mr Dugdale.
Not overly sure though that I'd welcome your
contribution if I were Kazia.
Just as well they are all very rich and
can afford to pay for the hall for a few dozen.
IDS lies again.
Not that HE knows what's what...
but it's a thought.
Just like you'll not lose a single seat to the SNP?
You really are a complete haver.
Oh, it's alright Mrs Duncan.
 We don't like fat ugly elderly bigots in mauve.
So you can have your prejudices
and we'll have ours.
There's an answer to everything.
Just not a very good one.


  1. The first picture, the replies from the mosque were priceless.

    1. Agreed. Classy.

    2. I saw a picture on the web where a muslim man on a train gave his shoes and socks to a homeless man who had poor footwear and the giver walked barefeet to his home. There is genuine kindness around.

  2. Why did Hesseltine have to be on last week's Question time?

    Why could he not be on QT when it comes from Glasgow in a couple of weeks?

    I'm sure he would have receieved an equally resounding round of applause, or something like that, from the Glasgow crowd. LOL

    Now that we know he won't be on the Glasgow QT I wonder who will be ... I.D.S. any one? LOL

    1. They also, from what I heard, seemed to have brought in a particularly Tory leaning crowd. I wonder if all these trident fans would be so keen if the stuff was just a few miles away from their town.

      I'd love to see IDS in Glasgow. Oh wouldn't that be fun?

      They think Farage had a tough time here...

  3. for someone who admitted he's not that keen on domestic moggies, I have to say your comment on the racist was a bit catty :-) Not saying she didn't deserve it.

    I watched QT for the first time in ages and thought bloody hell who is more right wing the panel or the audience. I have every faith in the beeb that the Glasgow audience will also bear no relation to the current sensibilites of our largest city.

    Still haven't heard if Jim M will be standing for his seat - my guess is too right he will. He's not going to pass up the chance of serious dosh.

    1. Ha ha... yes. Well of course that'snot really how I feel, but I guess that if she can simply dislike people becasue of physical features, she wouldn't want to deny me that right.

      In fairness I hear that Farage sacked her!

      I didn't watch QT, not having a tv, but I was following it on Twitter and everyone was saying that they cheered the right wing sentiments, from all the panel. I wonder if wherever it came from is just Tory heartlands. I thought they were supposed to balance the audience, with tickets being given to the local parties to hand out. Obviously there wouldn't be any SNP support there.

      I imagine that they will recruit a pile of friends and relatives for the Glasgow one, and allow 3 or 4 SNP/Tory/Liberal/Greens in to sit at the back.

      I was just wondering about Murphy. I mean surely he should declare. He's treating his constituents with utter disdain. I imagine he is trying to persuade someone to stand down in a safe Holyrood seat so he can get into Edinburgh, but you have to wonder if there is such a thing any more, and if there is, how are they going to compensate some nomark for standing down.

      With the pay rise coming in from MPs (there should be mass protests and demands that the money be given to the local foodbanks), you';re right, I can;t see him giving up the dosh. He seems to like money.

    2. I have it on excellent authority Panda that oor Jim, the one and only Murph the Smurph to his closest friends, will be making an announcement about whether he is to stand in the 2015 G.E. on May 8th. He wants to keep it a wee secret until then so mum's the word ok? LOL

    3. LOL...

      Well, roll on May 8¬

  4. I'd like to see a "return match" between Stewart Hosie and the "lacking in culture" Lord Robertson on Question Time - I like to see fatuous smugness being demolised......

    1. Yes, I'd like to see Robertson demolished. And Stewart is just the bloke. I'm not sure that the BBC would allow it though. If they should both happen to be on teh same platform, I'm sure Dumblebum will be under instructions to make sure that Stewart doesn't get a word in while the old Tory windbag is left to utter his bizarre nonsense till the closing credits.

      Frankly, unless he had that assurance, I imagine his Nobleness (praise and blessings be upon his blue blood) wouldn't agree to appear.

  5. I see that Jim the Blue Smurph is back paddlng on his Yes for Labour whacko idea and is now wiggling some room on his getting pissed at football matches wizard idea.

    Never fully cogniscent of thinking through the ramifications of any of his daily headliners he is now suggesting that he never really said he wanted alcohol licenced at football matches.

    He is beginning to look a weird bible thumper preacher in the snake oil world if mid America evangelism.

    As Groucho Marx famously said, "here are my principles and if you don't like them, I bagfull of others."

    He has modeled himself on Tony Blair but doesn't have the intellect to carry that off. He is so obvious.

    He really is a Toom Tabard and I can see him disappearing up his erse soon.

    Please let it be sooner rather than later.

    In the meantime, keep doing what you are doing Jim, thanks.

    1. Oh, I didn't see that, Panda.

      I suppose it had to come. I mean, the Daily Record poll showed that more booze was a hugely unpopular idea. They seemed not to be able to persuade any more than a few old soaks to vote for it. Even Kaz's dad was against it

      And any notion that the YES idea would take wings when all the ranting and shouting and angry expressions of Jims are still up there on Youtube was just plain daft.

      I hate Blair with a passion, but I agree with you that he was at least intelligent. And of course, Blair was working at least in part at a time when very few had access to the internet.

      I still think they haven't a clue about how having over 70% of the population connected on some way to the net has changed how many lies they can tell.

      I accept that Murphy was seen by Labour as a big hitter compared to Neil Findlay or Sarah Boyak, but I have to say that I was pleased for the SNP when they chose him, because as you say he is a Toom Tabard.

      I'm not sure what Findlay would have done, but it would have been better than this, and it would have been better for Scotland.

  6. Looking at the Tory Party Conference photie

    What a load of slapheads there.

    Ypou could thump out a drum symphony on them.

    1. I tell you, without wishing to be rude or insensitive, that if that was my membership, I'd fear for 10 years down the line.

      Now let's have a rousing chorus of Beat out that Rhythm on a Drum!

  7. Here's an article about Murph the Smurph cancelling his YES for Labour campaign Tris.

    It is just a wee pity, ach what am I talking about it's no pity at all it's hillarious, that he cancelled it AFTER his faithful followers, all three of them, had gone and aquired a number of websites. LOL

    "Labour activists registered more than two dozen websites, including, and, in support of the long-planned event."

    1. I am sure there could be an aftermarket for these domains, either after a new real Labour Party is incorporated in Scotland or by the collectors of ethereal trivia.

    2. I read your link Arbroath. It is becoming a parody of a parody of a parody.

      I mean is this great hope for Labour revival actually going to do anything right?

      I'd happily admit that everyone makes mistakes, and I'll bet that Nicola will, but the question in my mind is, does Murphy ever get anything right?

      I suppose that now that Murphy has some hedge fund billionaire backer the cost of a few websites won;t mean that much to him... but, and this is a very serious question... If you can't run Labour without all these errors, should we ever think about giving him the chance to run Scotland?

  8. I remember sniggering at that speech from Gordon Brown. back in the day. He has spent his entire political life spending money he has not earned - OURS.
    As Scottish taxpayers, we will continue to keep him in the style he is now accustomed to via his pension, which we will continue to pay for.

    If he goes to the House of the Sleeping Dead with his fearty mates who are not standing again this May, we will be paying for his expenses, cheap champagne and lobster truffles AND his HOC pension. So, thanks again for that, No voters.

    1. The clunking fist has cost us dearly.

      Added to his personal costs, are the massive costs we carry for his disastrous policies, most particularly his PPI stuff, which drains money out of our health service and education service, so that he could look good by getting everything off the books.

      What a bloody catastrophe that man was for Britain and Scotland.

  9. Tris, Lesley-Anne on Wings had an excellent thought this morning, she did apologise for the noise, but if oor wee jimmy doesn't keep his seat in May they will have to have another branch election as you can only lead the party if you are either an MP or MSP.
    What can we say Humerous Veggie, we will be keeping this bleeding trougher until we get out of this Union and I don't know why but I feel it will be sooner than later.
    I thought that whoever wrote the tweets for the Mosque had a quiet sense of dignity which is more than some of the twats who insulted them, but we know how little intelligence resides with those.
    Now I am off to AVV to answer some other twat who thinks the SNP have an easy time in the Media.

    1. Yes I was sure that you couldn't be leader unless you served in one of the Houses of parliament.

      If he doesn't get into the Commons though, they may well send him to the Lords, form where he can run Labour for a year. I admit it would be a disaster from the publicity point of view, and frankly if that happened I'd be inclined to resign in shame. But Jim Murphy isn't me, and I can imagine that he'd think it appropriate for him to be in the House of the Living Dead with all the other deadbeat losers.

      I object to the House of Lords on many grounds, but probably the most offensive of its uses is to keep people who have been rejected by the democratic process, in the style to which they had become accustomed!

    2. Well I like the Brass neck polish, and boy don't they have them,

  10. Helena

    I tried to post another comment on AAV but Disqus refused too let me unless I upgraded my account and let them have access to my google account and my address bok.

    Disqus is herewith binned.

    1. Yes, I have had problems with most of the blog sites. I won;t sign up and give them access to my Twitter accounts, Google accounts or anything else.

    2. I thank you kind sir for your actions. I have had words with Cliffy before, as I said on AVV he and a certain Mr England had words regarding Ukip and English Democrats. It was an excellent laugh on the whole, I shall return to Cliff, I have been tormenting them for years, I love a challenge. I don't remember ever upgrading my account, but perhaps I have. Ps. I just don't do twitter.

    3. I don't do Facebook for that reason.

      I am starting to get unknown people wanting to be my friend on SKYPE, which I always block.

      As for Twitter, I do have an account and retweet stuff but how and to whom I am blissfully unaware.

      I just push buttons and things happen.

      There is a joke in there somewhere.