Wednesday 25 February 2015


J Straw and M Rifkind need to re-apply
A guide new MPs may find useful.
Hmmm... that didnt last long.
So, why would it matter?
It's the same with benefits, which is why universal benefits
are fairer.
If you must have a second job, so that you have experience outside
parliament, this is the kid you should have.
Or maybe this one, but try not to hold your nose as the hoi paloi
passes by.
Pass the hat round for poor Malcolm...
Why? Just why?
They are actually proud of their progress...
Bloody amazing.
We're all in it together, right?
Absolutely. They wouldn't do all this stuff if they thought that they were likely to get caught.
As Mr Howard says, "Prison works".
Maybe Dennis, that's because they don't want anyone caught tax dodging
It's true, isn't it.
A few years ago students in England protested at the massive hike
in student fees. Someone poked Princess Parker Bowles with a stick.
The establishment was outraged.
But you don't hear much vultures waiting for little boys to die.
Oh to have be born Icelandic instead of British.


  1. You may have missed this. I don't recall seeing it on the front page of the Record either.

  2. No, it seems that there was a conspiracy of silence over the Icelandic jailings.

    They'll say it is because Iceland is too small and insignificant for the newspapers to cover their stories, but I imagine that the truth is that their proprietors don't want the establishment to start paying for their crimes. Too many connections.

    Just, well done Iceland. Despite a climate even cooler, windier and wetter than Scotland's, they seem to be pretty much one of the most successful and happy nations on earth.

  3. Ah good old Iceland that haven of terrorists that we all know so well. Well at least Gordon Brown thinks they are terrorists. No doubt the fact that they have jailed their bonkers bankers this news will do nothing except harden wee Gordie's view that the Icelanders are indeed terrorists!

    Now I wonder ... what are the chances of sneaking some of these terrorists into UK to deal with the bonkers bankers currently running London, oops I meant London CITY! LOL

    1. I remember that that evil old git decided that they were terrorists because they wouldn't pay up debts of their banks in the UK... I suppose, given that the Uk banks needed bailing out to eye watering amounts by the US authorities, that would make Britain a terrorist country... but they we know that anyway.

  4. I was going to comment, then I realised Ken Loach said everything I wanted to and better.

    Still until enough of the 99% get off their knees and fight back, the 1% are going to keep enriching themselves and screwing the rest of us (but not in a good way).

    And on that smutty note, I'm off to rage against the machine.

    1. Yes PP. He seems to have hit the nail on the head there.

      Not really smutty PP, just, perhaps a little more risqué than your normal style!

    2. Yes we are a country of mugs, anywhere else there would be rioting in the streets often for the people deadly results. Here we turn on the telly and moan. We should be handing round the piano wire and doing something unmusical with it.

  5. I have to say that I have argued that had the electorate looked much more carefully at those troughing so and so's in 2010 when marking their crosses we would have a much better Westminster than we have today. We have most of the troughers still in place, why with the damning evidence available from the good offices of the (unbelievably) Telegraph. They could have been doing something meaningful with their time.

    1. The Telegraph was to be commended for that piece of work, and the Times for its work on the lards.

      But in typically British style we have allowed them to promise all sorts of changes and then let things go on pretty much like the did before.

      No wonder we get trodden on.

  6. Þeir vita hvernig á að gera hlutina rétt , hér á landi .

    1. Já. A hamingjusamur, vel rekið land

  7. Oh tris

    That photo of the bairn and the vulture made me feel ill.

    I spent a couple of tours in Africa on relief work . It was an awful experience then , we were no where prepared for what we faced. Way beyond our youthful imagination.

    And now in this country we have foodbanks giving aid to our poor. our children are going hungry and cold and there are so many.

    Your pictures tell they're own stories Tris. And your commenters speaks for us all.

    1. To be honest hat particular picture made me cry Richy.

      Somewhere there is a wee lad dying and there is a vulture waiting, and I can do nothing.

      It's wrong.

      And yes, it's not just there in Africa, where you must have suffered badly seeing these sights. It's here too. And we do what we can, but it is never enough.

      Sometimes I feel it is counter productive. We give more and the government rubs its greedy little mitts together and cuts some more help to people, while greedy self serving Tories like Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw manage to wangle even more out of the system by selling their contacts.

      We can do a bit to help, but imagine what rich folk could do. I mean there is Gordon Brown. On top of his MPs salary and expenses and ex-prime ministerial protection and office funds he earned over £900,000 this year.

      That'snot bad for doing a part time job outside of your proper job.

      And him a son of the manse and always ratting on about it.

      Seriously, why does that £900,000 not go directly to charity?

      Thanks for your kind words again Richy.

      Soon be summer :)

  8. You know what makes me angry about those famine pictures is that they need not be like that. Africa exports foodstuffs to us.
    The one thing my Husband always quotes is the man who said it is the value added things they need to have, like processing coffee, not selling the beans. Selling cocoa is all well and good and as a member of the Hotel Chocolat I know how much good they have been doing giving out seedlings to potential farmers and building medical facilities. Africa does not need Charity, in fact they are not the help they claim, they do more harm than good. What is needed is assistance to do all the things which bring in work and money, just like us.